Stages of Drug Addiction

Stages of Drug AddictionBecause of the lack of awareness about the problems of drug abuse, some has the firm conviction that the period from the first taking of drugs to the perfect stage of drug addiction takes a lot of time. So much time, that people have time to recognize the disease, and if necessary, to stop it.

The catch is that it is too late after the first using of drugs. It creates for a human an illusion of special sensations. A person would like to prolong the pleasure. And due to the fact that the pleasure is not long, the “tester” wants to live through the feeling of buzz again and again.

A strong psychological craving occurs within a month.

There is no exact scheme of bad habit development yet. But on the basis of known factors, it is common to distinguish three stages of addiction.

The first stage of drug addiction

Today experts classify such signs first stage:

  • the increase of drug tolerability, it causes the addict to increase the dose in order to get the desired effect, the reception of dope becomes regular;
  • gradual changes of feelings, the specific feeling of pleasantness is reducing, the sleepiness is passing, while the agitation increases;
  • under the influence of drugs there is a feeling of comfort and peace and there are the opposite feelings after the end of the drug effect;
  • the addict does not feel any dependence, so does not worry about the impending danger;
  • there are no visible, external manifestations of health deterioration;
  • relationships with others, who do not use, and condemn drug using, becomes more complicated that in particular leads to a narrowing of the range of interests.

The first stage of drug use is characterized by the usual curiosity, typical of young people.

The scheme of “switching” for drugs is primitive.

Something was seen on TV, someone told that has already tried and liked the “high”, etc. After such “information propaganda,” he wants to try himself. And the peers instigate, they say, are you a “sissy,” “wimp”? Sometimes “attentive well-wishers,” notice that the young man has some problems and there is nobody behind. They suggest trying “unload” with the drugs and forget the problem. A man with a weak character, considering that after the “one time” nothing happens, agrees – “to have a kef”, and during this time the problem will resolve itself.

But domestic, family or problem of relationship with others can’t be solved, and imperceptibly go into another plane – drug addiction.

According to youth slang this condition is called “apathy”, indifference as to their own lives, and to what is happening around. At this point, the important role is played by ignorance or lack of confidence in the negative consequences of drugs taking.

There are no visible changes in the psyche and physical health yet, but the drug has already hit him from the inside.

It is not quite right that the drugs come only into dysfunctional families, burdened with material and moral burdens. Children of ‘successful’ families often get to the same company, the members of which are in a drugged haze.

The reasons attracted to drugs the first group, do not cause additional questions. And “successful people” are attracted to dope for new sensations in order to make their own destiny, decorated with other colors unknown “high”.

The “kef” – is an unusual rush of sensations. The first doses of drugs produce dramatic changes in the neurochemical balance. This encourages the body for the active use of its capabilities that is accompanied by a huge display of physical pleasure.

A human with the birth is getting certain provisions, including a niche with a certain reserve of pleasure. It can be used here and now, or you can stretch it on forever. If everything happens quickly, the body is recovering for a long time, replenishing spent reserves.

There are opened two ways for a future drug addict at once after the first use of drugs:

  • to refuse taking drugs again, there are about half of the total number of “beginners”;
  • the forbidden fruit seems sweet and he wants to retry again and again.

Most often the first test of drugs – is a “weed”. The first “weed” – is marijuana. Adults and teens begin the acquaintance with new sensations from it. “Smoking”, “carves” a beginning addict, he does not perceive the external world, and this “rest” can’t be destroyed by anything.

Beginning drug addicts especially appreciate this first state of weightlessness and carelessness. And, as you know, people get used to a good quickly. And this is that thing, which attracts human and doesn’t let a person turn away from the habit. Smoking of “weed” is considered to be harmless. But not everyone remembers that this is – the first stage of addiction to drugs: there are changes in the chemical composition of the body. For ten days, they continue to influence the brain.

It is not so bad if the using of drugs is finished with marijuana. But often the situation is different and much worse.

The second stage: the first step of drug addiction

The second stage of addiction is “richer” in the characteristic features:

  • the body reaches a personal portability limit of narcotic poisons, so with regular use the increase in dosage becomes not so noticeable;
  • the effect of the drug begins to lose its specific features: first, the patient is excited, and then goes into a condition of mild toning;
  • after the taking of drugs the peace of mind severity is reducing, and feeling of discomfort after the action of drugs is increasing, and, the main mental functions are more noticeable under the influence of drugs than without them;
  • if a person has a well-developed analytical sense, then at this stage he is quite able to understand the increasing dependence;
  • there is a pronounced physical dependence on the drug: the addict is feeling good only when he is under the influence of “dope”;
  • the absence of drug in the body during the day and even fewer results in a withdrawal syndrome, the attacks of which are becoming more vivid;
  • the complications, specific to human using drugs, are compounded, at the same time drug addicts lose weight and willing to work, get sick more often;
  • the relationships with the environment become more complicated: those who does not take drugs for them – are strangers, the relatives are perceived only as a source of supply of drugs or money and are not accepted any rules – no morality or low.

