Treatment for Alcohol Dependence

Treatment for Alcohol DependenceDependence on alcohol is the main syndrome of chronic alcoholism. Therefore, the treatment of alcohol dependence is a major challenge in the treatment of alcoholics. Psychologists and psychiatrists know for certain that every relationship is nothing but the pathological subordination of man something animate or inanimate.


There is no one definition of addiction. According to medical terminology, dependence is defined as periodic or chronic intoxication from re-consumption of substances, having a natural or synthetic origin. We will not get hung up only on the most frequently mentioned diseases, let’s remember, there are many types of addiction:

  1. Drug, which includes the necessity for reception of these chemicals that cause disorder of perception (illusion, hallucination), non-perception of pain, etc.
  2. Medical appears on the background of overuse of medication. Medicines, “which always helped,” suddenly give a complicated side effects. Some of the vasoconstrictor, from cough, and many others are among them. The margin between medicinal properties of medicines and the risk of their admission lies in the frequency and timing of their taking.
  3. Smoking – is the most common and insidious, because the society for a long time did not give pay a serious attention to the harm from cigarettes. Oil poured into the fire is a hidden advertising of cigarette smoke in the movies, bars, meetings on solid levels, etc.
  4. Gamblers, or gambling addiction. Card home, gaming clubs where constantly the roulette is spinning or there are betting, become the places of permanent human habitation, predisposed to such dependence. At the start of this disaster is understandable desire – to become the owner of a large sum. The loss after a successful party only multiplies the excitement. That it often leads to huge problems of “debt trap”, which is not easy to get out.
  5. Sex addiction manifests itself in promiscuous. Promiscuity and “collecting” of partners, experiments in the intima, the loss of the desire to create and to have a family, inability to maintain long-term relationships – these and other are constantly accompanied during the life of the addict. The same symptoms are traced here, as at the other dependence, the more, in this case, partners, more steep experiments, then the deeper immersion into a circulation of problems and higher a dependence.
  6. Bulimia – is a permanent companion of the people who love to eat well and hearty. These may switch on their taste reflexes several dozen times per day. The reason for this may be as careless attitude to their health and so the stress, when you want to “eat” the problem and “grind” her in the stomach. In its turns, bulimia causes inflammation of the endocrine system, diseases of mind.
  7. Perfectionism as a variant of depending perspective in a quest for excellence. In women, it manifests itself most brightly. Striving for excellence paves the solid way to the hairdresser, fitness clubs, and offices of plastic surgeons, a makeup artist, beautician and others. Perfectionist will never be satisfied and always finds a “deficiency” in his appearance, in order to return to “his master” and remove the “roughness”. It would seem, why not? Let her goes: it’s her money and her health, let her do what she wants.
  8. Workaholic is one of subspecies of perfectionism. Work for such a person is always above the interests of family, friends, hobbies, and so on. You shouldn’t mix up workaholic with careerist in a good sense. For most the evaluation of their professional skills and career progression is important, and eventually, years brings wisdom, a person becomes richer with intelligence and professional experience is necessary. But if the work turns into the epicenter of life priorities – it’s an addictive.
  9. Shopping addiction – is inherent to people, who are concerned with a problem a constant replenishment of their wardrobes. And it’s not important for them anymore, how is necessary this or that thing, the main is purchase process, satisfaction from quantity of purchased items.
  10. Greed lives of those, who set a goal of his life an accumulation of wealth. They become synonymous of beautiful and well-fed life, so for these people aren’t important money, but their equivalent, forming an external comfort.
  11. Internet addiction is a new manifestation of dependence that appeared with the advent of the World Wide Web plexus. Some are willing to surf the net as long as you want. It replaces the book and hobbies for them. One of the brightest manifestations of the Internet addiction – is gambling.
  12. Religious fanaticism has being more frequent met in modern life. New religious movements appear from nowhere, new preachers with amazing powers of persuasion. They involve to their circle of hobbies people, often using technology of the psychological impact. As practice shows, in most cases the preacher is close to the other human vices.
  13. Emotional dependence is considered as part of the psychological, based on affection or love for a certain person. He can’t imagine his live without this “half”.
  14. Alcohol dependence – is one of the most common and mentioned in a society. It is characterized by a constant craving of human for alcoholic drinks. First, they are taken by the situation, then, to relieve stress. Eventually, the habit is formed, then an organism begins “to require” for new and new dozes. As a result, a day without a glass becomes a big problem for a man. It comes to the fact that the attempt to stop drinking ends with “delirium tremens”.

