How to Sober Up Quickly

How to sober up quicklySometimes the most unexpected situation occurs with those who consume alcoholic drinks. For sure everybody had to see people, who had overdrunk and have no opportunity to lie and sleep until the morning. It is known that such method to sober up is the best, because allows for those, who had overdrunk, to recover adequately. It is best of all in described situation to make sure that the person has sobered up at least for a sometime that will be enough to transport him to the location.

Well known that there are remedies, which allow at least for a short period of time to lead drunk to normal condition. Dealing with that how to do this, it is necessary to remember that psychomotor consequences of drunkenness of representatives of man and woman half of the populations are different. The specialists tell that man’s and woman’s drunkenness occurs differently, namely:

  • inhibition of motor function at women appear first and then inhibition occurs in psycho-emotional sphere;
  • and at men the psychic inhibition appears at first, and then – motor.

Doctors say that if a married couple, being at a party, has drunk, so it is better (if there is no other way) to take the wheel for man. The explanation for such advice is already given above. But best of all is to take a taxi or to get home by the public transport. In cases when it is necessary to engage in negotiations, so this mission is better to entrust a woman, because a motor inhibition at women appears first.

How to sober up quickly for a short period of time?

In case when it is necessary to bring a drunk man to life for a short period of time (for example, for a period not more than a half of an hour), so we can try to use methods, which by stimulating way influences on the central nervous system:

  • cold shower or washing with cold water (sometimes it is enough to moisten slightly a head;
  • wiping the face with snow;
  • sharp slap in the face and so on.

Besides, it can be rather useful a massage of auricles, hands or feet. This kind of the central nervous system stimulation works due to the fact that there are a lot of acupressure points on the feet, palms and near auricles, the stimulation of which can help to shake body. Also there can be tried such nerve stimulators:

  • bay or mint leaf (you need to chew);
  • teeth brushing;
  • mouthwash with carbonated or mineral water.

Strong black coffee or black tea with a slice of lemon is also the remedies, which help to bring to life those, who have misused alcohol. In that case if there is no lemon or black coffee, a strong tea also will be suitable, because it contains caffeine not less than coffee.

In situation when there is no coffee or black tea, you can try to sober a man with the help of ginger tea with honey. And here you should remember a main nuance: sugar increases the absorbability of already drunk alcohol in gastrointestinal tract. That is why doctors recommend to clear the stomach at once. It can be done by vomiting.

How to sober up quickly for a long period of time

How to sober up quickly for a long period of timeSometimes such situations arise, when it is necessary to sober a man for longer period of time than half an hour. It is impossible, if a patient’s stomach isn’t cleansed. For cleansing it is necessary to do at least three enemas. The volume of each enema is equal to two liters. The water used for enema should have room temperature.

The next step after stomach cleansing may become gastric lavage. The procedure is carried with portions of water equal to 700 milliliters. In total to wash the stomach it will be need about eight liters of water. When a patient is getting into health facility, the procedure of sobering is made there with the help of specialized tools and droppers, when at home it is necessary to do such procedures:

  • to visit a bath or sauna;
  • to use diuretics;
  • to increase to oxygen supply.

As seen, all methods are directed to the withdrawing of alcoholism from the body with the help of body’s excretory system and also with the help of sweating.

Mineral water, which the patient drinks in much amount, also can become those remedy, which is giving diuretic effect. Non-alcoholic beer can help for those who need to provoke increased excretion of urine. The next foodstuffs can become good support in such situation:

  • watermelons and cucumbers;
  • zucchini;
  • strawberry;
  • decoction of oats;
  • green tea;
  • diuretic herbs, dog-rose.

For a human, who has a good physical shape, the method of load can be effective. We are talking about that it is necessary to give a drunken man a certain amount of physical activity, which help him to sober up and “kick out” the part of alcohol from organism. It is necessary the pulse to become more frequent twice as compared with the condition, when a person is at rest.

What is necessary to undertake after the gastric and intestines lavage was done? After the conduction of realization of such cleansing measures you need to sniff a piece of cloth or cotton wool, soaked with ammonia or any other liquid, which has a pungent odor. And then it is necessary to take a right amount of pills of ascorbic acid (usually take 2.5 grams of ascorbic acid per 70 kilo of weigh).

The next mandatory point, which is needed to be done after 15 minutes after the cleansing has being done – is an acceptance of 10 ml of five percent vitamin B1 solution. The solution is sold in pharmacies in ampoules intended for injections. The best solution will be a buying of this vitamin in 20% glucose solution.

Because the condition of alcoholic intoxication is caused by the effect of alcohol on the human brain, then many depends on that how actively or passively the brain works. Sometimes we can try to fight with intoxication if to load the brain by mental work. In case if to lead an intellectual conversation (it means if a sober human will talk with a drunken), then it is possible the achievement of results. Besides, the drunken man can be forced to get remember the life occasions in details, to guess riddles or puzzles. The mental activity helps to reduce the impact of alcohol on the brain that makes the intoxication not so expressed.

Often the question arises about that what to do with the patient after sobering procedures. Naturally, do not drink the alcoholic drinks anytime soon. Also it is necessary for a victim to sleep not less than three hours.

Popular folk methods of sobering

Experts on traditional medicine give a number of tips due to the fact that how to ease your condition as quickly as possible. First of all eating lots of fruits is recommended, in which is high fructose content. For the fast sobering it will be useful to eat peers, apples, bananas, strawberry, grapes, peaches, oranges and grapefruits.

