Home Remedies for Alcohol Addiction

Home remedies for alcohol addictionMany for who alcoholism treatment, using home remedies, seem as a good alternative to medication. It seems very attractive for alcoholics’ relatives that such treatment can be done without the knowledge of the patient. There are different methods and treatment schemes among home remedies, which will be observed below.

Treatment with herbs

There is an opinion that herbal treatment of organism helps to get rid from different diseases. The enthusiasts treat not just the internal diseases with the help of teas and herbal infusions but also the diseases of skin, hair and mucosa. The herbal therapy takes the first place in treatment of alcohol addiction. Herbal picks really can help much the organism in alcohol addiction treatment, and also influence on appearance an antagonist of alcohol. There are some the most effective recipes of home medicine are shown below:

Herbal pick

It necessary to buy such herbs for preparing this pick:

  • 4 teaspoons of creeping thyme;
  • 1 teaspoon of centaury;
  • 1 teaspoon of wormwood;
  • boiling water.

Crushed herbs (can be crushed in pounder) are necessary to be poured with boiling water in such proportion: take one glass of boiling water for one table spoon of dried herbs. It is necessary to decoct the herbs two hours, and then the filtered infusion should be taken a table spoon before meals (usually – three to four times a day). As a rule, the result can be seen after week of treatment; however the most manifest result will be in a month of treatment.

Infusion of lovage

In order to prepare this infusion it is necessary to store up such ingredients:

  • the root of lovage;
  • several bay leaves;
  • 200-250 ml of vodka.

Put the chopped root into the bank, add bay leaves and pour the ingredients with vodka. It is necessary to decoct the mixture two weeks.

Pumpkin infusion

The preparation of pumpkin infusion implies the presence of such components:

  • pumpkin seeds;
  • glass of vodka.

The glass of peeled seeds is necessary to be crushed in meat grinder and pouring with vodka leave it for infusion. Infusing the mixture during about a week, it can be taken.

Infusion with bay leaves

Take such components for preparation the infusion:

  • 250 g of vodka;
  • 2 bay leaves.

Put the leaves into the vodka and decoct two weeks.

Prepare one of these infusions (at your choice, focusing on that which components are available at nearby pharmacies and shops). It is necessary to give the infusion to the patient in several stages. It is necessary also to take into consideration some nuances concerning the components effect of these infusions:

  • bay leave can provoke the stomach disorders;
  • pumpkin seeds can cause the diarrhea, and also vomiting.

These side effects of the infusions fulfil the function of aversion to alcohol, but if a patient has problems with gastrointestinal tract, it should be taken into consideration, in order to not harm the organism much.

There can be found a list of herbs, which also can provoke the vomiting and disorders with concomitant consumption of alcohol.

European wild ginger

The herb provokes the appearance of strong dry heaves and vomiting, if the patient consumes herb and alcohol together. To prepare the mixture do the next:

  • pour 1 tea spoon of herb with glass of boiling water and boil about 5 minutes;
  • removing from the heat, leave the liquid to decoct 1 hour under the hood;
  • the end-product is necessary to pour into patient’s alcohol drink, guided by required ration of decoction to vodka (1 table spoon, diluted by glass of vodka);
  • the treatment should be continued till the complete disgust to alcohol will appears;
  • it is necessary to take into account that the using of this medicine is counter-indicative at heart diseases and pregnancy.

Centaury (herb) and sagebrush

In order to prepare the decoction it is necessary to take the herbs in equal shares. The decoction should be given to alcohol, waiting till the physiological disgust of alcohol will come.


It should be noticed that this herb, as a rule, is used for beer alcoholism treatment. For preparation do the next:

  • take 2 table spoons of dry herb;
  • pour the herb with the boiling water and put it on a cooker, boiling;
  • take off the cooker and decoct during the night.

A human, who can’t refuse from inordinate consumption of beer, has to drink one table spoon of decoct about six times a day. The result of treatment can be seen after two months of decoction consumption.

Home methods for alcohol addiction treatment

Home methods for alcohol addiction treatmentHerbal picks – are not the only method of alcohol treatment, which is popular among fans of phytotherapy and home methods.


Apples are known as prophylactic from many diseases. For sure everybody knows the English proverb that the one apple, eaten every day, can rid from visiting a doctor. Worth knowing, that these fruits are good not just as prophylactic but also as a medicine. We’ll noted that it is needed sour apples for treatment.

In order to check this method, it’s necessary that the alcoholic eats three apples of sour varieties every day. It is necessary not just eat the apples, but also they should be decocted a night with seven stuck nails. The cure should be continued seven weeks.

It’s necessary to remember that during this cure the next products are should be excluding from food:

  • eggs;
  • milk products;
  • salty and fatty;
  • cabbage, onion, peas;
  • spices.

It’s desirable to eat cereals, lean meat, potatoes and other roots. It’s good also if a patient will drink different sour fruit drinks (from cranberry, cherry, plums and so on).

Smoke from birch wood

Prepare dry birch wood, sprinkle them with sugar and burn. When the woods light up, the fire should be extinguished, and alcoholic during it has to breathe with the resulting smoke. After the patient has breathed, it’s necessary for him to drink 200 ml of vodka. The home sources promise that birch smoke will help the alcoholic to recover.

Calendula and oats (decoct)

Such decoct is able to rid the patient not just from desire to drink, but also from addiction to smoke.to prepare such decoct do the next:

  • take three-liter pot;
  • sprinkle the crude oats to the half of pot and pour it with cold water;
  • cook it for half an hour till the beginning of boiling;
  • pour the decoct off into free dishes, and add there 100 g of dried calendula flowers;
  • the resulting decoct with herbs, wrap it and let it to decoct for half a day (12 hours);
  • take the 200 g of mixture before the meal;
  • the disgust to alcoholic drinks will be formed in a few days.

