Struggle with Alcoholism

Struggle with AlcoholismImmoderate consumption of alcoholic drinks (strong or with low alcohol content) causes a hard disease in a future – alcohol dependence. It is not a secret, that treatment of this disease, which touches upon not only a body but also a psychological condition, can be rather difficult often. There are known the cases when it is impossible to get rid from alcoholism or the consequences. Furthermore a patient often realizes by himself the consequences from alcoholic drinks abuse. Despite of this, the patient can’t fight the disease by himself.

Well known the cases, when using a power of will, a patient can refuse from alcohol for some time. Remaining some time, a patient can begin to drink again, because alcoholism has already developed much and a human need a help of specialists, which are helping to see into the consequences of alcohol abuse for organism. A patient, who doesn’t get qualified help from drug specialists, psychologists and specialists of an adjacent profile in time, often provides an irreparable harm not only for himself but also for his entourage.

Alcoholism – is not a jesting problem, which influences on a human body the same pernicious as drugs. As a result, an alcohol abuse influences badly on work of all organs and systems of a human body. Besides, influenced by the formed or still forming dependence the intellectual sphere sufferers also, the human psyche and set of social features characteristic for him.

Speaking about physical harm, which is made by an alcohol, we can’t to forget about main systems and organs, suffering from alcohol. So, patients with alcoholism, as a rule, are handicapped in work of:

  • liver;
  • central nervous system;
  • cerebrum;
  • urogenital system;
  • alimentary canal.

Gastritis – is not a rare phenomenon for alcoholic, which torments a patient so much as stronger develops alcohol dependence. Pancreatitis and peptic ulcer disease are also not rare among sick people with alcoholism. These diseases force the patients to suffer from chronic pain or constant attacks of these diseases. The doctors say that alcoholics are at the group of people, having a raised risk to get tuberculosis.

All of the above is telling about that alcoholism is necessary to be treated, guided by specialists’ help. Do not expect that your or your relatives’ alcoholism will go away on its Jack: remember, as earlier you visit a specialist the higher guarantee will be that organism and psyche will be remained on the level, which can be restored and rehabilitated partially.

Methods of struggle with alcohol dependence

Methods of struggle with alcohol dependencePatient and his relatives, who have asked for specialists’ help, should remember about chronic alcoholism, which means a long term treatment. Treatment should be begun at hospital, because that is where the alcoholic can be isolated from any temptation, and also to control the current condition of his health.

We should remember that influence of alcohol on a human psyche and body is appearing on early stages of alcohol dependence. It is well seen if a man is drinking during 3-5 years. Besides, different medical and psychiatric tests show significant deviations showings, taking as a rule. Term of addiction to alcohol, and also a period of what an alcohol destroy the human body, is rather small, however the treatment from alcoholism, as a rule, is laborious and lengthy.

Formation of mental illnesses, related to alcohol consumption, begins at early stage of alcohol dependence. Alcoholic’s mental illness fully begin to come out to 5-10 years of constant drinking. It should be noticed that till this period alcoholic already has serious problems with his health, which are “supplemented” by the psychological problems.

Doctors have long ago studied such phenomenon as alcoholism. And also a theoretical and evidence base was summed and argued. Considering that theoretical component is a base of all practical actions, we can safely say that modern drug specialists have powerful tools of influence on patients. Treatment methods, applying in modern narcology, sometimes allow to treat and return to life people, which several decades ago would have being hopeless.

Besides, drug specialists know the reasons of formation of predisposition to appearing of alcohol dependence, which allows fighting with initial formation in a more conscious population’s sections. Information about that which factors, effecting on formation of psychological and physiological dependence, will be useful for everybody, because, maybe, it is allowing to prevent an alcoholism at dear and close human.

