Recovery After Quitting Drinking

Recovery After Quitting QrinkingThere is a need for a through cleansing of internal organs from the toxic products of ethyl decay because of consumption uncontrolled intoxicating strong drinks.

Recovery after quitting drinking – it is a long process, which requires strict adherence to doctor’s orders.

What affects the time of recovery

Abuse of «green snake» disturbs the work of internal organs.

The factors, which influence on the recovery of the body, are following:

  • physical, psychological condition of the patient;
  • the quality of consumable alcohol;
  • congenital “weakness” of some organs;
  • the intensity of the abuse of ethyl drinks;
  • human’s age;
  • duration of a dependence;
  • acquired pathologies.

You have to begin the process of organism regeneration after analysis of the above criteria, taking into consideration on the degree of poisoning organism.

Restoring the internal organs

After quitting drinking, there are observed failures in the work of following organs: brain, liver, kidneys, and pancreas.

Let us consider in more detail the ways of their recovery.

  1. Brain. Alcoholism leads to the degradation of the body and for self-normalizing of its work you should refrain from consumption strong drinks for 15days.
  2. Liver. For the rehabilitation of muscular organ, you must exclude fried, fatty foods from the diet. At the same time, it should give preference to foods rich in fiber, vitamins, as they help to clear the body of toxins quickly.
  3. Kidneys. In order to improve their functioning, you should completely refuse the ethyl drinks, eat only healthy food and spend more time outdoors.
  4. Pancreas. During the recovery process of this organ you can’t overeat, the ration should be enriched with foods rich in the natural fats found in avocados, fish, butter.
  5. Thus, considering the above recommendation, you can quickly bring into compliance your affected internal organs. However, you should remember that during alcoholism there is irreversible disease, that is why don’t feel the strength of your body and timely control the dose of consumed alcoholic beverages.

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