How to Stop Drinking

How to Stop DrinkingDrunkenness – is one of the most actual and dangerous problems of civilized society that exist at the moment. Alcoholism is the problem that can almost instantly ruin even the close-knit family, bust out of a prestigious job and push away from friends and relatives from an alcoholic. Thus, an alcoholic may soon find himself in social isolation, which will make him deteriorate even more, falling on alcohol as a remedy of distraction and “solution” to all problems.

Alcohol becomes for dependent a stimulant, forcing him to feel happiness. And very soon, the alcoholic is not able to feel happiness in any other moments. The more dependent on alcohol drinks, the stronger and stronger his addiction to alcohol becomes. And soon there may come a time when to get rid of dependence or cupping of delirium tremens he will need to call a team of experienced physicians.

Alcoholic beverages are the main factor that has destroyed many families. It is known that the majority of orphans are born from drinking parents. More than half of all crimes, committed in our country, were invented and implemented in a drunken state. Moreover, experts report that alcohol dependence is a major cause of poverty.

No matter how the company-producers of alcohol advertise their products, filming videos, which shows successful and wealthy people who drink alcohol, it is clear that the really successful people in life do not drink alcohol, or consume in extremely rare cases. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine a wealthy man who can afford to spend time on the unnecessary consumption of alcohol, risking of his business and money. Mass audience, carefully watching bright pictures, deployed in commercials, blindly believe that alcohol may be associated with money and the good life, even though thinking on this theme allows us to understand that this is misleading.

The only correct conclusion, related to alcohol, is that it is not necessary to drink, and if you drink, try to do everything possible to stop. The attempt to make a better society for the future of children should be started with you, stopping drinking and doing everything possible to save your entourage from the craving for alcohol.

The reasons that force people to drink

I drink for company

The Reasons that Force People to DrinkThis reason is one of the most prevalent in society. At the same time it brings a lot of problems to those who drink for the company, because he does not know when to stop, and had to drink the whole company drinks. Most often you can hear the drinking half of the company persuades those who do not drink to down a shot. They can use different arguments about the respect, unwillingness to support the company, and so on. You can watch as the sober participants are forced to accept it under the pressure of such arguments.

We must not forget also that adults are the example, which is consciously or not, copied by the children. The idea is that children can ask their parents for a drink at the holiday table, to be more like adults. There are known cases when after the parents’ refusing of giving alcohol children, those found the opportunity to try it on the street or at school. You have to understand that we aren’t talk about that it is necessary to allow children to taste alcohol, explaining that “it’s better for a child to try alcohol with parents then somewhere else”, but about that parents have a duty to be an example of sobriety for their children.

Avoiding the solution

Drinking alcohol may well be the reason that will help to move away from every day solving important problems. I’m sure many know the situation, when someone of your friends drinks constantly after work, trying to ignore what is happening in his family. It also happens that a person comes to work tipsy to make it easier to put up with the profession, which he did not like, as well as with the chief, who he considers wrong. It would seem that a correct way out in this situation is to try to improve relations with the chief and team work, or, in the case of a family, begin to deal with the own relatives, but in practice it often happens that people prefer a society of bottle to attempt of establishing a state of affairs.

Attempt to improve mood

An attempt to make your own mood better is not the last one reason that causes people to drink. It often turns out that a person starts drinking when the mercury is falling. And very soon an alcohol becomes a very reliable medicine, helping to improve a person’s mood perfectly. Thus, even if an alcoholic has the opportunity to cheer up other ways, he chooses a “cheap” and easy way to experience the feeling of happiness and even euphoria. It is understood that the life of an alcoholic might just be empty.

If there are no hobbies in human life, interesting passions, favorite work and a strong family, he can start drinking in order to feel better and to get positive feelings. Many alcoholics, having drunk, forget that their mood will be even worse after dispels of alcohol intoxication.

I drink by force of habit

Perhaps this reason for drinking alcohol will seem to someone quite absurd, but it makes many alcoholics consume strong drinks constantly. It is known that the use of alcohol by force of habit creates the risk that in the end people can acquire not only psychological but also the physiological habit. As a rule, a drinking human doesn’t know how this procedure occurs. This is due to the fact that for potential alcoholic, drinking by force of habit, it is necessary increase the amounts of alcohol in order to feel relaxation and good mood, it is known that alcohol are addictive.

Drinking alcohol by force of habit is probably a ridiculous reason to drink, but because of it many people annual become alcoholics. Those who used to laugh at those who become addicted because of the force of habit do not even notice how the same thing happens to them. We must not forget that the use of wine, vodka or beer by the force habit can cause that the body will continue to feel a physiological need for alcohol. The constant presence of alcohol in the blood will soon become the norm for the body and it will be extremely difficult to get rid of this dependence, which wasn’t considered as a problem by alcoholic from the beginning.