Alcoholism – is a disease of mass. Only drinkers, who drink too much, suffer from alcohol dependence. As practice shows, the disease is irreversible. It means that no matter what methods of treatment have been used, an alcoholic can’t even “taste” an alcohol until the end of his life. Because, even innocuous “five drops” can serve as trigger for resumption of addiction with even greater force. It will come out in the more intensified, compared to the former period, trembling in limbs, and insomnia and constant thoughts about the need of alcohol.

Alcohol dependence is dangerous because a drinker usually isn’t aware that he was sick, and when he begins to understand, it is already impossible to life for him without an alcohol, it can be too late. Only relevant test can give a precise answer to the question is he ill or not. Only he can confirm or remove the assumption about existing or future trouble.

Women and alcoholism

Women and alcoholismIt is more dangerous than men’s by its consequences. Because it carries a risk for the future of a family and the heirs. And it proceeds under influence of its features. First of all, she is accompanied by mood swings. Frequent communication with the glass leads a woman to a prolonged and painful depression, which sometimes leads to suicidal attempts.

Women’s alcohol dependence progresses secretly, but spills out much faster than men’s. As soon as there is a constant desire to end the day with a glass, then the time has come, when women need immediate medical care.

But then the next problem is coming. Most women – alcoholics do not want to recognize themselves as such and refuse medical care. Maybe, someone will accept the following information, as they say, with hostility, but the fact remains: women are more likely than men are derived from the state of the binge.

If you miss this moment, it can develop into even more trouble. According to statistics, every tenth crime is committed by a woman being drunk.

It is difficult to identify the women’s alcohol addiction, because a patent is hiding this dependence carefully. Getting into a difficult situation, she can take the path of slow mental degradation of the individual. If it came to such a pitch then you will need much more time for recovery.

If alarming symptoms become noticeable at an early stage, you can still hope for self-treatment. In other cases, only helps the hospital. Unfortunately, in recent times it is difficult to find free treatment for alcohol dependence.

Treatment methods for women from alcohol dependence are almost indistinguishable from the traditional and already tested. In many cases, it is rather effectively treatment without coding, using special medications. Considering that a woman is sensitive to every word, the important meaning is of psychotherapy of alcohol dependence.

Home treatment, using pills and drops not always give the expected result. Home treatment with pills and drops do not always produce the expected result. Therefore, in order to be absolutely sure of it and not to waste time and money for treatment, it is better to decide on a hospital immediately. There is will be done the procedures of cleansing the body from toxins, restoring the body’s metabolism and nervous system. Sessions carrying out by physicians, are directed to inoculation a disgust to alcohol. A moral support of family members and friends is very desirable companion on a way to recovering. Such set of methods and measures will help the patient to find quickly a way back to a sober lifestyle.

Is it possible a treatment without patient’s being aware of it?

One of the characteristics that manifest themselves in most cases and at the same time is a challenge during identification and before treatment, because alcoholics plead themselves not sick. Then, there is no other way but to try to heal a patient without his knowledge of it. As a rule, family members are trying to start from “proven” folk remedies. But they are not always effective. Why is that?

Maybe, because each disease requires for accurate diagnosis. In such cases, the diagnosis is common – alcoholism. But, as medical practice has showed, the disease has its own features, which you need to find out before the appointment of treatment course and receiving medicines. Therefore, medical preparations are the most effective in the treatment of alcohol dependence. And you should be careful in this situation in order to avoid unforeseen situations. The fact is that not all of them are recommended in the treatment without patient’s being aware of it.

