How to Treat Alcohol Dependence without Patient’s Knowledge

How to Treat Alcohol Dependence without Patient’s KnowledgeAn overt molestation of PR-companies producers of alcoholic beverages, attraction young people to beer tables, stresses, which the young people try to drown in the “degrees” – and everything this leads to degradation of the individual, and the disappearance of whole nations. There is only one unifying definition for this – the scourge of the time, alcoholism.

The fact of alcohol dependence of man catches the imagination not so much as the fact that most drinkers are willing to hold their ground and did not consider that he is an alcoholic. Furthermore, – they are ready to lay any wager that can “throw to drink” by willing. But now do not want.

No talks “heart to heart”, no persuasion – nothing helps. Years go by. The family is falling to painful pieces, and the head of the family continues to claim, that he will not be treated, something like, do not disgrace, I’m not an alcoholic.

When the patient has lost the ability to cope, a prostrated by the alcoholic boozes and family quarrels “second half” grasp at a straw. They are looking for variants to cure an alcoholic without his knowledge. At the same time they know, they were warned, that this path is dangerous. But there is no other variant by that time.

One man drinks, everyone suffers: how can we treat it better?

Let us, first of all, to clarify whether there is a difference between the methods of treating a patient suffering from alcohol dependence, without his knowledge and with his consent. Everyone knows that it is almost impossible to convince the alcoholic that he – is alcoholic.

Why do patients deny the obvious fact of the sick? Not recognizing the fact of the disease, it is easier not to accept an explanation that the negative effects concern him, as a particular patient. Thus, in fact, all suffer because of one in the family.

First, the trouble comes in, literally, on holidays. And the more fun at the table, the more insistent and more often the think “I would like this evening end faster” comes to mind during the toast. Habitual relaxed behavior after guests’ leaving is changed with aggression. There is an unfamiliar phenomenon in the morning. Comparing this with the description of fetal alcohol syndrome, you can only state a fact: the husband – is alcoholic. After this, we have to abandon the invitation of friends, to arrange “educational” talks, to hide the alcohol, etc.

No one is pleased with the frequent recriminations, scandals, empty promises and quarrels. The desire to return so stupidly lost family fortune is increasing over the time. Since the husband pleads himself not sick and does not want to go to the clinic, the first thing that comes to mind – anonymously treating.

If we consider the potential treatment variants, they can be divided into three types.

  1. Telepathy or magical treatment methods. Not everyone believes in them, but, “fitting” by prices, invest the last penny in hope.
  2. Methods based on “the latest developments” indicating the sophisticated technology of modern techniques. You should make the acquaintance carefully with terms of the validity of such methods because not all of them are really based on scientific research.
  3. Traditional recipes, by other people they are also folk potion. Which one to choose depends on who and what came across to get the result. It is very important to follow dosage precisely, thus there are used herbs that can suppress by its composition alcoholic poisons. The professional drug specialists also use these recipes they call such techniques as conditioned reflex method of treatment for alcoholism.

Experts believe that the most effective treatment for alcohol dependence is a complex approach. A selection of preparations and formulations should be in each case personalized. Treatment according to the principle “a friend said that cured her, using this method” is in the nature of insecurity in its effectiveness.

What does the drug specialists advice?

In this regard, it is curious what drug professionals think about nontraditional, folk methods of treatment for alcoholism, experts with practical experience. They are not advised to apply for such assistance. Here’s how this point of view is argued:

  • if the patient becomes aware that his food was added some substance, and he will appeal to law enforcement bodies, unpleasant meeting with the investigator, and maybe with the judge are waiting for the “chefs”;
  • the individual characteristics of the organism may respond differently to the same “additive”: something can help one and irreparable harm to another one;
  • almost all the “gentleman’s set” for the anonymous treatment of alcoholics is chosen with the aim of disgust to consumption of alcohol. Doctors say that alcohol has a double face – physical and psychological dependence. In this case, an aversion to alcohol – is cut off the head of only one “green dragon”. Therefore, the effect may be short, and after the relapse is possible.

There is another, less visible side: alcoholic’s close people often have codependency, that means that they also undergo some changes of their own mental state and it must also be adjusted by specialists.


MedicationConsidering a strong craving to try at first treatment “not enduring dirty linen in public”, some have resorted to self-treatment with medical drugs. They are classified into three types.

  1. Preparations which facilitate a morning hangover. They have an effect of relaxation and relieving the pain and discomfort of a hangover. These include conventional paracetamol, aspirin in combination with the succinic acid.
  2. Drugs that reduce the craving for alcohol. They suppress the desire to drink. In the US and Europe, they are called “gold standard”. Unfortunately, in many post-Soviet countries they are not applied. A kind of analog of them is the “Proproten-100.” But the practicing doctors argue that it shows poorer results than declared in commercials. Therefore, such drugs are recommended to take under the supervision of specialists.
  3. Drugs that cause alcohol intolerance. Such drugs include “Tetragram” “Esperal” “Lidevin” “Coleman”, “Tetlong-250” and others. Their operating principle is based on the chemical processes that cause an unpleasant outside feeling of alcohol splitting results.