Psychological help and motivation

Psychological help and motivationAlcoholism – is a phenomenon, which in Russia and countries of CIS is rather widespread. The first stage of struggle with this harmful dependence – is a treatment of those patients, who has already being suffered from alcoholism. We can make alcoholism less spread among population, engaging in treatment of patients, and also conducting active propaganda of sober lifestyle. Besides, specialists insist on that conscious attitude of citizens to this problem can make a significant contribution to a common work. We are talking about that the indifference attitude of folks or colleagues is often a reason of further development of alcoholism at human, because he is rarely able to (or wants) to visit a drug specialist.

Among the main methods of struggle with alcohol dependence are the next:

  • patient’s coding;
  • inserting into patient specialized products, which are incompatible with alcohol.

We can say that the essence of these methods is psychotherapeutic. Specialist convinces patient that an alcohol, which an alcoholic will consume, is surely effecting bad on his health and momentary well-being. Often enough a story about a possible lethal outcome influence on a patient much, and it can really appear because of incompatibility of alcohol with taking medicines. Doctors say that method of the long psychotherapeutic influence, combined with insertion, is more effective.

A work of psychotherapist, carrying out with an alcoholic, is also a formation of critical thinking about an alcohol, and also convictions that alcohol in no way may improve the life quality and to affect positively n a patient’s health. In that case if an alcoholic doesn’t think that he is sick and denies the problem, a psychotherapeutic impact will be ineffective. For the full success of psychotherapeutic component of treatment is necessary that a sick man realizes his problem, trusts the specialist and rely on that effect which the therapy can make.

It is also necessary to understand for a patient that recrudescence after refusal from alcohol – is a temporary phenomenon and it is necessary to continue psychotherapeutic sessions. Only awareness of what is happening can become a patient’s key to a cure, and improvement of physical and psychological condition and further recovery. During the period of “the shakes” after refusal from alcohol consumption the doctors often prescribe tranquilizers and drugs with the effect of antidepressants, in order to relieve state of mind.

Motivation of a patient – is one of the main treatment methods. The effect from the treatment will have the proper power only when an alcoholic realizes well why he refuses from alcohol. The more the doctor can motivate the patient, the more will be the effect from psychotherapeutic influence on a patient is during the abstinence symptoms, when the patients are often tend to forget about everything that comes to their mind during a relatively sober hours.

Treatment methods from alcohol dependence

Treatment methods from alcohol dependenceNo matter what measures are taken by specialists for treatment of alcohol dependence, it is necessary that the ways satisfy such measures:

  • enough impact power;
  • validity for a particular patient;
  • non-conflict of selected methods for each other;
  • the complexity of the impact.

Nowadays there are two main groups of methods, directed to struggle with alcoholism:

  • folk methods;
  • official methods.

Experts say that professional drug specialist, who isn’t squeamish to use effective folk methods in his practice, likely; will reach the best results in treatment of his patients from harmful alcohol dependence.

Official medicine at the first stage of treatment uses such medical and psychological methods of work with a patient:

  • introduction of vitamin preparations;
  • introduction of sedatives;
  • therapy by the general health-improving methods;
  • psychotherapeutic sessions.

If it was deficiency the first stage of treatment, doctors begin to cure a patient according to schemes of the second stage. It is based on such remedies:

  • apo morphine therapy;
  • pyroterapy;
  • hypoglycemic therapy.

Besides, on this stage specialists often use group or family impact on a patient. Sometimes the method of deep hypnosis is used also, allowing making a great effect on the patient’s subconscious. The follow-up treatment is directed to supporting of this effect, which was reached during the work with the patients at the first and second period. Such remedies are used during this time:

  • lithium salts;
  • coding;
  • tranquilizers;
  • psychotherapeutic treatment;
  • placebo and so on.

Folk ways of struggle with alcohol dependence

Folk ways of struggle with alcohol dependence often include the method of nutritional care. The people say that the patient is what he eats. That is why food has such wide prevalence in folk medicine. It is considered that replenishing of vitamins and essential nutrients – is one of the mandatory measures for alcoholics. As a rule, a folk medicine in alcoholics’ nutrient uses:

  • cereals and cereal (give energy);
  • different fruits (provide the body with vitamins);
  • vegetables (supply with cellulose).

