Rehabilitation Centers for Drug Addicts

Rehabilitation Centers for Drug AddictsPeople suffering from drug addiction – are sick people. They are under the constant control of narcotic drugs. If the addict is not to be refocused quickly to getting rid of a bad habit, then he waits for one of the three or the “full bouquet” – hospital, prison and, death.

Of course, the first evil is better than three others, the first – is drug treatment. Only this is able to block the way of the patient to tragic consequences. And even in the case of a “successful result of talks and persuasion”, together with a certificate on successful past procedures, the problem will be solved actually only half.

In any case, you must go through the full process of rehabilitation. Only specialized rehabilitation centers for drug addicts help in this. Treatment there is carried out by removing from the patient, primarily of physical dependence on narcotics. During rehabilitation specialists eliminate psychological dependence on the drug, as it is the main factor of all problems and difficulties in treating of disease. At the treatment of drug addiction rehabilitation, the question about its importance has a paramount meaning, and it requires a lot of time and careful approach. The process may take at least three months, although, in general, it is a long process.

In general, society has a negative attitude to drug addicts. Many consider them as minor or even meaningless elements for the ordinary social environment. This explains the reaction of non-perception of drug addicts, disdainful attitude towards them.

According to some, if the person has chosen this way for himself, then let him stomp chosen path. Indifferent people think something like this. And if you look at the problem as a close human for a drug addict, it is, in fact, a tragedy not just of one person.

There is another view: it is natural for human to make mistakes. In society, there is no accounting about this and are respectful to those who found the courage to admit once made a mistake and has corrected it. Among the addicts, there are many, who realized that has stumbled. But drugs without having any special reason for that, at the person’s willing, can only “take” him into the dependence. Leave it alone Nobody has ever accomplished.

This can be done only with outside help.

The rehabilitation procedure of drug addicts

The Rehabilitation Procedure of Drug AddictsThere are state and non-state organizations, social rehabilitation centers that deal with primary prevention and rehabilitation of people suffering from drug addiction. Often their employees – are former patients of the Center, which have already come through all the problems of the rehabilitation period, and are now experiencing a state of remission. Such staff have more confidence than even the most experienced “people in white coats,” because communication is, as they say, is on the “same language”, the language of the people related to the same problem.

The start of rehabilitation is the moment when the patient is fully admitted his position. After that, he is helped to understand the essence of addiction, its symptoms, understand his current situation and understand the tactics of the further behavior.

As long as the patient does not recognize all of this, there is no sense to talk about the effectiveness of rehabilitation methods.

The addict is taught to cope with possible stress situations, to build his relations with an environment in a new way, enjoy the natural pleasures of life.

One of the main goals of the rehabilitation process – is an absolute understanding of the need of flatly refuse to accept any substance.

Rehabilitation in specialized centers is provided, as a rule, at all stages of the disease. In severe cases, patients are placed in the out-patient department for drug addicts. And here psychologists, social workers, and infectious disease work with drug specialists.

The duration of the course and method are determined in each case individually.

Detoxification therapy is ordered to remove the effects of prolonged use of drugs with their complete elimination from the body. It is provided in clinics or offices, specializing in working with “difficult” patients. Thus techniques with medicaments and without are used.

In the first case, special solutions are injected that remove the drugs from the body. The medication for stabilizing of mental and suppression of depression are applied, as well as various specific opiate receptor blockers. They activate the disintegration of toxic substances and contribute to maximum excretion of metabolic products.

Sometimes, treatments without medicines are used. For example, plasmapheresis is practiced, hem sorption or hemodialysis. They reduce the duration and degree of abstinence disorders.

As one of the stages of rehabilitation, drug users come through the medical-rehabilitation period. It includes a complex of various procedures and activities the purpose of which – is improving the physical and psychological condition of the patient. Specialists, which were mentioned just above, consult.

The third phase of rehabilitation programs include physiotherapy, herbal medicine, a sauna complex and group therapy, “12 Steps” and also they pay attention to the development of the individual.

Some centers use the re-socialization of drug addicts – they are actively involved in the patient’s adaptation to the new conditions of life in a healthy society.

Rehabilitation centers: free and paid

Rehabilitation Centers: Free and PaidWondering whether to contact a doctor for help, the patient necessarily thinks what will be the result and how many addicts are really cured? Nobody can give the real figure. Because non-state organizations are not interested in the situation outside their institution. More precisely, not all centers monitor how there is the fate of former drug addicts. But according to reports, a group of 3-4 people to 10 people forever say goodbye to addiction as a bad habit.

As in some and in other categories of centers, the help may be paid, and free or partially paid – it all depends on the conditions of activity of structures. Of course, the vast majority of non-state organizations operate without state support. The free rehabilitation centers often use the work of former drug addicts. They are engaged in jobs that do not require special training. This explains the difference in pay or its comparative cheapness.

Individual organizations provide their activities with the active participation of religious organizations. Many people trust them more because in the rehabilitation process the word of God and talks are used here. But focusing on such you must use extreme caution because under the guise of rehabilitation centers often ordinary crooks are hiding pursuing purely commercial interests.

But it should not interfere with the request to help a person get on the road to recovery and call in question the efficiency of these rehabilitation centers.

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