A common weakness of most drugs is their high cost. Moreover, in the post-Soviet countries they are not widespread.

He will not know even…

“Exchange of experience” of interlocutresses, one of which solves the problem – how to cure her husband and the other believes that she has already decided it, ends with such words.

If persuasion and non-systemic use of drugs do not help the family members have no other options, how to treat an alcoholic, using the centuries-old experience of the people. The techniques and recipes, which have been passing from mouth to mouth during decades, are based on the establishment of persistent hostility to alcohol and nausea during consumption. But according to the “such grandmothers’” observations, in most cases their magical effect is short.

Practicing doctors claim that some recipes of traditional medicine and tinctures behave quite effectively fighting against alcohol in the body.

Inky mushroom

Recipes with its use are common. Remedy by its impact is very strong and, therefore, requires close attention.

Inky mushroom tastes like mushrooms.

You need to take a fresh inky mushroom. His “life cycle” is short – only a few days, so it is hard to find. Then he starts to rot and dark. This will not do: you need light.

The cooking process is simple:

  • cut into small pieces;
  • put in a pan;
  • dry mushroom, stirring often on low heat and add the oil;
  • when the moisture is boiled down, grind dried pieces using a grinder;
  • the obtained powder adds to food.

If after taking the powder a patient will consume an alcohol, the reaction starts immediately:

  • face turns purple, then becomes violet;
  • earlobes and the tip of the nose become pale white;
  • a strong thirst and vomiting appear;
  • the temperature rises;
  • there is diarrhea;
  • vision is not clear;
  • you’ll feel failures of speech functions.

As well as appearing in an hour or two after drinking alcohol, about in the same time, reaction to alcohol will be lost.

The course of treatment – is 10 days, the dose – 2-3 grams once in two days. The fungus is very toxic, so you need to comply with the dosage accurately and monitor the reaction of the organism attentively.

The infusion of thyme

It is also called creeping thyme infusion. Dried herbs can be purchased at the pharmacy. Some collect it in the field.

There are several recipes for infusions. Here’s one of them:

  • take 15 g of thyme and pour half a liter of boiling water;
  • put for 10-15 minutes in a bain-marie;
  • drain the solution;
  • dilute with plain water to the former volume of 0.5 liters.

It is recommended to take 50 ml several times a day before the meal. It is necessary to monitor the dispensing carefully because a large quantity of infusion causes severe vomiting and nausea.

Some thyme teas are contraindicated for patients, suffering from diseases of the stomach, pancreas, and others diseases, so you should carefully read the recipe and pay attention to contraindications.

The infusion of red pepper

The Infusion of Red PepperThis is not “pepper vodka,” which is like by alcoholics. This is prepared for other purposes:

  • take 20 grams of red pepper (ground);
  • pour 60-degree alcohol (0.5 L);
  • close tight in a container and put in a dark place for two weeks;
  • not taking out the darkness, shake the mixture occasionally;
  • filter the infusion after two weeks.

The patient is given a few drops of tincture with alcohol. Best of all, it “works”, being dissolved in the wine.

This “cocktail” causes a headache and nausea, and thus, “extinguishes” the craving for alcoholic drinks.

Herbal teas

It is simple, cheap, harmless. In this way, the treatment for alcoholism using herbs is described.

  1. Centaury and the well-known wormwood are taken in equal shares and made a decoction from them. It is said that after taking, an alcoholic has an aversion to alcohol.
  2. Sour apples also help a person to overcome the habit. What is required? Take apples of sour sorts. Plunge 7 nails in it and leave for a night. After that, every day gives an alcoholic to eat 3 apples during a month and a half.
  3. In the spring, as soon as the catkins on the nuts appear, they are collected from the hazel and “stuffed” into the half-liter bottle. Fill the bottle to the brim with vodka and insist 10 days. Then strain the infusion and give it to the patient.
  4. During a drinking bout, you can try a decoction of the roots of sorrel. Take one tablespoon of a root of curly sorrel, pour 200 ml of boiling water and boil for 5 minutes in a sealed container. It is infused for three hours, without opening the cover after the water has boiled. The patient is given the tablespoon of infusion 6 times during the day.

The treatment with the help of usual honey for alcohol dependence is considered effective enough. You should take it according the specially designed circuit that helps to saturate the body with useful substances, which he lost as a result of alcohol abuse.

There are many different recipes of herbal teas.

Very often relatives, in order to save a loved one from harm, resort to praying or conspiracies. These – are the most benign methods to combat the disease.

Only closest friend and relatives can decide which of the will be salutary for a particular patient, suffering from alcohol dependence.

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