The second stage of drug use, in fact, – is the beginning of the disease of drug addiction, its first stage. It has its own characteristics:

  • a drug addict is trying consciously to get “high”, whatever it takes;
  • he is planning the consumption of drugs;
  • an addict feigns an excuse for his plans;
  • for normal relaxation and fun in the understanding of the addict, it is necessary to require any psychoactive substance;
  • drugs become a means of fighting against all the “ills”, the cure for stress, a satellite of communications and sex.

The dose for the absolute satisfaction of the addicts’ desires increases much. They organize their own “parties”, maintain to one style of appearance, they listen only to “their” music, joke the same. All this is accompanied by drug-taking.

At this time, the attachment to the drug moves into a new stage of the disease – addiction. The usual dose is not sufficient for the achieved level of “high” and it must be increased.

The scheme of dependence development is traditional and simple: from smaller doses to larger, from easy drugs – to more strong.

If the drug addict isn’t stopped at this stage, and he continues to take drugs, the patient will quickly pass to the next stage of addiction.

The third stage: the second step of addiction

Experts recognize them by the characteristic features of this period of dependence:

  • decreasing tolerance of the drug by the body turns into poison even before using dose;
  • the desired effect of drug use is not achieved, there is only a weak tonic perception;
  • increasing phenomenon of physical and mental degradation, which actively acquire irreversible character with the threat of death if there are no drugs;
  • the relationship with the environment is destroyed completely, as is the scale of the personal relationship so in the scale of society;
  • logical “finish” after disability.

This stage is characterized by the deterioration of health. Constant “shakes”, drugs, which do not bring a pleasure anymore, the possibility of infectious diseases as well as Hepatitis C and AIDS – all this is the result, to which in its time addict is coming:

  • drug addict loses control of himself, he can be easily injured, goes to the violent acts which end with criminal acts;
  • promiscuous sexual relations lead to sexually transmitted diseases, and even unwanted pregnancies;
  • scandals in the family acquire stable character;
  • problems with learning and work become acuter;
  • growing problems with financial difficulties in order to resolve them addicts is sinking into debts deeper, start to take things out of the house, most of the time is devoted to the search for money to purchase drugs;
  • the social circle is changing, it is filled only with “friends on madhouse”;
  • aggravated conflicts with former friends and law enforcement officers.

At this stage, the physical dependence on the drugs is enhanced. For the normal state of health original pleasant feeling give way to the constant need for taking drugs.

The first problems, arising from addiction to drugs, are put forward as an excuse to further dive into the atmosphere of narcotic intoxication. The condition of prolonging and growing drug addiction creates other problems, they are aggravated and everything is repeated all around.

At this point, the addict is no longer able to stop taking drugs. There is required urgent intervention by professionals.

If at this point the addict is not convinced in the need to start rehabilitation procedures immediately, he, like on a sloping, will roll to the next stage of drug addiction when he will be no longer able to resist the destructive power of drugs. We need new drugs to satisfy the body’s need for effective poisons – Ecstasy, LSD, and others.

The invasion of new preparations into the body is accompanied with expected burst of energy, a false sense of their own omnipotence and hallucinations. Not only does the tide of excess energy and loss of consciousness not frighten drug addicts, but rather bring them to ecstasy and become the subject of bragging.

Young people who have read something about the dangers of drugs believe that this scant knowledge will “trick” the drugs and, therefore, take them in small doses. And the old problem arises again – use and suffer from inevitable overdose or stop taking narcotic drugs.

The fourth stage: the third step of addiction

The Fourth Stage: the Third Step of AddictionAt this stage the drug addiction is defined by such features:

  • drugs are taken as a usual product;
  • the addict feels a constant need for appropriate preparation;
  • in order to get another dose, a drug addict is ready even to go in for criminally punishable actions;
  • degradation of the individual is enhanced, the moral values are leveled;
  • the apathy is enhanced, the meaning of existence is lost, the lost desire to live awakens;
  • suicidal attempts are manifested;
  • chronic diseases are enhanced;
  • the contact with family and former friends is lost.

During this period, the addict’s body undergoes physiological changes, going into an absolute dependence on the action of psychoactive substances. A drug addict can’t live without the constant “feeding” with the new doses. The central nervous system is not able to regulate the neurochemical balance and to perceive what is happening around. Further “pumping” of the human body with drugs is finished with death.

In practice, such a finale in the respective reports is defined as death from a drug overdose.

During the third stage of the disease, addict goes to the active use of heroin, cocaine and other drugs that burn all bridges of return to normal life. Even later remorse in this case significantly reduces the chances of the patient to a positive result. It takes a lot of willpower from the patient, who hasn’t it.

The sense of reality in this period becomes mixed with narcotic visions. The patient is constantly pestering by thoughts of obsessive desire to get the next dose. After another portion of psychoactive drugs, everything is repeating over again.

Despite the gloomy view during all the way of addict’s individual degradation and worsening of the patient’s condition from drug dependence, there is always way out. However, the sooner a decision is taken, the easier and shorter the way back to normal life will be.

But the addict has to make his own decision and ask for help in drug abuse clinic. Or he needs help.

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