Pregnancy and Alcohol

Pregnancy and alcoholThe specialists say that a woman, who is waiting for a baby, hasn’t to drink the alcohol in any case. Unfortunately, not everybody of the fair sex is agrees with the doctors’ opinion and continues, by their own admission, to drink the alcohol within reasonable limits. A woman, who wants to have a healthy baby, saving their own health, has to refuse from alcohol completely. The doctors’ opinion about this is absolutely categorical and aren’t subject to appeal.

There lots of information resources, which cover brightly and in details the negative alcohol influence on mother’s and baby’s health. In spite of availability of different information about the alcoholic drinks harm for pregnant woman, many future mothers don’t think that red wine, which is considered as useful, or a few of cognac , can harm the new life in the womb. The question is there a difference for pregnant women between moderate alcohol consumption and abuse? Are there allowable doses of alcohol for those women, which are waiting for a baby?

So, historically, there are several points of view about women alcohol abuse, among which the next ones:

  • positive attitude to several alcoholic drinks and their direct benefit for pregnant woman’s organism;
  • negative attitude to alcohol consumption by a woman as before and during the pregnancy;
  • uncertainty about whether the woman should drink the alcohol and what dozes.

Many scientists and specialists in health profile have been engaged in this question. We should understand that those conclusions, which were made by specialists, were different every time. As it was noticed above, many women still think sincerely that alcohol can bring a use for pregnant woman’s health. Especially there are a lot of myths about imaginary use of alcohol, which are related to dry red wine, ostensibly useful for cardiovascular system and hematopoiesis.

The rate of consumption wasn’t fixed even when the scientists couldn’t answer the question is the red wine useful for pregnant. It was thought that the glass of red wine is exactly that week maximum, which is permissible for representative of the fairy sex, who is pregnant. It still can be heard the information that the red wine for pregnant is a possibility to strengthen immunity and heart, in addition not just own but baby’s too. Besides, the scientists often say that every woman’s organism is individual, so the consumption rate also can vary.

Well known the cases of consumption of red wine by pregnant, which can be still heard from grandmothers and moms. Women tell about consumption of one table spoon of red wine every day, trying to have a positive influence on their health and health of babies. It should be noticed that comparing the conditions during the period of Soviet Union and now are two big differences. We are talking about that there were not good vitamins supplements, and the food wasn’t perfect always, that is why many woman tried to get the vitamins from red wine.

Besides, cannot be excluded that nowadays products of alcohol industry, as a rule, contain more unnatural additives than those Moldovan and Georgian wine, which could be bought 25-30years ago. That is why, we shouldn’t compare the realities, in which our grandmothers lived, with contemporaneity, trying to get any use, drinking wine during the pregnancy. It’s good if the alcohol will not harm the health of pregnant woman.

Having studied carefully the anatomy and organism functioning laws of pregnant woman, we can easily doubt that pregnant woman may consume any drinks, containing alcohol. It is proven fact, that fetus in the womb feeds on all products, which his mother feeds on. It is logical, because mother’s and baby’s circulatory system are connected. It is not a secret that mother has to eat food not only for herself but also for a baby. It concerns drinking. In this way, any drink, which gets into the organism of pregnant woman, is getting into child’s organism. So, an alcohol will surely effect on:

  • mother’s condition and her health;
  • adequate and health fetus’s development in the womb;
  • future intellectual and physiological potential of a baby;
  • mother’s organism ovum (damage to the genetic information).

The latest scientific data show, that alcoholic drink completely permeate mother’s placenta, what means that a baby is not protected from the alcohol in any way. The alcoholic production has a detrimental effect on embryo at first trimester of pregnancy. Just imagine little and defenseless creation, living and developing in mother’s womb. Surely it is doubtful that there is no useful doze of alcohol for a fetus. There is no any difference five or ten gram. If the alcoholic drink doesn’t kill a little creature than surely will cause an irreparable harm for his health.

That is why doctors and scientists of nowadays took another position regarding to that is a alcoholic production allowable during the pregnancy? Doctors say that there is no such conception for pregnant woman as “safe doze of alcohol”. It is known what doze of cognac or beer becomes harmful for fetus in the womb. We should remember that responsibility for possible tragedy wholly rests on mother’s shoulders, who consume the alcohol, and also on child’s father, who allowed mother to drink.

Once more revolutionary statement of scientists about pregnancy and alcohol sounds like that: the difference between types of alcoholic drinks during the pregnancy is not important. Before the doctors banned the pregnant women to consume strong drinks, and exactly: vodka, brandy, different kinds of whiskey and liqueur. The wine and beer were in list of permitted drinks. But the results of new scientific researchers say that any alcohol is dangerous for a baby equally. Having such information, it is not difficult to answer the question what alcohol is permitted during the pregnancy. The answer will be categorical and univocal – absolutely neither.

