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With the shield or on the needle …

Treatment for Drug AddictionIn ancient Sparta, seeing the war, the Spartans were awarded a shield and admonished to return with the shield as a winner or loser, the hero, then – on the shield.

Nowadays statistics shows that today many who are taking up the syringe, or use “weed” voluntarily. They do this not because of principles or some lofty goals: they try to relax and get away from the external challenges:

  • drugs are used by every fourth student;
  • eight out of ten students at the age of adulthood have tasted the potion.

According to specialists, there are around six million addicts in Russian. Official statistics calls another number – around half a million. Summarizing the data the of addicts’ number, it was found that the most dangerous age, the supporters of intoxication:

  • school students: 20%;
  • young people from 16 to 30 years: 60%;
  • people over 30: 20%.

During recent years, the number of brave souls, who have taken up the syringe, grew up in a half dozen times. Experts, who know well the problems of this sector, have counted that an army of addicts on a daily basis is increased by 235 people.

But not everybody is backing from the war as a winner.

In recent years, the number of deaths due to drugs has increased 12 times, and among the children of using drugs – in 42!

It is counted that today the number of deaths from the drug is equal to the number of victims of the Second World War: an overdose takes the life of man as a machine-gun bullet – instantly. Today, therefore, we can’t take the drugs only as a tool for “high”.

And still there are a lot of supporters, risking backing home on a gun shield, only a few people, who are ready to slip through his fingers syringe voluntarily.

The danger of third degree: emergency

Drug abuse takes the third place of the largest risks for a modern society, behind alcoholism and smoking. But the drugs are still remaining in the degree of extreme danger. Therefore, suspecting not okay with someone of the family, members are usually willing to take any action, even go to any sacrifice, if only to get a loved one in distress.

Three steps on the way back up

Three Steps on The Way Back UpThere are well-known cases when a person is getting out of the routine of drug addiction alone. Most often it is impossible to be saved from drugs without the help of native people. The way back to normal life goes through challenging mazes. Applied to drugs we use such words as “fall”, “degradation of the individual” and the way from the drugs to normal life can be considered as a way back up. To overcome it, you need to go through three stages.

Getting rid of withdrawal symptoms or withdrawal. It can be reached with the help of medication. Treatment is provided in a hospital, where doctors seek to eliminate the painful and unpleasant symptoms, both physical and mental health. They always appear after stop using drugs.

Overcoming the psychological dependence. The patient may be treated as in hospital so at home. The process lasts from several weeks to several months. With the help of medical treatment or drug-free treatment, doctors achieve reduction of craving for drugs on the mental level.

The third stage is called, “re-socialization”. Its goal – is to adapt the former patient to normal living conditions in the community and to increase the self-esteem of a man.

From the listed above steps and practical experience, it is well known that getting rid of drug addiction – is a complex and lengthy process. This is – a series of measures.

Some reduce understanding of the healing process, as primitive relief from withdrawal. In fact, this is just one of the stages – the first. Without getting rid of withdrawal symptoms, it does not make sense to go to the next two stages.

It is very important for a patient to admit his illness and decide to go through all three stages. If you notice the craving at the time and begin treatment even before withdrawal symptoms, the first stage will be much easier or even reduced to a minimum. Rehabilitation centers recommend combining the second and the third stages of treatment for drug addiction. It is generally accepted that it is more effective than outpatient treatment.

The treatment at home is considered as completely unjustified: home walls help to hide the problem from prying eyes only for some period of time, but they do not help getting rid of the drug addiction at all. Moreover, even a skilled help in an apartment can cost the life for a patient: in the case of unforeseen health complications, there is little chance of resuscitation spend without special preparations and equipment. In the best case, it can be harmful to health, which would then be impossible to fix.

So, after the taking of decision to be treated, it is necessary to look for a specialized clinic with the appropriate equipment and trained professionals with experience of working with such patients and modern equipment.

The work, discipline, and creativity – are components that, according to experts, help drug addicts to change radically their way of life. Some medications can help a little. Changes in life help to get rid of bad habits and restore a person’s ability to control their desires.

As a rule, it is not easy, any for who, to give themselves into the hands of doctors. Reasons are variety. They can be found out through anonymous consultations. The task of physicians – is to motivate the patient to begin treatment in the clinic, and as sooner, the better will be for the addict.

The lifestyle of drug addicts evidences persuasively about a continued acute shortage of funds. Money found, including illegally, often enough for the next dose of the drug, so addicts often can make a crime.

So where to find money for treatment for drug addiction?

The problem is often pushing a decision at a later date. Taking into account this factor, some clinics treat patients free of charge. Today, such chance falls infrequently, so if someone has dropped out such a possibility, it is necessary to use.

Anonymous treatment – is an indispensable condition for the passage of treatment in almost all specialized drug treatment clinics.

Drug and substance abuse: is there a difference in treatment?

According to the medical classification and drug and substance abuse are chemical dependencies. Doctors put an equal sign between the two forms of the disease.

