Rehabilitation Center for Alcoholics

Rehabilitation Center for AlcoholicsAsk everybody and even if you meet not an expert, he still answers with certainty that knows who is an alcoholic.

In reality, in accordance with polls, only one In a thousand has a coherent idea of it. Others orient by characteristics signs of neglected diseases, irrefutable signs appear. Most know little or even don’t know about alcohol behavior in the early stages, and perceive the rehabilitation center as something strange and unknown.

The ordinary people are so found of discussing this theme, hat it became on the same level with football and hockey, for those, who is watching the game on TV. He situation is characterized by one common formula: everybody discusses with a sense of knowledge, but there are a few people who knows the gist, because has kicked the ball about long ago or has never faced the problem tete-a-tete. A human can know the alcoholic’s behavior by characteristic signs, and he is ready to think that all others commonplace drunkards.

Patient’s characteristic disease symptoms can come out or be hidden:

  1. Well known disease symptoms are seen well on a typical picture of alcoholism.
  2. Atypical picture shows the deviations from disease traditional symptoms. It doesn’t have clear borders and comes out in a complex way or light. Exactly the last thing seems to escape notice for outsider and for the patient. That is why such people visit the doctor only when the affected organs begin to refuse working.

There is a difference between everyday drinking and alcoholism.

Everyday drinking are outgoings of often corporates in collectives and traditions of the society. But it is not a disease yet.

Alcoholism – is a condition, when a drunkard can’t independently “put on the brakes”, control the speed and amount of drunk.

The disease begins not during the next morning after the first tableful and doesn’t sent word about itself with the first headache at hangover. It is noticed faster by the family members, than the patient by himself by the typical signs that is why the relatives first of all have to clang an alarm bell. Drug therapist, who has noticed the changes in appearance and human’s behavior, doesn’t have any right to visit a doctor for a examination and treatment. A patient or at least the members of his family have to bring him to the a doctor by themselves.

Will we be treated? Which method?

Will we be treatedThe drug therapist will surely ask these questions. And it is not for nothing, because the patient must make a firm decision, because the disturbance of regime or discontinuation of treatment can be more tragically, than the formed situation.

The patients’ rehabilitation, suffering from alcoholism it is not the one manipulation, but difficult way, consisting of a number of procedure complex, directed for returning into familiar track of family and social life, and also work. It is a surface of a problem. The internal side is in an assisting a person in order to gain the peace of mind without the help of alcohol.

Accumulated in the body alcohol is insurmountable at once barrier on the way back. Because of prolonged infusions of alcohol into human’s internal organs, an alcohol is getting registered for a long time. After that the metabolic processes proceed only with its participation. This condition is called by the specialists as psychophysical dependence from alcohol. A drunkard can’t turn away from alcohol by himself. Only professional knowledge and drug specialist’ skill can help.

Health medical recovery scheme of a patient has three stages:

  1. At the first stage the hangover condition is arrested and removed in a specialized drug treatment center. It is not rare when, at the request of the patient or his relatives, the procedure is conducted at home in order to prevent others from seeing. The specialists categorically oppose it, because the process of rehabilitation, by virtue of the complexity of the process run, should runs supervised by the professionals.
  2. At the second stage the doctor seeks to recover psyche and nervous system. This period, as a rule, is characterized by the complex of medical procedures combined with patient’s persuasions to continue. Process is long and may occur months or even years. That is why there is a common mistake of ideas uselessness. Not just patients have no patience, but their relatives also, that is why the suggestions and requests to speed up the treatment appear: “to code”, “to hem”, to put “the torpedo”. Sometimes doctors meet the needs of the patients’ desires, but with caution, because after such methods the patient should stop drinking at once: the drop of alcohol cannot just harm the health but “set it to zero”.
  3. The third stage means the social, work and family rehabilitation. It is difficult to move alone about hilly terrain, leading to the normal life: there should be a support, it is easier. But not every half will agree to live with a human with a label of an ex alcoholic.

This is coterie, to leave which the family comfort, hobby, life in absolute isolation from everything will help, isolation from everything that remember about former tableful.

The patient chose the treatment methods by himself. But during the transition moment of estrangement from a habit, he feels like in neutral zone, when he offed one shore and haven’t drift yet another shore. The old weight of psychological and physiological sufferings presses. There are added the doubts about treatment effectiveness and in general its necessity.

Social rehabilitation

Social rehabilitationAt the stage when a human, having got rid from hangover syndrome, gave the opportunity for his organism to restore its original functions, and again he needs a help of the outsider. It is very important that somebody helps him to establish in thoughts that he has reached the goal, recovered. It should be not just friendly gesture. The awareness of the achieved goal helps to build the success and prevent a fall from a reached height. And this, unfortunately, can occur. And it is not rare.