Strong drinks at the beginning of a pregnancy

Strong drinks at the beginning of a pregnancyFirst of all we should remember that it is not necessary to panic, if a woman has got know about her pregnancy after a party with lots of drinks. It is known cases when women in such situations make hasty steps: risks initiative of abort or getting nervous much, harming by this the developing baby in the womb.

We should remember that first several days after conceiving, the embryo is on his way to the uterus. And then the alcohol, which got into mother’s organism, is dangerous because can cause spontaneous abortion. In case of abortion the woman even can’t know that the pregnancy was. As a rule, there can be a slight deterioration in woman’s health, like a slight indisposition. That is why, a woman even doesn’t know that she could become a mother.

Till the placenta isn’t formed, the alcohol doesn’t pose any harm for baby’s health. The period, during which the alcohol isn’t dangerous, longs about two weeks after conceiving, because right then the placenta has been forming, which will be later communicate mother’s organism with the child’s. If the mother has been drinking much alcohol during this period of time, then it’s necessary to tell about this the obstetrician. If the woman consumed a few of alcohol, then it’s unnecessary to concern —everything is ok.

It is necessary to remember that after the embryo has inserted in the womb, the alcohol consumption needed to be forgotten at all. Alcoholic drinks can cause the development of a child’s pathologies and incurable diseases at first stages of a pregnancy, when the fetus has already inserted and begun to develop. This period of pregnancy is the most responsible for development and the most dangerous for a fetus.

How does the alcohol influence on a pregnancy?

The next facts tell about that, how the alcohol can effect on a pregnancy. Woman should definitely take into consideration this information, if she is planning to have a healthy and strong baby, who will joy his parents after the birth.

Limited consumption of alcoholic drinks during the pregnancy increases much the risk of miscarriage. Besides, strong drinks abuse results in anomalies in the fetus development. The baby, who brought into the world by the alcoholic, has much more chance to be born with fetal alcohol syndrome.

Most researches about pregnancy and alcohol tell that it is necessary to consume 4-5 elementary dozes of alcohol per day for development of fetal alcohol syndrome. Less manifest anomalous effects of baby’s development in the womb appear when a woman drinks at least two dozes a day (about 30 g of alcohol).

Even unregularly and kind of restrained consumption of alcoholic drinks by a pregnant woman may facilitate the development the fetus’s long-term changes in brain, the harm from which can’t be noticeable at once. First of all, the alcohol, getting into the blood, hits vascular system and the liver, breaks development of brain disorders, which define the mental activity.

Test results that women, drinking alcoholic drinks, have ovules with defects. That is why, the structures, carrying genetic information, are damaged. For this reason the alcohol is deadly dangerous for a baby, even if it is consumed by the woman before the pregnancy. Every woman, who dreams to get know the happiness of motherhood in the future, has to know about it and take appropriate measures, in order to protect your body from alcohol baneful influence.

8-12 weeks of a pregnancy is that time when the fetus’s brain begins to develop in the womb. The brain development continues till the baby’s birth. The alcohol, consumed during the pregnancy, effects negatively on the development of brain cells and development of nerve cells. Adults’ dead nerve cells can be replaced by new ones, because an adult organism has a stock of nerve cells. A little developing organism has a restricted possibility. It means that destroyed by alcohol nerve cells can’t be replaced. In future it can cause the problems with memorization, logical orientation and other intellectual processes.

Besides, the problems with communication and social interaction can be noticeable of children, who were brought into this word by the mothers, consuming the alcohol. The children can meet difficulties with development of speech and construction of logical structures during the communications with an interlocutor. A child, affected by alcohol influence in the womb, can be not just unsuccessful at school and college, and also unsuccessful in professional and individual communication.

A fetus, which is gestated by woman, drinking alcohol, is run the next risks:

  • disorders in brain development;
  • destructive influence on nerve cells;
  • destructive influence on internal organs development;
  • appearance of fetal alcohol syndrome;
  • harmful influence on formation of respiratory and sight.

Described deleterious influence on child’s organism can be delayed. We are talking about that the alcohol influence will be strengthened gradually with the development of a baby. Often the parents of such children have to visit doctors constantly and to be under full medical control because the alcohol had a devastating effect on their baby in the womb. Parents, who want their child to be healthy, have to refrain from the alcohol not just during the pregnancy but also during the conceiving and preparation of it.

Let’s remember, that alcohol is insidious and can show its effect on a fetus differently. We are talking about that the alcohol can effects on an a baby in the mother’s womb as follows:

  • to provoke immediate miscarriage in early pregnancy;
  • to cause the anomalies of prenatal development of a fetus;
  • to cause the abnormal development with delayed effect on intellectual, sexual and others spheres.