Surely many readers have a question how to stop drinking until the habit has not yet developed a dependence? Drug experts recommend taking emergency measures immediately when the threatening trend has been seen. First of all, we should try to replace the habit with any other, carrying benefit for the psyche and health. If the patient previously had a habit of playing chess, it is necessary to find interesting opponents and start playing again, gradually displacing the desire to drink alcohol. In case if the chess becomes not interesting, it is necessary to try to find any other interesting hobby or passion.

You need to know that for the formation of the new habit a person usually has to spend 21 days. It is the opinion of psychologists who advised showing some persistence in instilling of new habits. Restraining yourself during prescript period, it is possible to achieve the disappearance of desire to pull at the bottle by force of habit or because of boredom. Replacing formed after giving up drinking vacuum with an interesting new hobby, an alcoholic can further protect himself from the desire to drink and to fix a new healthier habits.

The final recovery from addiction means a certain period of abstinence from alcohol. Only after the patient hasn’t been drinking alcohol more than six months, we can say that there was a cure for alcoholism. We must remember that even in the case where the dependent person is cured, it is necessary to avoid further consumption of alcohol, as this may lead to a relapse of alcohol dependence.

Advice how to stop drinking

We know that many people, having noticed a primary addiction to alcohol, try to do everything possible to deal with the addiction on their own. Anyone who wants to do away with addiction to alcohol on their own can use these operating tips. Follow these simple guidelines which soon will allow stopping drinking strong beverages:

  • you need to determine for yourself what is the reason to pack up drinking;
  • try to reduce the number of situations where it is necessary to drink;
  • drink alcohol only when you want it (do not drink for the company, coercion, etc.);
  • try to live as you want, but not as it is dictated by the bad company or alcohol.

Although these tips can be called quite common, but they are able to point to a real way out of the situation with alcohol dependence. First of all, it is worth remembering that the implementation of the first of the tips can bring significant relief. The fact is that knowing what for you need stopping to drink, you can surely determine whether or not you want to tie with alcohol.

The second advice, suggesting a decreasing the number of situations, when you can have a desire to drink, will be rather efficient because consciously limiting meeting and guests’ visits with alcohol and compulsive company, an alcoholic is able to protect himself from the temptation to drink. And it will be very useful for those patients, who are not strong mentally enough to stop drinking when they are persuaded psychologically by other members of the company.

Having made the decision to stop drinking, you have to be alert to the possibility that in the future a situation where you need to refuse from drinking decisively will be repeated again and again. That is why you need to prepare mentally for that you will have to learn how to refuse from proposed drink firmly and politely. The most potentially dependent person also can’t forget about what has forced him to stop drinking and why he does not drink in companies. Moreover, never forget that communication with friends and colleagues do not happen in order to drink, but in order to be enriched spiritually and culturally, talking with nice people.

Very often the biggest problems of dependent people, who have decided to stop drinking, become the question about the reason for refusal from alcohol. Answer these questions honestly: if you do not want to drink, say so, because it is true. Even if the owners of a party or friends will hate to hear it – it doesn’t matter, the main thing you should remember is that honesty in this matter is the best policy.

Trying to decide on that, why you need to stop drinking, you can try to make a list of reasons, write them down on paper. Such a list might look like this:

  • I wish that all the moment in my life would have been realized;
  • I do not want to waste my time, ruining the body;
  • I do not want to spend my own precious time to restore the body after a binge;
  • I don’t want to live shorter life then it could be;
  • I want to have an opportunity to relax and have fun with friends without alcohol.

Naturally, everyone, who wants to stop drinking, will get individual list. This is due to the fact that each has his own potential alcoholic experience, which has to be followed, describing the reasons for the cessation of drinking. Such leading questions can help:

  • what result alcoholic wants to achieve in the long term;
  • what look does a man want to have in ten years and what health he wants to have at that time;
  • does a dependent want to have a happy family and ability to have children;
  • what credibility alcoholic wants to have among his colleagues and friends.

You can use these leading questions or contrive new one, more suitable for a particular situation. Answering the invented question, make a list of reasons, which motivate to stop drinking. This will for sure allow determining the order you want to stop or not. It is necessary to remind once again that self-deliverance from alcoholism requires a strong desire to stop drinking and consciousness. In case if an alcoholic can’t decide whether he really wants to stop, this “exercise” with making a list can help him, strengthening his motivation or revealing its absence.

In a case when we talk about refusing from alcohol in a situation of formed dependence, you need to remember some nuances, allowing stopping to drink. First of all, we must not forget that the alcoholic is likely to have a physiological dependence on alcohol. Remember, it is almost impossible to find an easy way to stop drinking. Experts recommend trying to change the environment in which the alcoholic lives for the better. Positive changes may just be the trigger that will force the patient to reconsider his attitude towards his life and self-dependence.