Vapors of such solvents as glue, gasoline, cleaning agents, paints, etc. – sniffers inhale. As a result, there comes a brief euphoria, which comes to replace the confusion. Sometimes addicts resort to various pills or use drugs as their “brothers by high.”

Substance abuse also is treated comprehensively to cover the maximum number of aspects of the manifestations and support of the disease:

  • biological;
  • psychological;
  • spiritual;
  • socio – cultural.

Substance abuse is capable of provoking severe somatic diseases, so during the treatment there is always used detoxification of the body, and then – the restoration.

Drug addiction: methods of treatments

During the treatment of drug addiction there are successfully applied well-proven techniques:

  • hypnosis;
  • psychoactive drugs;
  • coding.

Nowadays researchers in the field of medicine allow use in treating drug abuse new, effective techniques. They are based on a more loyal attitude towards drug addict when no coercion is used in the treatment.

Xenon therapy. The method is used in the treatment of opiate addiction. It provides an opportunity to get rid of both the abstinence syndrome and remove post-abstinence condition. In comparison with known techniques for controlling withdrawal syndrome, xenon therapy is from half to two times more efficient.

Ultrafast opioid detoxification of the body – is the program, the essence of which is that the patient receives the medication naltrexone. In the body, they act as antagonists of opiate receptors and actively clean from heroin, methadone, and other opiate elements.

Any of new treatment development of drug addicts is applied comprehensively, in conjunction with psychological correction, education, and training in psychology, as well as social and cultural adaptation.

Hypnosis against drug addiction

Hypnosis Against Drug AddictionWith the first appearance of a drug addict, more exactly, a first active manifestation of addiction of someone in the family, quit the life of whole life ends. In fact, it goes on the war-path. A patient with a syringe in his hands – goes for the next dose. Family members are grouped together to fight against the impending disaster. At any stage, first of all, it is necessary to believe in quick success. In this struggle one desire is not enough. For a long period of treatment required funds. For the life of a loved one, every does his best, to the extent that sells everything that can be sold to get money for treatment.

If for some reason you can’t achieve results, doctors use hypnosis. Often, it is the most effective technique: helps to eliminate not only the physical but also psychological dependence. This method is not for nothing considered to be among the most effective. But it is not always recommended to be used first of all. The fact is that, doctor effects on patient’s subconscious with the help of hypnosis, and this requires very careful handling. Knowing the ultimate goal, not always and not every doctor can predict the effect on the patient of the hypnotic session and what will be the result.

There is a second aspect of this method, practicing to take a decision without a thorough study of the problem. Experts caution that in this area there are a few qualified professionals who can be trusted with the health of a loved one, as they say, without regard to the consequences.

Compulsory treatment – is wasting money

The problem is so serious that the problem of compulsory treatment shall be solved on the state level. Experts of drug addiction have noticed that no matter how “bend” the addict to treatment if it is against the treatment, it is very difficult to get rid a patient of drug addiction. You can tight the patient and make him an injection, but as soon as he gets rid of bondage again return to the bad habit. Actions against the will of the addicted person in these cases are only allowed in one episode – forced taking him to the drug clinic. Further, in most cases, depends on the professionalism of the staff: if doctors could convince the addict to be treated – it is a half way to victory. If not – it is money down the drain!

Treatment of drug addiction by folk methods

Often, in order to get rid of disease people use folk wisdom, look for folk-healers and recipes of folk remedies. Very often traditional healers with their methods are more efficient and much advantageous financially comparatively with the conventional medicine. But not for all cases of the fight against drug addiction: experts do not know yet traditional methods for an effective fight against drugs.

It is assumed that in nature, perhaps, there are elements and chemical compounds that can return a person to a normal life. But the trouble is that drug addiction – is a disease of modern man. And there is less and less true connoisseur of mysteries folk treatments over the years.

True, you can meet suggestions of popular methods of drug addiction treatment, such “experts” tend to give guarantees. Unfortunately, often it is possible only on paper, and even orally.

The problem is that not every clinic and not always with certainty may give 100 percent guarantee that patient will get rid of drug dependence. The specialists have gained great experience of getting rid of drug physical dependence. But as the practical results show is not enough for the full treatment. The temporary failure of the addict from drugs- it’s not even half way to recovery. It’s a question of time: the patient, who didn’t get rid of the addiction completely, would return to the bad habit, he will be necessary triggered by something:

  • a quarrel with a friend or loved one;
  • trouble at work;
  • disappointment that someone did not understand him, etc.

As a rule, after that a human can again become unsociable and will soon begin to seek a way out of the situation with the help of drugs. “The key” to solving the suddenly appeared problem of receiving one or two doses of the drug, is misleading. It does not solve the problem, and re-opens the door wide to the world of euphoria and uncontrolled “buzz.”

The overcoming of psychological dependence – is an almost insoluble problem. Few people are able to suppress the desire to return to “high” from the drug. Such people exist, but their number is scanty. As practice shows, it does not matter what method the person was able to get rid of the addiction. Important that before going to the clinic an addict should have a desire to return to society and family, to be healthy and useful.

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