Known cases when a child, who has approved himself as attentive and resourceful pupil in junior school, suddenly is becoming fully inadequate and growing stupid for all to see during the pubertal growth stage. One of the reasons of such behavior can be that the mother drank during the pregnancy. Naturally, the mother of such baby feels lots of negative emotions, trying to curb her child. Besides, the women often can’t understand, why such an exemplary son had suddenly turned into an idiot. And ladies seldom get remember that had drunk the alcohol during the pregnancy.

Alcohol – is the most dangerous poison, which the mother can consume during the pregnancy. Just alcohol can make the most destructive effect on mother’s and child’s organism from all known to science toxins and harmful substances. Disorders of physical, psychological and intellectual development – is a short characteristic by what the alcohol consumption during the pregnancy is fraught with.

Besides, we can’t forget that love to alcohol is that habit, which can become fatal for a girl, willing to become a mother in future. Damaged genetic information, which is brought by ovules, can become a reason of that the born baby will be incurably ill or will suffer from developmental abnormalities. Naturally, no one parent wants their child to be sick. That is why we should take care about the health of a baby in advance.

Chronic alcoholism is a condition, when doctors don’t recommend thinking about the conceiving. If even episodic alcohol consumption can become fatal for a baby, so it is scary even to think about that what a serious harm to baby’s health a mother can do, drinking permanently. Woman-alcoholic has great chances to bring into this world a child with serious health problems, among which are the next:

  • problems with cardiovascular system;
  • problems with brain development;
  • defects in development of major internal organs;
  • diseases, caused by negative alcohol effect (delays in psychological development, mental development and physical development).

Ethanol is that substance, which increases much the chance of abortion during the second trimester of gestating. This risk increases much more if a pregnant woman consumes at least 30 milliliters of ethanol twice a week. If a woman in weight of seventy kilos will drink 50 grams of red wine, and already in an hour she will feel unwell, and the doctors can fix objective indicators of decrease in the body’s normal functionality.

The specialists speak carefully about that dozes of alcohol, which are allowed for pregnant women. At the present time the doctors don’t recommend for women to drink more than 100-200 g of dried red wine once a week. Besides, the specialists say that it is better not to drink at all, if a pregnant woman can doesn’t drink.

Alcohol and fetus: alcohol syndrome

Alcohol and fetus: alcohol syndromeAlcohol syndrome of a fetus is not an idle idea of doctors, invented specially for deterring from alcohol consumption. This syndrome has the second name, accepted by the international, and it is fetal alcohol syndrome. This syndrome develops as a result of negative influence of an ethanol on a fetus in the womb.

The features of the fetal syndrome are:

  • disorders of fetal maxillary area (underdevelopment of jaws or cheekbones, short upper lip and so on);
  • hindered physical development of a fetus;
  • baby’s underweight at birth;
  • disorders in brain nerve system development (causes the different intellectual disorders and reduced mental capacity);
  • developmental disorders of the major internal organs (heart, kidneys, liver and lungs).

The fetal syndrome is a major reason of that there is a disorder in intellectual developmental area of a baby. In future such children can have the problems with social adaptation because of insufficient mental development, problems with logical thinking and presentation of the own thoughts. The only positive moment is in that the children can have own healthy progeny in the future.

Mothers who brought into this world the children with low level of brain and nerve system development (as a result of alcohol consumption), can bring into this world a healthy son or daughter later, if the long period of abstaining from alcohol consumption will be sustained.

Alcohol and conceiving

A drunken conceiving is one of the problems of our community, which has already become a real trouble and scourge. Naturally, the best thing we can do is to control ourselves, not having a sex in a state of alcoholic intoxication. Quite so the young people can protect themselves and their potential progeny from big problems.

Besides, there are not rare the cases when a woman gets know about her pregnancy after the drunken sex when it is inappropriate to do an abort. That is why woman can continue to drink and smoke, being at the early period of a pregnancy. Should we talk that it will not bring any use for a baby?

The married couples, who are planning a conceiving, have to exclude completely the alcoholic drinks from their “ration”. Instead of this it is necessary to rearrange the healthy eating and regular easily physical activity.

It is necessary to get remember such rules about the alcohol:

  • a man has to keep from alcohol consumption till the moment there will be diagnosed a pregnancy of her wife;
  • it is necessary for a woman to refuse from alcohol not just during the period of pregnancy but also during the lactation.

Nowadays, it is believed that alcohol is fully harmful for a future baby. The marrieds, who are dreaming about a baby, have to exclude the alcohol carefully and also to do everything possible for normalization of their own diet.

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