Needless to say that the awareness of the own problem is a first right step to the top of the struggle with the addiction? Just realizing that there is a problem that requires a solution, the patient can begin to work hard to overcome himself and his craving for drink. Besides, we must not forget that an alcoholic may need the help of relatives who could support him and give him every kind of help – both moral and real.

Remember that if even having defeated an addiction, you keep drinking, you have to control yourself, understanding when you really have a desire to enjoy with taste of a small amount of alcohol, and when a situation arises where consent to drink is “knocked out” under the pressure of the company.

Experts advise reviewing described reasons periodically that forced the alcoholic to stop drinking. In addition, psychologists and drug specialists also recommend making a motivational list, which will periodically return to the thoughts of the reasons for which it was necessary to begin the process of a fight against alcohol addiction. Those who want to stop drinking can be guided by the following list:

  • stopping drinking is necessary in order to make life richer and more bright;
  • tying with alcohol is needed in order to be healthy and live a long time;
  • you can drink alcohol only on major calendar holidays;
  • drinking alcohol is needed only to the dose that gives pleasure;
  • alcohol interferes with living a desired life.

How can we help a person to stop drinking?

How Can we Help a Person to Stop DrinkingMany relatives and friends of alcoholics are wondering about how to help a loved one to stop drinking. First of all, it is worth remembering that it is necessary to encourage an alcoholic a desire to “stop”.

Almost in every adult human’s life a great role is played by his parents, who have raised him and did everything possible to create a successful future for the child. That is why the influence of parents is possible and even necessary to use, being engage in the treatment of alcoholics from drinking. Experts report that the paternal power is required for each person, because the lack of it can have a pernicious effect in future human’s life.

According to the results of some tests and psychological experiments, it became clear that alcoholism affects people who, for whatever reasons, have problems in communicating with parents. A particularly important role in this aspect relationship with his father plays, although some psychologists have reported that the relationship with the mother is more important for understanding why people started drinking.

The integrity of the individual also plays an important role for every human. Often a feeling of inferiority is the reason of person’s attempts to solve this problem, he starts drinking, because alcohol gives a sense of confidence and allows you to forget about the discomfort, appearing in a sober state. Also, sometimes the situation appears which say that man supposedly friends with alcohol. Such behavior can be called childish because there is nothing in common with the behavior of adult man, able to admit his mistakes and problems.

How to convince a person to stop drinking?

The first thing you should do – is to stop trying to say to alcoholic what he has to do in order to stop drinking. You have to avoid an ironic of communication with the alcoholic, representing craving for alcohol as a defect of an alcoholic, which he supposedly can get rid of at any time, by his own will. It is worth remembering that the alcoholic can’t understand what made him start drinking, and what to do in order to get rid of alcohol addiction.

Well known cases when patient’s relatives instead of becoming a support for the alcoholic can become a cause, driving him deeper into alcoholism.

How to help a spouse to stop drinking?

It is necessary to treat your spouse with understanding, trying not to accuse him of all sins. You should not be with your spouse in opposition, since it can only embitter him or her, forcing to consume alcohol with even greater zeal. The most important nuance, allowing helping the husband is the understanding of the problem and support. Try to perceive the problem of a spouse, as your own, providing an effective moral support.

Trying to force a husband to stop drinking, try to show him how much a life is better free from any addiction. In order to demonstrate it your own husband, choose the methods that will be effective in his case (use a good knowledge of the spouse as a person, his interests, and hobbies).

How does a woman can stop drinking? Alcoholism is a problem among women, the fight against which may require considerable efforts. Women should think about their own families and children. Experts, who understand the importance of the maternal instinct, can free a woman from the psychological dependence on alcohol in a short period of time. Ladies need to think about what is more important – a dubious pleasure of drinking or the joy of family life among children and husband.

How to pack up drinking beer? People who are dependent on alcohol beer should consider that non-alcoholic beer doesn’t differ from alcoholic beverages in any way but allows you to protect yourself from getting used to the constant consumption of alcohol. Besides, you can choose one day a week, when it is allowed to drink a small (strictly limited) amount of alcoholic beer. This will create a specific way of escaping for lovers of beer. And better of all is to replace it with tea or juice.

Traditional methods of fight with addiction

Traditional methods are a proven by years way of a fight with alcohol dependence. First of all, it is necessary to separate the cases when a person has a desire to get rid of dependence, as well as when an alcoholic does not want to give up drinking. We must remember that using of such methods is possible only in case if an alcoholic has visited a doctor and got the green light to the use of the specific recipes. The treatment under the supervision of an experienced psychiatrist for sure will bring more pronounced effect, and will not waste time on the use of home remedies.

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