Therefore, the best variant – is trying to conceive a patient somehow to start a treatment. If the patient agrees, there will not be any problems.

Family treatment

Family treatmentIt is a good companion in the process of recovering. It helps to break down stereotypes in the behavior of a person, suffering from alcohol dependence. It eliminates the motivation and desire to drink alcohol and strengthens the desire to understand the need to pass a course of treatment, and get rid of the habit.

By the way, this is a good variant for treatment “without patient’s being aware of it”. And the help of whole family or one of its members is very important in this situation. And the role of the therapist is not less important. The purpose of these conversations – is to tell and clarify the behavior features and attitudes of the patient environment, to orient the patient to return to the “family home” as healthy and full-fledged member.

Compulsory treatment

Perhaps, this is an extreme measure, when nothing helps to conceive the alcoholic to begin screening and treatment. Under such conditions there is a tested treatment practice of alcohol dependence. There are necessary preparations, including preparations for treatment “patient’s being aware of it”.

Is it possible to get rid of alcohol dependence?

No one doctor will give a unequivocal answer to this question. Because getting rig from alcohol dependence – is a complex measure. Varies methods, preparations, schemes of getting rid from alcohol dependence are worked out. But all of them are combined by one condition – the refusal of the patient from taking alcoholic beverages.

The use of drugs begins only on the next second phase of treatment.

At the final stage it is necessary an adaptation of a patient to new for him conditions of life.

Psychotherapy is one of the most important and effective methods of treatment. The psychological impact should create a negative perception of even a mention about the alcoholic beverages. It is also called as the method of coding for alcohol dependence.

The coding has different kinds, but its methods have one disadvantage – the risk of failure, which would nullify all previous attempts. Besides, psychological methods are directly dependent on the individual patient’s features.

For what are all these warnings? Treatment for alcohol dependence can be trusted only to professionals.

In case, if patient consent voluntarily for treatment, drug prohibit methods are used. They include such methods as esperal, “torpedo” and others. They are used only in cases when the patient is ready to comply strictly with the regime throughout the whole period of recovering. The advantage of the injection method is that the patient quickly returns to the reality of life and realizes well his state and what is required from him. The downside is that, after the end of the injection’s effect, the disruptions may occur.

Which method is better?

There are a lot of methods of struggle with alcohol addiction. Which of them is better? This question is often asked by patients, seeking help from a doctor. We start to understand this issue:

  1. The psychotherapeutic method – is one of the most modern. This includes the treatment by Dovzhenko method, which has being used for more than 30 years.
  2. Drug treatment has being proven to be effective in the treatment of alcohol dependence.
  3. Nontraditional methods of treatment have on their armed methods of herbal medicine with different herbs that prevent the attraction to alcohol.
  4. Acupuncture was borrowed by our doctors from doctors from the East. As is known, the method is based on exposure to specific points in the body, which are responsible for the physiological and psychological perception of alcohol.
  5. Laser therapy is used in complex treatment. The laser beam reduces the physical craving for alcoholic drinks, enhances the effectiveness of the impact of drugs, as well as to stabilize the pancreas, cardio – vascular system and the liver.
  6. Hypnosis, during years of practical using, has shown rather high efficiency. Due to many years of use in the fight against alcohol addiction, numerous schemes of the influence during impact on the patient were developed.
  7. Home treatments for alcohol dependence often do not provide adequate results. Doctors caution and do not recommend to use the services of magicians and healers with a “natural gift”. Especially if the question concerns the treatment of adolescent alcohol dependence.
  8. Inpatient treatment is considered to be the most effective, especially in advanced form of the disease. Graduates, modern appliances and applied treatment techniques give more reason to trust them and hope for a positive result.

No matter what method of healing was choose by a patient or his relatives, it is important that the goal were achieved – his return to a sober way of life, full life in the family and society. There is always a choice in treatment of alcoholic dependence, the main from all known – is do not abuse of alcoholic drinks.

There are many interesting and attractive for its diversity things can be found in life.

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