Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal SymptomsThe affection of the internal organs is a kindly soil for the development of neurological and psychiatric disorders that lead to the degradation of the individual. These are all the components of the same disease – drug addiction. A person suffering from it is physically and mentally addicted to various substances. With the first test of the drug the patient begins to need and then will always need a constant increase in the dose.

Drug addiction comes very quickly, even very attentive to their health people do not notice how they are overpowered by a bad habit. Psychoactive drugs so imperceptibly affect the central nervous system that a person feels that he controls himself, but, in fact, the body gradually begins to work in a “local mode” and dictates the terms of human existence. So that patients infected with the Narcotic virus is no longer able to refuse to receive psychoactive drugs.

The severity level of drug addiction and attempts to abstain from drug use is a determining condition for when a surge of abstinence syndrome should be expected. In other words, it is also called withdrawal symptoms.

What are the withdrawal symptoms?

Experts explain this as a pathological state. At every addict, it is manifested in different ways and at different times. Trouble comes sooner “accompanied by” strong drugs, heroin. Withdrawal symptoms occur after taking the drug during 2-3 weeks. This time is enough to make the body accustomed to it as a mandatory condition for the normal condition of the body. In fact, this is the norm, which is not typical for the average person with normal mental and physical condition. The more “experienced” is an addict, the more symptoms of narcotic withdrawal syndrome.

In cases where a person has had changes in the nervous system, or any, even minor deviations, the narcotic syndrome may occur after the first few taking of narcotic drugs.

Only after the first seizures of withdrawal syndrome a person begins to realize with a fear that he was “caught.” If, without taking another dose, or in the absence of the desired dose the withdrawal symptoms are repeated, there are can be no doubts in diagnosis.

Sometimes conversations with friends in misfortune, give hope, but it’s not for long. The fact is that the reaction to the drugs for each patient is not exactly the same. But for everyone it is painful and unpleasant episodes.

The symptoms of narcotic withdrawal syndrome

The Symptoms of Narcotic Withdrawal SyndromeThe constant consumption of psychoactive substances is accompanied by a gradual transition of the physical dependence into psychological: due to lack of “doping” there are manifested psychic and somatic disorders. Only another piece of “dope” helps to remove withdrawal syndrome. The first swallow” of drug withdrawal syndrome appears already during the first days after “tasting” psychoactive substance.

The person becomes irritable, nervous; he no longer controls himself and his emotions. The body is shaking from the strongest chills. The picture is accompanied with excessive salivation, lacrimation, and sweating. There is a runny nose.

After some time, there is no reaction of pupils to light, a strong vomiting is beginning. The patient can’t eat, the appetite disappears. The attempts to eat something end up swelling. If at this time the addict can’t find another batch of “dope” the withdrawal symptoms become stronger and after a few days it reaches the peak.

The patient has a high blood pressure, increase heart rate, and there is diarrhea. For a healthy human it’s, mildly speaking, unpleasant. And for the addict that’s not all.

More sufferings than these tortures begin when there is pain in the bones and joints. And this condition gave the name to the whole painful process – withdrawal syndrome. It exhausts the patient so much that he is not able to disconnect and relax. During the attack, men can have a spontaneous ejaculation.

It is more difficult for an addict to stand psychological sufferings than physical pain. By this time, the sweet feeling of “high” from drugs? That was at the very beginning, disappears completely and the patient has only one thing in his mind – where and how to find another batch of “doping”.

The situation is complicated not only by a requirement of the body for constantly stimulating with new portions, but even stronger drugs. The desired state can’t be achieved in a different way. In the language of physicians, it is called tolerance.

Each addict has the different development of narcotic syndrome, symptoms, and consequences. Often it depends on the used drug. For example, hashish is accompanied by a slow and heroin, opium and cocaine – by the more rapid development of drug withdrawal syndrome. The development rate of the syndrome is influenced by alcohol and tobacco. It is difficult to indicate definitely order and degree of syndrome manifestation is difficult: each type of psychoactive substance makes its “amendments” to the well-known manifestations of withdrawal symptoms.

Narcotic drugs tend to inhibit neurons, and thereby blocking pain. With regular use of the drug central nervous system adapts to the new conditions and the cells stop producing its endorphins and other painkillers that control feelings of joy and pleasure. Therefore, the body’s cells begin to “require” these substances from the outside, that is to say, drugs. At this moment, the brain is getting signals of a painful condition, indicating that the body is subjected to suffering.

Removing the narcotic syndrome

Removing The Narcotic SyndromeThe expression “drug withdrawal syndrome” with provision for once written and read about the attack sounds in dark colors. Witnesses say that it is even worse to see the attacks personally. The pain, which is the result of regular use of the drug, is forced patients to become disappointed quickly in addiction to bad habits. But the trouble is that he can’t give up it by himself. Another drug taking, which relieves stress and pain for some time, suggests a solution – to repeat the consumption again and again. But is that a solution if you need to take regular doses, and besides, to enhance them constantly!

Drug withdrawal syndrome is easier to remove if the period of consumption was short. If the “drug experience” is solid, the treatment should be provided at a hospital under the constant supervision of doctors. Only qualified drug specialists can correctly identify the specific characteristics of the disease at an individual addict and choose the right way to his recovery.

Removing the drug withdrawal syndrome involves the unconditional rejection of the bad habit. In practice, this reduces to the task to eliminate pain and reduce anxiety behavior. An exception from the standard rules is only the cases in which a sharp rejection of receiving psychoactive drugs is not possible because of the risk for the patient’s life.

Removing of drug withdrawal syndrome begins with the elimination of toxins and not digested poisons. Experts call this process detoxification. It is required for providing of medical procedures.

How to remove the withdrawal syndrome?

Some patients, making sure that the trouble has come, try to be treated at home, alone. Unfortunately, no matter how high the desire to get rid of a bad habit, it is not aware of cases when this approach to solving the problem would help get rid of it. The most “original” ones try to drown the cravings for drugs in alcohol. But it only complicates the problem.

Other “originals” try to hide from the pain, rushing into the arms of the Greek god of sleep and dreams – Hypnos, or use sleeping pills.

The big danger to the health of addict is in different stimulants. They can’t only hurt, and to put a drug addict on the brink between life and death.

Therefore, home treatment is unacceptable; if for no reason than it does not guarantee professional approach to solving the problems. In this regard, experts actively recommend seeking medical help only in specialized treatment and rehabilitation centers.

In the hands of modern drug, specialists are a lot of tools that can effectively eliminate the disease. In each case, there are determined treatment methods – the quantity, the composition of drugs, detoxification methods, based on the individual characteristics of the patient.

The set of medical techniques include procedures for removing the withdrawal symptoms. They last up to a week and are aimed at cleansing the body of toxins, drugs. Specialists direct their efforts to mitigate and remove the withdrawal symptoms of drug withdrawal syndrome. Procedures advantageously start with an intravenous injection of saline polyionic into the patient. It helps to restore the body’s electrolyte balance. The solution is added hypnotics, sedatives, diuretics, vasodilators, and other preparations.

After the procedure of detoxification of the body, the addict is injected vitamins and minerals that help the body to strengthen the internal forces for a speedy recovery.

Removing the drug withdrawal syndrome – is an important step towards the recovery of the patient from the drug. But it must be pursued by the following one – the treatment. Otherwise, all previous efforts will come to nothing.

A mandatory condition of returning to a healthy way of life – is psychological rehabilitation and social adaptation. Throughout these difficult road specialists of clinics and rehabilitation centers accompany former drug addict and helps him to stand firmly on his feet in updated for him conditions of living together with his family, relatives, and friends.

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