Help for Drug Addicts

Help for Drug AddictsTreatment of drug and alcohol addicted people – the process is not only long but also physically and psychologically difficult. Practice shows that such illnesses patients rarely seek specialized help. Most often it made by their relatives and friends, people who are not indifferent.

The unconscious need of drug addict of early treatment dictates a necessity of psychological healing dependent patients because a psychological need for drugs does not give an opportunity for dependent once and forever get rid of the bad habit.

Formation of dependence

Most often people are treated for two types of dependencies: alcohol and drug. It is very difficult to get rid of the first and from the second one, but possible.

Alcohol addiction tends to be developed unnoticed by its victim. It all starts with increasing the frequency of alcohol intake, its dosage, and strength. It is accompanied by the desire to participate in the various feasts and lack a sense of proportion. A misconception is that you can only become an alcoholic if you regularly drink alcohol drinks. In fact, the degree and quality of drink – this is the last, what not indifferent to alcohol people pay attention to, first of all, they are interested in the alcohol (it’s possible to become an alcoholic drinking beer). Over time, such a person has a vital need for the daily use of alcoholic beverages. And when all around are starting to notice the pernicious affection, “hero” does deny his passion for alcohol, because of what does not agree on treatment and he does not understand what he should be treated from if he is not sick.

And with drug addiction there is some diversity: the patient first aware of his addiction and indulges it, and people around, in turn, do not immediately pay attention to the characteristic changes. In addition, drug addicts are always carefully and long enough hide their problems, and when the secret is out on they can’t get rid of the addiction.

It is possible to expose a drug addict, having found direct evidence of drug use: syringes, needles, or needle marks on his body.

There are many causes of addiction or, more precisely, the reasons for resorting to drugs: unsettled life (personal, social), family problems (misunderstanding), personality (curiosity protest), weakness of character, etc. Alone or together, these factors push people to try drugs.

Since all causes have the psychological hidden motive, and it needs to correct their effects with the help of experts in the field of psychology. Psychological help is needed not only to overcome addiction but also to understand how to live, to define priorities and incentives that will not allow yesterday addict again sink to the bottom.

Everybody knows that drug addiction – is voluntary, that is, no one is forcing anyone to use drugs, the more that they are not free. Therefore, a large number of people refer to addicts as a scum of society, people who have no future; they have dragged themselves into it and should get out alone. This opinion has the right to exist, but the problem is that drug addicts even with a strong desire, often not able to overcome the habit. They need the help of loved ones, relatives, and even strangers who are able to show that their life has to mean and that they are not indifferent to others.

The fight against drug addiction

The Fight Against Drug AddictionThe fight against drugs has long ago becomes not only the problem of state but the world level. Nowadays, this is the problem of the whole of humanity, and it can affect anyone.

In most civilized countries, the process of the confrontation to spread of drug abuse is carried out at several levels:

  • prevention (information, psychological work with adolescents and young people);
  • legislative regulation (creation of laws governing the distribution and sale of drugs, the appropriate penalties);
  • medicine (getting rid of drug addiction by removing the accumulation of toxic substances and filling the body the right amount of vitamins and minerals; rehabilitation).

Drug users should receive skilled help to get rid of dependence on the part of the state – free treatment and rehabilitation. This is logical because the state is obliged to take care of all its citizens, especially when they need it more than ever.

The health organization should not only provide the necessary help, and a course of psychological recovery, without which no one treatment will be complete. Thanks to the work of the psychologist-patient of the medical institution will be able to understand himself, to understand the reasons for recourse to drugs, as well as to determine his future life goals and to dot the «i».

The neglect and underestimation of the addict’s communication effectiveness with a psychologist can lead to a negative result of the treatment. And attempts to cope with surging depression alone threaten to exacerbate the situation and the uselessness of further treatment.

Centers of rehabilitation

Faced with the problem of drug addiction, the people, as a result, become aware of it and seek a cure. There are a lot of variants where you can turn for help: some are going for salvation to folk healers and witch doctors, others are turning to the religion of different directions. It’s all good, but the only specialized medical institutions will be able to help to get rid of existing dependencies and return to a normal human social life. But everything else – it’s only the replacement of addiction to any other such as religious.