The methods of folk healing at treatment of alcoholism help:

  • to clean liver
  • to normalize the kidneys functioning;
  • to treat and normalize the work of digestive track;
  • to clean the vessels and to normalize the work of heart.

Herbs are often the basis of folk methods, allowing by gentle way to influence on week patient’s organism. There are often used such herbs and picks in drug practice:

  • marigold flowers;
  • tansy;
  • wormwood;
  • celandine;
  • clove;
  • buckthorn bark and others.

Besides, herbs are mixed with juice or decoction from apples, lemons, cranberries, pumpkin and other fruits and vegetables. And not rare it is added a needles, which passes its useful properties of decoction or infusion.

A folk medicine is also famous for the availability of remedies, which allow to code a patient from alcohol dependence. Among such miraculous herbs are the next:

  • thyme;
  • centaury;
  • fir clublike;
  • tutsan.

Beer products allow making more effective recovering of the patient’s organism after overcoming of the main dependence. Different beer products are used for this: except honey it is often taken a pollen, propolis, royal jelly and so on. Also a folk medicine recommends treatment with the help of juices, praying, physical activity, tempering and sauna. It should be emphasized once more that the best effective folk medicine ness will have those methods, which are effectively combined by the skilled specialist with the arsenal of official medicine remedies.

The struggle with alcohol dependence in the CIS

The struggle with alcohol dependence in the CISAs alcoholism is one of the most important problems of Slavic people it requires for the accordant approach and treatment. Among the most effective methods the drug specialists often call the cooperation with the families of relatives and patients. The goal of such work is a radical change of stereotyped behavior in those families, where the problem of alcoholism exists.

It is known that in the past people tried to struggle with drunkenness using different remedies, for example:

  • imposing a ban on selling of alcohol drinks;
  • carrying out ongoing anti-alcohol propaganda and educational work about sober lifestyle;
  • imposing lows, promising official criminal penalties to persons, who are engaged in producing and spreading of alcoholic drinks handicraft.

Now we can safely say that such methods haven’t become the deliverance form alcohol dependence and couldn’t influence much on those, who wants to consume alcoholic drinks. Ns Even surprising, what the citizens are ready to do in order to get the next doze of alcohol. We come to conclusion that the conscious desire to get rid from alcohol abuse is the main key to successes.

In the modern world more democratic methods are used than in USSR, the methods of struggle with spreading alcohol dependence. We need to say that for this moment the effectiveness of chosen methods can be called into question. We are talking about that the attitude to beer and cocktails “low alcohol drinks”, approved at the legislative level, only promotes alcoholism, and doesn’t stop it. Method of alcohol sale ban after the certain time isn’t effective also, because provokes the creation of various schemes of alcohol selling (for example, shops, selling during the nighttime by the alcoholic attributes and in addition to this a buyer are getting an alcohol).

Some clinics, which are engaged in treatment of alcoholics, have outdated methods that are admitted as ineffective. Nonetheless, clinics continue to function, though can’t help the patients properly, and prices of these clinics truly amaze imagination. As a rule it is rather difficult to find patients who were saved from this disease in such establishments. Besides, there are not a rare cases when charlatans are meted, who are engaged in extortion of money from alcoholics and their families. Such “specialists” promise to cure a patient in a unique way, but most patients are fooled.

One of the problems that complicates the treatment of alcohol dependence and struggle with this – it is insufficient attention of the citizens to the problem of alcoholic dependence. There is pronounced carelessness not only in reference to their colleagues, friends and pals, but also in reference of their family members. It is often, even if the problem was noticed, the members of alcoholic families try to struggle with it independently, using untested folk remedies. Later it turns out that patient’s relatives were prevented to ask help from the specialist because of shameful addiction of the family member.

It must be remembered that when we are talking alcohol dependence, we need to forget about any social evaluation of your family from strangers. Such definitions as “shame”, “not comfortable”, “what people say” are absolutely incompatible with effective therapy of alcoholism. As sooner the relatives visit the specialists, the more chances for the successes treatment and social rehabilitation of alcoholic.

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