Drug Addiction

Drug AddictionDrug dependence … This phrase causes consternation among many people. But what really this definition means and who are drugged addicts?

The disease, known as drug addiction, in fact, is one of the most dangerous diseases of modern society. Such patients are characterized by a pathological propensity for different psychoactive drugs. And over time this irresistible abnormal attraction to drugs is becoming a major cause of serious problems, not only health but often the law …

Causes of drug addiction

Starting from the day when the drug addiction has gained a definition of illness, psychologists, physicians, biologists try to find the answer to the question: “Why do some people have so quickly become used to psychoactive substances?” Today it is possible to identify some the most popular causes of drug addiction.

First of all, people with a peculiar sense of dissatisfaction with their lives are the most prone to diseases development. Then they begin to seek solace with different chemicals that allow at least temporarily escape into a world of illusion, forget about the unpleasant realities, to get relaxed … A human can be pushed to drugs because of the old emotionally trauma, received in childhood, and also a stress in adulthood can also serve as a cause. Drugs can push as the old emotional trauma received in childhood, and can serve as a cause of stress in adulthood. But the reason is always the same – people feel uncomfortable in the environment, so starts looking for comfortable circumstances for themselves through drug intoxication.

Secondly, a family, its traditions, upbringing plays an important role in the development of drug addiction. The family where the child does not feel the love, understanding often becomes a reason that the teenager begins to look for so-called parental love substitutes as psychotropic substances. Twice as many children of drug addicts come from families where one or two parents are drugged addicts, rather than from families with normal maternal education.

What kinds of drug addiction do you know?

Specialists divide all drug addicts into two kinds. The first suffer from the psychological addiction, the second – the physical.

Drugs psychological dependence – is a disease when a person suffering from it is constantly or occasionally tends to feel pleasant sensations. Also, patients with psychological dependence on the drug wish using chemicals to remove emotional stress or depression.

This kind of dependence can develop during some period of time, but there are not rare the cases when the disease develops after the first adoption of psychotropic drugs. But the reason of dependence is always the same – the desire to get rid of an unpleasant emotional state. This desire can be dictated by two factors, and depending on that there is mental and compulsive craving for drugs.

There are always observed thoughts about drugs at mental craving. Often, the patient has a depressed mood and dissatisfaction with his life, when there are no drugs. But everything is changed dramatically with the appearance of the next dose.

But a patient with characteristic compulsive craving for psychotropic substances lives a state of insuperable desire: he unwillingly can’t stop thinking about drugs, and he is under a full and complete control of this idea. Therefore, the model of such patient’s behavior is also determined by his uncontrollable desire to take drugs.

Patients with physical dependence on the drug can also be defined: after a long time the consumption of psychoactive substances the whole human body is rebuilt to a new work, and in the absence of the drug there is the so-called withdrawal (abstinence syndrome). This period of drug addict’s life is accompanied with the different psychosomatic pathologies. Relief begins only after the replenishment an amount of drug substance in a sick body.

Physical dependence is caused by the regular consumption of many kinds of drugs. In each case, the rebound syndrome will proceed with a different clinical picture. And also do not forget about the existence of so-called tolerance to various drugs. This means that over time, the body stops reacting adequately to the taken dose of psychoactive substances that forces the addict to increase the dose of the drug. The size of the dose is often necessary to be increased during each taking off the next dose.

Which drugs causes the dependence?

  • opioids;
  • heroin;
  • promedol;
  • methadone;
  • lydol (meliridin);
  • substances from cannabis (hashish, hash oil);
  • cocaine;
  • amphetamines;
  • methamphetamines;
  • ephedrine (amfepramone) and methamphetamine;
  • phenmetrazine;
  • methylphenidate;
  • ecstasy, fentanyl;
  • 4 metilaminoreks.

How to recognize a drug, addict?

How to Recognize a Drug, AddictPeople, having a long-term experience of drug consumption, undoubtedly almost always stand out sharply against the common mass of humanity. But it is not so easy to recognize a sprung, especially if you take into account only circumstantial “evidence.” However, it is worth remembering a few major “signs”, by which drug addict can be identified.