Drug treatment clinics specialize, first and foremost, at the getting rid the patient of the physical dependence through a process of detoxification. The complex of medicines will help to restore the usual work of all organs and systems, as well as restoring all the functions, whose task is to saturate the body with necessary minerals and vitamins.

Psychological help plays almost a key role in healing the sick from drug addiction. The greatest emphasis on work with professional psychologists and psychiatrists is fallen on the rehabilitation period, when the patient, who survived all the “charms” of the physical cleansing, is ready to analyze the causes of the incidents and start life from the very beginning.

It is hard to imagine the treatment of addict without going through rehabilitation period. The drug – a is a poison that is durable and stronger for years to come in all tissues of the body, “introduced” into the brain and controls the subconscious. Toxic properties of the drug make people who have stopped using drugs in a week or a month to return to the use of the substances and only the personal qualities of character revealed during the psychological interviews will be able to keep people from returning to a previous life.

The components of the treatment of drug addict

As it was mentioned above, the body of a drug addict who had undergone detoxification is very weak and needs feeding with vitamins and minerals, and we are not talking about vitamins that are sold in pharmacies and specialized serious complexes. For the addict it is not enough dosage of vitamins, calculated with respect to the body of a healthy person, it needs a much more significant amount. In addition, the intake of vitamins during the rehabilitation period and after it increases the term of a person’s period without the drug, and thus increases the chances of its continued abstinence, even after cessation of drug treatment. But vitamins – are just an irreplaceable support, which does not eradicate the problem, as its roots penetrate too deeply, and get rid of them is not so simple.

Another important method during drug treatment – is “cleansing” the mind of the patient. This sophisticated mechanism is not always useful for its owner, especially in the case of addiction. He kept constantly awakens memories of drug use and moments of euphoria, for which a person was ready for anything. So the chosen method of influence on the mind is important – the taking into a state of hypnosis, coma, therapy with the use of psychotropic drugs – it can kill a person, and not giving a chance to recover and start a new life.

A method of “strong stress” is ranked to the practiced methods of treatment for drug addiction and motivation to the beginning of treatment. It often happens that neither persuasion nor requests nor pleas nor even the threat do not encourage the addict to change his mind. In such cases, when you have nothing to lose, not indifferent people create artificial conditions for the strong shocks in the lives of the addict. Although there are cases when awakens stress occurs by itself, for example, the death of a loved one or a drug overdose. When something like this happens, people overestimate what is happening and suddenly realizes that they want to change their life. It was at this point have to come to the aid of those very caring people who care for their support and help the addict to go the hard way to get rid of dependence. Often happening during stop taking drugs depressions, nervous breakdowns and as a result, thoughts of suicide can ever break the man and destroy his life. Therefore, the presence of close people, family, friends, loved ones, who will instill in the patient’s belief the importance and hope for a new future are necessary.

Methods of rehabilitation of drug addicts

Methods of Rehabilitation of Drug AddictsThe rehabilitation process is very important in a complex of measures for getting rid of drug addiction. Often, it takes place in the walls of specialized medical care, but sometimes “unconventional” methods are more productive. This is easily explained, because each person is different and unique, and the causes of drug use, each had their own. It is logical that filling the void left after “ties” with doping can and should be different.

There are used several methods of drug addicts rehabilitation:

  • outpatient programs and therapeutic support groups;
  • adapted program “12 steps” (group therapy on a voluntary basis, in which people identify themselves and define life principles and objectives, and after graduation, the participants become mentors for newly arrived people and their personal experiences and try to show them the right path);
  • psychological (individual and group psychological correction, clinical and psychological diagnosis, lectures, consulting);
  • social (occupational therapy; involvement in sports and healthy lifestyles);
  • faith-based program (participation in religious services, physical labor).

It turns out that there are really many methods and they all are good and effective in its own town. For best result, the combination or alternation of various techniques is possible.

Drug addiction is an illness, which is very difficult to deals with, but possible to overcome. It affects the human spirit, turns his life upside down. Addicts are in a state of confusion and feeling of uselessness and futility. Fear and hopelessness make them put a cross on themselves and their lives. That is why they need assistance, able to awaken in them the desire and strength to fight for their future.

Human nature sometimes can manifest in previously unknown possibilities of the body and the spirit. This ensures that everyone can get rid of the addiction. Of course, the treatment takes a long time (3-12 months), but a got second chance to start everything from the very beginning worth it.

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