Monastic Tea from Alcoholism

Monastic Tea from AlcoholismThe real plague of the XXI century is alcoholism. Over the past 25 years, the number of alcoholic beverages consumed per capita has exceeded the norm by more than 4 times. According to experts, only 5 of 100 people can cope with this problem, others require professional medical care.

In the process of “struggle” with ethyl dependence, there is observed a nervous breakdown, depression, the desire to drink, which manifests on the physical level.

The use of tablets and the injection is not always justified. The first step that should be used is traditional methods of healing.

The remedy, which is aimed not only at eliminating the consequences of addiction but also to eliminate the desire to drink, is a monastery tea from alcoholism. This is a unique herbal mix, the components of which have a direct impact on the cause of attraction to ethylene. In addition, the product restores the function of internal organs that are affected by the harmful influence of alcohol.

The composition of the medicinal teas

Monastic tea – is a pick of medicinal herbs that have a complex effect on the human body.

The composition of the healing tea includes the following components:

  • chamomile has anti-inflammatory effect;
  • calendula helps to restore the liver;
  • helichrysum allows to strengthen the bile efflux;
  • elecampane root clears the bile ducts;
  • corn silk has a choleretic and diuretic effect;
  • series takes toxins;
  • bird Highlander prevents the formation of stones;
  • fennel eliminates toxic effect;
  • pharmacy burr normalizes the gland work;
  • peppermint can reduce the tone of bile ducts.

The remedy helps to relieve the psychological craving for alcoholic beverages, eliminates the consequences of refusing from alcohol, relieves tension, restores the function of internal organs, improves mood.

The recipe of the monastery tea

For maximum effect, you should observe the recipe of brewing and systematically monitor the taking of the monastery tea.

The instruction herbal infusions preparing:

  1. One teaspoon of monastic tea, you should pour a glass of hot boiled water. Remember to save the useful properties of the decoction, do not use boiling water.
  2. Infuse healing drink for 20 minutes. To improve the “opening” of properties of herbs, you can wrap a tea with a towel.
  3. Filter the tea. This procedure must be done immediately before the taking of tincture.

To aid the visualization, we phased photos of phased tea preparation:The Recipe of the Monastery Tea

According to the instructions, the monastery drinking tea should be taken twice a day for 200 ml. In case of severe alcohol dependence, it is necessary to use tea three times a day. The first cup of decoction is needed to drink on an empty stomach, the second and third – in the afternoon or evening.

In the process of taking the monastic tea, you should remember that healing drink has a cumulative effect, which is why for getting a desired result you should regularly consume herbal infusion during three weeks.

After 21 days of regular intake of decoction, it will be rather easily to stop drinking without disruptions and sufferings.

Treatment of alcoholism with monastic tea

Thanks to the well-chosen composition of herbs, applying of the medicinal drink has a positive effect on the internal organs and systems of man.

Let’s consider what benefit can be brought by a few cups of receiving ecologically pure, natural product.

  1. Stabilizes the nervous system.
  2. Reduces the desire to drink.
  3. Restores the work of stomach, liver, kidneys.
  4. Strengthens the immune system.
  5. Removes toxins from the body.
  6. Eliminates disorders of carbohydrate metabolism.
  7. Help in weight loss.
  8. Normalizes blood sugar and blood pressure.
  9. Prevents the development of hepatitis, diabetes, hypertension, and prostatitis.
  10. Improves the efficiency of absorption of insulin by tissues.

Regular consumption of monastery tea improves overall health, and a person feels a surge of strength, vigor. As a rule, treatment occurs smoothly, without complications.

Perhaps, the most important argument to use medicinal teas – is the absence of contraindications. Even pregnant women can eat monastery. At the same time, the remedy frees not only from alcohol but also from nicotine addiction. Daily intake of the drink will help remove toxins from the body.

The results of herbal tea consumption

The Results of Herbal Tea ConsumptionNowadays, the increase of fraud cases is a case of people’s mistrust to producers. There are often raise questions “Is this a scam”, “If it treats”, “Is not a lie this.” However, in order to ensure that the product has a positive impact on the human body, we should examine the people’s reviews, which have used this remedy.

According to the data of research institute, in late 2014 a test was conducted, 200 people with alcohol dependence of which were the volunteers. As a result of the daily use of the monastery tea, after three weeks of the experiment, the researchers have noted a significant reduction in craving for alcohol of all participants, and most of them are completely abandoned the use of strong beverages.

A distinctive feature of healing infusion is 100% safety of its use, unlike the drugs. This is due to the fact that the composition of a decoction does not include colorants, flavoring agents, pharmaceutical additives.

Reviews of people about the monastery tea

Taking into consideration that monastery tea helps in 99%, you will find no negative reviews about this product, because even those who were against the folk treatment methods for alcohol dependence were sure in the healing action of monastic tea. After two weeks of using the decoction, the attachment to ethyl beverage reduces significantly, health improves.

If a person does not accept the need for treatment of alcoholism, he can be helped without his consent, it is enough to brew the pick and offer the patient under the guise of herbal tea.

A well-known TV presenter and Doctor Elena Malysheva expressed her opinion about the validity of this healing tea in her program under the name “Life is great”.

“In today’s world there are many dangers faced by the human body. As a rule, to fight with them people used to take synthetic remedies, forgetting what nature has granted. The use of drugs is harmful to the body, the more so their use is not always justified. A monastery tea is an effective natural remedy, the effect of which is verified by centuries”.

So, a healing tea not only eliminates the effect strong drinks abuse but also suppresses the desire to drink, which is very important for the dependent person. In addition, it restores the function of internal organs that are affected by the negative impact of addiction.

Remember, it is much easier to prevent the development of alcohol dependence at an early stage than to treat it.

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