Hazel catkins

It is necessary to pick up the catkins from hazel at once after their opening. At the same time it is necessary to prepare half-liter container and lay them into it. Pour the vodka up to the top. After the mixture will decoct it is necessary to filter it and leave in plain view, in order the patient find it by himself and drink. Such remedy will allow to get rid from dependence.

Crayfish shells (powder)

Boil the crayfishes and shoot the shells from them. Using the meat grinder or blender make the powder from the shells. It is necessary to give the remedy to patient several times a day during the meal (add the half of tea spoon). After the alcoholic drinks the alcohol he’ll begin to vomit much. It is needed to give the powder to patient till the distaste to strong drinks will be formed. You should pay the attention to the fact that the crayfish powder can’t be added to any food. Choose such dishes, where the powder can be added insensibly.

Curly dock root

Such decoct helps during the drinking bouts. It is necessary to take such components for preparation:

  • 1 table spoon of roots;
  • 200 ml of boiling water.

Mixing the components, boil them in close container during 5 minutes. Without removing the cover, it’s necessary to decoct the decoction about three hours. Take one table spoon of the remedy six times a day.

Red pepper tincture

This tincture can help to give up drinking. Take such components to prepare the decoction:

  • 20 g of desiccated red pepper;
  • 500 g of sixty degrees alcohol.

Mixing the components put them into the dark place. Don’t forget to close the bottle tightly, and shake it periodically. It’s necessary to filter the end-product. Engaging in the treatment of a patient, it’s necessary to proportioning: add tree drops of this decoction to one liter of wine. The consumption of such wine with decoction allows reducing of the alcohol addiction.

Honey and alcoholism

Well known that bee products can play an important role in alcohol addiction treatment. This opinion is based on information that the patient’s addiction to alcohol appears because of lack of potassium in organism. Honey is one of the best sources of potassium. Besides, there are many important and useful minerals and vitamins, which are necessary for organism proper functioning. Thus we can conclude that regular consumption of bee products can reduce first and then neutralize completely the patient’s alcohol abuse.

The treatment methodic with the help of honey can be described by the next way:

  • a patient needs to consume six tea spoons of honey at the same time;
  • it’s necessary to eat the same amount of honey in a twenty minutes;
  • and again eat the same amount of honey in a twenty minutes;
  • make an hour break, after which the patient has to eat the same amount of honey three times with the same breaks.

You can let the patient to has a hangover the next day. Then it’s necessary to give him 6 tea spoons of honey again. After the patient has a breakfast, it’s necessary to eat the honey, but this time 4 tea spoons. If the procedure of this method will be followed right, so the patient can get rid from alcohol abuse successfully.

Doctors say that the base of this method isn’t physiological, but psychological, because it’s impossible to explain the alcohol abuse by the lack of potassium in organism. Besides, the doctors emphasize often that for recovering from alcoholism isn’t enough only home methods.

Alcohol dependence treatment with the help of tea

Alcohol dependence treatment with the help of teaThe home medicine suggests using herbal teas, which are the analogues of tea decoction. Such teas, as a rule, are taken without sugar or other sweets. The base of this method is an attempt to cause the increased perspiration, and also increased formation of urine. The tea should be taken aplenty (5-10 glasses a day). Besides, the important condition is high temperature of herbal tea (it should be warm). The recipes of herbal teas, which help in alcohol dependence treatment, can be found below:

Recipe 1

Make the pick of teas from the next herbs:

  • mint;
  • sagebrush;
  • milfoil;
  • juniper berries;
  • angelica(root);
  • marsh air(root).

The components are should be grind and brew, adding one pinch of herbs for a glass of boiling water.

Recipe 2

It’s necessary to buy such components for preparation of this tea:

  • wormwood;
  • St. John’s wort yarrow;
  • thyme;
  • angelica;
  • peppermint;
  • juniper.

It’s necessary to mix and brew the dried herbs in a teapot, adding one spoon of a mixture on a liter of boiling water. After the tea will decoct not less than 10 minutes, the alcoholic can drink it.

The tea should be taken four times a day during ten days. After ten days course it’s necessary to do the five days break and repeat ten days of bun-fight again. As a rule, full course of treatment continues about 8-10 months. The slight distaste to alcohol appears at the beginning of treatment, and the alcohol abuse has to disappear to the end of course at all.

Recipe 3

Try to drink the coffee, to what is added the powder of ungulates root. This plant is known as a remedy, able to cause the distaste to alcohol consumption due to the fact that it causes the vomiting and other unpleasant symptoms, when it is taken with alcohol. In order to try the recipe’s effect, it’s necessary to brew Turkish coffee with crashed plant root. It’s needed to take the fourth part of tea spoon of powder for 50 g portion of coffee. Alcoholic has to drink the drink once, and in several days the patient can be filled with mixture again.

You can find the prepared picks of herbal teas, which contain different components, at pharmacies and specialized shops. Such teas are convenient because of that they are packaged into filter bags at a manufacturing, and every bag has clearly calculated dose of herbs. Phytogatherings are necessary to be taken exactly following the instruction of manufacturer.

It’s worth noting, that there are no harmless herbs, because each of them has own contraindications. Experts don’t recommend drinking thoughtlessly this or that herbal tea: at the beginning it’s necessary to consult with the doctor in charge of the case, who will recommend about the chosen home remedy and its relevance in the treatment of alcoholism.

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