Another good method of sobering up is a honey, because it also contains a considerable amount of fructose and carbohydrates. And remember; do not drink much amount of liquid after the honey to avoid the possible problems with stomach or even vomiting. In case if there is no honey you can use jam or other sweet product.

Among Americans is well known a way of sobering with the help of Pepsi or cola with milk. Having found these drinks in the fridge, you can try to return to adequate condition at least not for long. Be careful, if you know that cola or milk influence badly on gastrointestinal tract. This remedy works due to the fact that milk is a component, preventing the fast alcohol absorption. That is why you can take care of your condition in advance, having drunk a glass of milk just before the feast.

Tincture of peppermint is also known as a remedy, which perfectly removes intoxication. You should remember that the tincture of this plant is should be prepared in advance if you will not find it in a pharmacy. Inebriate human should be given to drink a glass of liquid with twenty drops of mint tincture. And soon the drunken man might come to life. What is needed to prepare such useful and healing tincture? Take a glass of vodka and add a tea spoon of dried mint to it. It is necessary to hold a ready infusion in a closed vessel during a week.

Another simple way to bring you to the senses is ammonia (it is worth noting that this way isn’t very pleasant). Using of ammonia for sobering implies adding 5-6 drops of ammonia into the glass of cold water. A resulting mixture is needed to be given drinking for drunken human.

In situation, when it is necessary to clarify what to do in condition of drunkenness, try to pull yourself together. If to put it more accurately you should pull your head together; try to solve crosswords and read the books. This occupation will seem difficult, however intellectual effort, maybe, help you to get rid from the drunkenness.

Besides, you can try to go for a walk. Try to walk at a rapid pace, allowing the organism “to perk”. In situation when a physical activity is given to organism, the splitting of alcohol is faster. Naturally, it means that the process of sobering will be faster. Don’t smoke during the walk, because in drunken man organism is already too much toxic substances. You can’t additionally overload your organism, because it is fraught with making an additional harm for the health.

An aspirin can also become a good remedy. After taking the pill you can try to drink sour juice, for example, apple, and orange, grapefruit or tomato juice. Ibuprofen may become another method, which help to get rid from effects of booze.

Folk “healers” tell that for the fast recovering the next mixture helps: take a pinch of red paper and black paper and salt also. It is necessary to add a tea spoon of vegetable oil and one egg yolk to the mixture of papers and salt. All this should be completed by two table spoons of tomato puree. Besides, mix vinegar and horseradish. Mixed mass is necessary to be poured into egg-tomato-pepper cocktail. Best of all is to drink this mixture by one gulp.

Reflexology from drunkenness

Reflexology from drunkennessReflexology and its methods can help those, who need to sober up quickly. A human’s organism contains a big quantity of useful points, which can be stimulated with the help of minute reflexology. A short reflexology is allowing to clear consciousness in that case, when we are talking about strong drunkenness. In order to use the methods of reflexology it is necessary to:

  • find a point between a nose and upper lip;
  • hunt up a point between the base of the thumb and index finger on the left hand.

Maybe readers have a question how to get know was the point, necessary for reflexology, found or not? In that case if the point was found, a patient would feel a clear indicator of pain. Using a tip of the thumb it is necessary touch the skin near the point at first, after that to push the point making circular motions. As a rule, it is enough a minute exposure to feel a result. Remember, the finger has not to move, a skinfold should revolve, when a muscle mass will fixedly adhere to the finger.

Another trouble-free way, which allows bringing to a state of relative sobriety, even the most drunken man, is described below. So, in order to use this method you need:

  • to force a drunken man to catch a nose tip with the help of the middle and index finger. Then it is necessary to pull back a nose tip. With the help of massage motions a drunken man has to massage a nose tip till tingles. It allows to sharpen the sense of smell, that is necessary for implementation of the next stage;
  • in is necessary to bring to a nose of a drunken man a bottle of ammonia and force him to do a deep breath. Every breath of drunken human should last 1-2 seconds;
  • for fixing a sobering effect it is necessary to rubbing a sufferer’s temples with the fingers, which were previously moistened in ammonia.

Even if a sufferer from alcohol feels quit sober, after carrying out this sobering event, he can/t be allowed to drive a car!

It must be emphasized that methods, allowing sobering up quickly, as a rule, give a short-term effect, and also allow neutralizing the consequences of alcohol abuse partly. It must be remembered that moderate alcohol consumption will be the cure, which is allowing you to feel well after the tableful.

How to drink right strong drinks

How to drink right strong drinksAmong main rules of alcohol consumption, which are allowing enjoying the holiday without unpleasant consequences, are the next:

  1. Do not mix different types of alcohol, whatever quality they may seem. In case, if you have to drink alcohol drinks based on different alcohol types, it is necessary to follow a simple rule, drinking from low alcohol drink to more strong drink.
  2. Don’t forget to eat well, because the quality of a snack influences directly on drunkenness offensive. A hot meat, fatty fish products, salads with fat sauce, potato dish reduces essentially the level of drunkenness. The specialists also recommend withstanding an interval of 30 minutes between the toasts.
  3. Do not drink alcohol drinks with the help of tubule. Such way of alcohol drinking forces the alcohol to begin absorption into the blood in the mouth that approximates the advent of drunkenness. Besides, you need to remember that retention of alcoholic beverages in the mouth is also impossible, because it is bringing a drunken to have one over the eight faster.

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