Signs of drug addicts:

  • his has almost always detached, glassy stare;
  • pupils – are very wide or narrowed, despite the lighting in the room or on the street;
  • clothing – in any weather long sleeves are worn;
  • appearance – is untidy (dark damaged teeth, hands with edemas, the hair is dry);
  • posture – is stooping;
  • speech – is slurred and slow;
  • movement – are clumsy, slow;
  • emotional state – constant irritability, rudeness;
  • needle track marks (bluish-red veins on the flattening but piercings can be anywhere, even in the skin under the hair).

How to identify drug addiction among teenagers?

No doubt that close people, living with the patient under one roof, may determine the presence of drug dependence. And teenagers’ parents must be especially observant. The following changes in child’s behavior should put on the alert parents:

  • academic performance in school has fallen sharply;
  • the child lost interest in things that have recently been his hobby;
  • there is a secrecy in behavior, particularly in communication within the family, with parents without the slightest grounds;
  • the desire to leave the house at a time when early usually spent those hours with loved ones;
  • insomnia, which had never happened before;
  • behavior, resembling alcohol intoxication, without a perceptible odor of alcohol;
  • the teenager began to demand more pocket money;
  • the teenage broke out new suspicious friends, with whom he spends most of the time;
  • there are often inadequate mood swings;
  • there are needle track marks on hands.

Treatment for drug dependence

Treatment for Drug DependenceTo lost heart and let things take their course or try solving the problem by yourself – are the two worst scenarios after the family learned about the addiction of a loved one. Drug addiction – this is a disease when every day worth its weight in gold. There is no time to lose if you want to save a loved one. Only qualified doctors and psychologists can solve the problem of addiction to psychotropic substances. Also, beginning the fight for a healthy life of a loved one, you should remember that this is a long and difficult process. But it is more than real to cure the patient.

What the effectiveness of the treatment depends on?

The process of treating for addiction to psychotropic substances takes place in the drug treatment clinics. It is a whole range of steps to eliminate the dependence, first of all – the physical. And only after the neutralization of withdrawal symptoms and cleansing the body from toxic substances you can proceed to the next step – in fact, the drug treatment. At this stage, the main role is given to the removal of mental addictions.

Four stages on the way to a new life

Experts determine four stages of treatment of drug addiction.

First step

At this stage, doctors are working to remove the abstinence syndrome in the patient. The steps of intoxication removal are provided for the normalization of the body, the correction of mental disorders is used.

Second step

After a number of performed procedures, the patient begins to sleep well. A resuming of proper metabolism is beginning, and there is provided a correction of behavior disorders.

Third step

Only the third stage of treatment will allow determining the main syndrome of mental addiction to narcotic drugs, which will give the patient opportunity to continue the necessary therapeutic rehabilitation. Psychologists define craving symptoms for drug substances and dynamics of its development.

Fourth step

It is a stage when a patient is coming face to face with the desire to repeat the taking of narcotics. That means that now the relapse is possible. In order to avoid such development of treatment process, the patient is prescribed an anti-relapse treatment.

Three conditions for full recovery

Before the beginning of a long and complex process of treatment, many are faced with the main question: “Can I get rid of the disease forever? Or the ghost of drugs will scare the former drug addict and his family all through his life? “. The answer to this question lies in the patient. And to be exact, it depends from his strength of will. Some people think that there are no former drug addicts. But it would not be amiss to admit: everybody has a chance to become a “former”. It is necessary to fulfill only three conditions.

First of all, the patient must accept the fact that he is a drug addict, whose life is the result of yesterday’s irresponsibility, immorality, not wanting to lead a normal life. So, it is necessary to understand and realize the need for professional help.

Secondly. A sincere desire knows how to make miracles. The patient must really sincerely want to get rid of the pathological dependence. Only this step will allow making the next one – to understand that you want to live a long and happy life among the people who love you. Only a strong awareness of his own problems will help the addict to overcome it.

The next the third step is the most important. Even now, when all the clinics, drug specialists, therapists, and psychologists are in the past, you’re still a drug addict. Is It cruel? Maybe. But only this understanding and a constant reminder of this truth will allow the dependent to stand in moments of temptation, it will stop him at the moment when he wants to take the drug again.

It is not easy to come back to real life from the world of illusions. There, under a drugged daze, the dependent person pictured his own world, his own system, his own values, while continually destroying the reality. Yes, real life is full of temptations and problems, real life – it’s a daily challenge, real life – for the strong people. But the force necessary for life is in each of us. It will be enough of it to solve any problem, to get out of any situation. Without drugs. Without escaping from yourself. Without the destruction of your real world and the world of people who love you.

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