One of such address is located in the rehabilitation centers for alcoholics. They are called to help a human to cope with risks of the post alcoholic period and feel confident in zone of healthy lifestyle. This period for a recovering human is important not less than all previous. Because any treatment can’t guarantee that all toxins are excreted. An alcohol can still keep its trails in fat tissue. And this is one of the non-definite sigh of physical dependence. The skill, being get at such rehabilitation centers, helps to discard the psychological dependence and to revive the interest to a life of a full value society.

If an official medicine doesn’t accept the availability of panacea from diseases, than in case of treatment from alcoholism it is. It ia a complete refusing from alcoholic drinks. During the transition period not every ex-drunkard can refuse from the temptation of taking a few. It is necessary to pull over him to the side of those, who sees the meaning of life in a healthy society.

Some find their future, returning by the other road.

On the way to the temple

There are lots of Christian centers, at which the alcoholics and addicts are helped to overcome illness. They differ from rehabilitation centers, using medical treatment methods, by programming concept without medical and psychological methods. The Bible is studied here, people refer to the spiritual literature, and people are attracted to participation in spiritual conversation. Forgotten ridiculed occupational therapy is included into rehabilitation measures program. The constructional and agricultural sectors are used.

Somebody from those, who leaving alcohol intoxication, open to themselves a door into theological seminary.

Everybody may treat something in his own way, but there is an opinion, that such centers are equally effective as “worldly” ones and this way to recovering is shorter. Knowing God, many who strengthen in faith, and it helps them. Introduction to spiritual life retouches bleaks of the past alcoholic image and surrounding people believe more to willpower of such human, there are always near people who are ready to back him in everything. And sometimes a man can find new friends among such people or even life companion. And somebody gets fixed up in a job and are getting find the firmament of their road into the healthy future.

How to choose the center of rehabilitation?

It is not just a question – it is a problem! And it is necessary to treat it with full responsibility for consequences. It is necessary to find not one or two addresses and make an analysis:

  1. Legal status:
    • find out the legal status of an establishment: it must have appropriate licenses;
    • think a little, if you are suggested such scheme of relations: money – here, and rehabilitation – abroad;
    • don’t make a decision, weigh and find out, why chosen rehabilitation center intermediate the commercial structure or partnership Fund;
    • do not rush to give money, if you are suggested a free treatment, and pay in money as donations;
    • ask the centers’ workers, after what period of time and how many of their former wards become their patients again: after the quality therapy people not less than five years of even more, enjoy the pleasures of soberness.
  2. Program model:
    • precise, which rehabilitation model is used in center: there is wide spread Minnesota model in the former Soviet Union, based on “12 stepper” program elements, in which not only the specialists take a part, and also healthy people with stable characteristics. Most of rehabilitation centers of United States of America and half in Europe countries work using this model.
  3. Integrated approach:
    • the effective program of rehabilitation after the treatment of alcoholics includes a number of areas: medical, psychological, pedagogical, legal and social, orientated on the end stage to reintegration a man into a social, leaving behind bad habits.
  4. Duration of the program:
    • find out, on what period the course is intended: as a rule, rehabilitation measures are calculated not less than for a month: one injection doesn’t solve the problem;
    • precise the availability of complex and quantity of program’s stages, including required outpatient support and post rehabilitation period in the hospital;
    • find out the essence and purpose of each stage of rehabilitation.
  5. The specialists’ qualification:
    • good specialists with diplomas and certifications have to engage in health recovering;
    • be careful, if all or most of the “professionals” in the center are its recently customers.
  6. Location of the center:
    • location of the place rehabilitation should guarantee the distance from the source of risk for a patient, do not hitch him and don’t let him to opportunity to run home for a lunch.
  7. Availability of duties:
    • ask about rehabilitation center mode: a staff should be there day and night, which can provide emergency medical assistance at the unexpected deterioration of the patient.
  8. Center security
    • Pay attention, the territory, or at least the building of rehabilitation center should exclude the possibility of compassionate people penetration, who could bring the alcohol or drugs;
    • the blocs or chambers for men and women should be isolated;
    • ask about the conditions of life and leisure, which are created in the chosen center.
  9. Access of the relatives:
    • pay attention to the opportunity of access to the patient by his relatives: they should have unimpeded opportunity to visit and see the patient, get adequate information about treatment course;
    • the external view of rehabilitation center should be the same as in the catalogue, which has prompted its address.
  10. Center or sect?
    • ask, what the practice of the Cristian rehabilitation center is based on, if you have chosen this one: as a rule, the devotions and occupational therapy is used, except, physiological, psychological and social aspects;
    • pay attention, is not signboard of rehabilitation center a cover-up for some sect;
    • don’t forget about the free cheese, which can be only in mousetrap: only structures, centers, funded by the government can be free;
    • check, are there used the methods of occupational therapy with a view to recovery in the rehabilitation center: sometimes, hiding behind the noble objectives, charlatans use the patients’ labor for their own selfish purposes.

And better – do not lead to disease with severe consequences.

Be always deliberated, rigorous and attentive to your health!

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