Drugs and Pregnancy

Drugs and PregnancyThe death does not always come immediately. There is a killer, making his dark work very slowly, but the outcome is always the same. And this murderer – are drugs. But before destroying the person physically, the drug will kill his personality, his ability to think and perceive the world adequately.

The drug – is the first step towards infertility

The main tragedy of modern mankind is that psychotropic substances are mostly used by very young people. But young people, before they decide to try drugs for the first time, should know that these harmful drugs cause a decrease in production of sex hormones, which means that reduced ability to conceive a new life by many times. It is seldom when addicted to drugs have healthy children; some just do not have time to do it before their early death, while others – are not physically able to do this. And even that quarter-addicts fathers and mothers, who were given a kid by fate, rarely have children to grow up healthy, strong and happy. They are often weak, painful babies suffering all their life …

That’s why the using of drugs by a girl – is a real tragedy. It is impossible to desire becoming a mother in future, using now “the needle”, “wheels” or “grass”. Of reproductive function in young girls under the influence of drugs worsen significantly. Taking drugs woman’s body almost always is not able to conceive and bear a healthy child. It is not need to be lulled into complacency about the so-called “light” drugs, which allegedly do not harm women and the future baby. Poison is always a poison, whatever words it is called by drug dealers and addicts, for example, grass or synthetic LSD.

Pregnancy or drugs: there can be only one thing

First, delayed puberty, and then the inability to conceive – is the result of drug use. And if a woman miraculously is pregnant, but continue to take the drugs, her unborn child as well, as his mother will be suck harmful substances. The drug passes to the fetus through the placenta, and to the newborn – with the mother’s breast milk … Instead of taking care of her baby from the first days of his life, the drug addicted mother with each meal kills her child, destroys the body, the effects with drugs on his brain …

Influence of drugs on pregnancy

Influence of Drugs on PregnancyDrugs from cannabis run the irreversible processes, a harmful effect on the female body. “Sitting” on hashish or marijuana woman is unlikely to bear a child all rely upon 9 months. It is unlikely that in due time she will give birth to the physical and mental health of the baby. It is unlikely that a child of a female drug addict will ever be the same as his peers. Often, these babies are far behind in the development of their peers. They often suffer from serious complications, and their immune system is so weak that any virus adversely affects the body of the little man. Children of addicts almost always have developed complex diseases of the respiratory system, and digestive problems.

But even the birth of a sick child – is a rarity among drug addicts. More common are other cases: the germ, which has almost always deviation in chromosomes, dies. And if a child is born, and then, taking into consideration the anomaly in the development, he will almost always suffer from deformities. Only two out of ten children of drug addicts can survive. Statistics is more than sad.

The drugs cause vomiting, and stop which is often nearly impossible. The outcome – is miscarriage or premature birth. But even if this didn’t happen, the baby, who lives in the womb of addict before will be born, he will also become a drug addict. The symptoms of “withdrawal” are observed in the majority of these infants. The explanation is simple: psychotropic substance got into his body during the whole period of pregnancy through placenta, because the molecular weight of the drug allows it to do so. As fast as newborn body realizes the absence of next “dose”, he begins to react accordingly: the kid becomes excitable, irritable. Using drugs pregnant women should remember the liver of the fetus is still so small and poorly developed, is not being able to pass through itself a drug, cleansing the body from the poison, so the poison circulates in the small body much longer than in the adult human body. So the sizes of the destruction are several times exceed the harmfulness of the drug for the mature organism.

What is the danger for pregnant in using of “dose”?

First of all, future mothers should remember that sudden infant death syndrome in twenty times more likely to occur just at those women whose pregnancy was marked by drugs.

Secondly, the risk of born of dead baby increases in times. In the best case, it is necessary to be ready to premature birth.

Third, the child of drug-addicted woman almost always differs by dramatically low weight and severe mental retardation.

So why condemn the suffering new man from the first days? Why give him the life that will never be full? Why kill yourself and your son or daughter before she or he will give the world his first glance, the first cry, the first smile? What for?.

The action of drugs on the future mother

The Action of Drugs on The Future MotherOpiates. This group includes heroin, morphine, codeine, diphenhydramine … The impact of these drugs on the body of a pregnant woman is manifested in the appearance of different complications and abnormalities. Similar symptoms occur as a result of malnutrition. Also, opiate drugs can cause premature birth, slow down or even stop the intrauterine fetal growth. Children of drug addicted mothers, taking heroin and other drugs in this group suffer from delayed mental development.

Marijuana and hashish. The use of these drugs almost always leads to the same result – the first day a newborn is suffering from diseases of the circulatory system. Often these children have heart disease.

Cocaine and crack cocaine. Complications of pregnancy under the influence of drugs – is almost always. Taking them woman almost eats and drinks very little, which adversely affects fetal development. Arrhythmias, convulsions, fever, high blood pressure – are the consequence received by cocaine. With regular use of these drugs pregnant body reacts by sudden changes in body temperature, there is a failure of adequate exchange of nutrients (they do not come to the fetus). Also, lovers of cocaine must be prepared to abortion, placenta separation long before certain dates, as well as to the fact that the child will have many vices. And what is more, narrowed blood vessels of the placenta, and therefore – lack of normal blood flow to the fetus – is also a result of the action of cocaine on the body of the pregnant woman.

Influence of different drugs on the pregnant woman is often the same as the end result – the deformity and disability of the child, of course, if it can survive in the womb of addict woman. Also, do not forget about the “professional” disease “sitting on a needle” – hepatitis, AIDS, endocarditis … And they, to put it mildly, not really contribute to the development of a new life.

To experience the joy of motherhood or death of addict – make your choice!

Pregnancy – is not quickly passing disease and meaningless changes in the body. This is the beginning of a new phase when we must take responsibility not only for ourselves but also for the life of that little, the heart is beating inside. This is a milestone, passing which; you’ll never be the same. Just in a few months you will look into little blue eyes – so sincere and warm, like no one ever before. Soon the tiny knobs will play with your hair and toothless smile brings joy, incomparable with anything … Then the angelic singing sounds the first “mother”.

But all this may not happen. This little blue-eyed miracle can be simply poisoned with poison, which his mother would feed into her womb. So does short-controversial “high” costs life of your child? Is the dose of the drug on the scales will weigh more than the life of the new man – your child, you continue?

Vibrio – it is the most vulnerable period of life. Using by the mother drugs destructive effect on the fetus, causing irreversible processes in its physical and mental development. As for the drug addicted women, the harmful substances are not just break her psyche and mental capacity, not only destroy the body’s system – a drug makes it impossible to be a woman and mother.

And if one of you now has a choice: to try drugs or not, choose the second variant of the answer – do not ruin your life and the lives of unborn children. Give them a chance to see the world in all its colors, to feel happiness and be someone’s happiness. Being your happiness – the biggest and the brightest. So what will outweigh on your scales on your: the laugh of your child, or the bitter smell of “injections”?

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