Drug Addiction, As a Form of Deviant Behavior

Drug Addiction, As a Form of Deviant BehaviorFirst of all, let us remember what this deviant behavior means. This is any behavior that is not frowned upon by others. This category of offenders includes everyone – from the “bunnies” in transport to small criminals. That means that deviants are called everyone who lives with deviations from accepted norms of behavior. When it comes closer to today’s topic – they are alcoholics, drug addicts, criminals, prostitutes, gamblers, homosexuals, people with mental health problems and prone to suicide. A small but very important clarification: deviant behavior – it’s a behavior that does not involve criminal penalties, in other words, is not unlawful.

It happens so in life that if you do not step over the obstacle, you may miss something. And sometimes you don’t know even that have moved some limits, but it didn’t hurt anyone.

There can be many reasons for that.

For example, it is the compatibility of the inner “I” with the external manifestations of human behavior. It is the same when a person confesses that something told him that it is not necessary to do it and still did.

Human’s relationship with a particular social environment and the whole world around him are not always perfect. After all, a progress is often done because of some roughness in generally accepted rules. Such “roughness” is rooted in the diversity of socio-cultural, spiritual, moral or psycho-physical condition and behavior of people.

If this philosophy is correct, it turns out that deviant behavior can still be described as a natural condition of society moving forward.

But the drug addiction does not fall into a number of components of deviant behavior: it does not give progress in development.

Drug addiction is a social rudiment

Drug Addiction is a Social RudimentFor a European drug, consumption is rather acquired bad habit than an element of subculture. Remember the story.

It is known that in ancient times the Indians preferred to chew coca leaves. Inhabitants of Central Asia smoked hashish. In Indochina preferred opium. For the representatives of these cultures drugs ordinary fit into their way of life, as for the European beverage, discovered by Lomonosov.

The first steps of the drug into masses become widely visible from the second half of the last century when hippies began to progress. Some argue that habit drove into the youth subculture with this musical direction. Since then it began the widespread study of the new direction of mass “buzz.” Some did that with the cost of their own health, the other – in laboratories, others – with the help of popular literature.

Now, most or less informed citizens can find a drug addict among the crowd. Nowadays, in Slavic countries, as a rule, every second at least once tried the drug as a means to get “high”. And in some regions, drug addiction had got so widespread that reaches the level of the highest risk.

If you go back to the definition of drug addiction as a form of deviant behavior, it is possible to recognize clearly the “bouquet” of its negative elements:

  • drug addiction significantly reduces the spiritual, labor, creative and intellectual potential of society;
  • drug addiction is a powerful factor of social degradation, poses a great threat to the natural process of the social mechanism being;
  • drug addiction destroys the skills developed during the centuries of cultural development.

Recently, part of the society, which “hooked” on drugs, has “rejuvenated” much. The problem is so acute that drug addiction is passed to the nationwide rank.

Practically, every year the number of adolescents, who need treatment for drug addiction, increases in several times. Statistics is more than alarming: according to the research, one drug addict pulls 5-6 new ones. It’s like a “train”. It is one side.

On the other hand, there is a second branch of the terrible consequences of the problem: behind addiction number of cases of AIDS, hepatitis, and sexually transmitted diseases is growing. Taking into account the globalization of society, it is becoming increasingly evident the aggravation of social and psychological problems of the society.

The teenage company is often provoked by the desire to experiment with its own body and to experience new sensations. Only 30 percent of drug addicts are able to give up the temptation of drugs and to protect themselves from the problems of drug addiction. Sometimes, the first breath of poison is done by the teen with the laughter of peers, who amused, slip him a cigarette with hash or “charged” with some preparation drink.

Drug addiction – is a collective “fun.” Alcoholic – is a loner, such expression is common. But a single drug addict is the rarity, just because a drug addiction – is a collective “high”, where newcomers are trying to imitate the most experienced addicts. Nine out of ten drug addicts were attached to the bad habit quite so – in a team. And the same team dictates the “rules of conduct” of the group.

Except the direct harm for health, drugs pose a second danger – they are pushing teenagers into the environment of the underworld. This world is the nature of drug treatment falls under the article of the criminal code, and you can add to this uncontrollable desire to attack during what may get a new batch of the drug!

Drug addicts during withdrawal are ready to do everything.

Addiction, progeny, consequences

The most typical age for drug addicts is from 14 to 26 years. It is the most productive age of the person. Among the problems that accompany the disease, is not only mentioned above decrease of efficiency and reduce of social activities. Among them is necessarily present another one – reduce of sexual activity of drug addicts. Drug addict thinks only about one, two-pronged problem – where and how to obtain the necessary medication for another “dose”. Guys have problems with sex. Though, there are cases when girls become pregnant. This occurs in those cases when the drug addict is someone of partners.

The problem of progeny among drug addicts has a dual character. First, a population is shrinking. Second, only the fact that only one parent is a drug addict does not guarantee your child a healthy life without any problems in the future.

Medicine has gained sufficient practical experience with drug addicted parents. The first attention is paid to the health of the mother, which is programmed by nature for the continuation and preservation of nature. A girl, who has made a decision to experiment with narcotic drugs, must think not about the feelings from the expected “high”, but about the fate of her unborn child. Drugs for sure will leave their mark on the formation of the fetus. So then it can manifest itself in violation of brain activity, and vascular diseases – in violation of the vital activity of any organ of the baby.

As practice shows, very often the timely discussion of problems effects on the girls’ attitude to drugs, participation and a desire to keep her as a future mother from addiction to bad habits. And it depends on the parents’ attention surrounding her friends, and others.

Motives for the spreading of drugs among young people

Motives for The Spreading of Drugs Among Young PeopleDissatisfaction with destiny, based on the emerging personal problems in the youth, consumer discomfort, problems with work or school – all this leads to disappointment in people and, ultimately, pushes to drugs. In addition to this the important role is played by the identity of the person, his age, demographic, social, and medical and other aspects. Thus, the young people are the most vulnerable.

Greenhouse conditions for the development of habit are created by a microhabitat of the teenager. Often for the costs of consequences of bad education family members blame the school, the school – the family, the “second half” – bad friends and bad staff. It is pointless passing between equal by the degree of guilt players in the life of a drug addict. With their indifferent contemplation of the risky experiment of a loved one or friend, a healthy person is gradually drawn into the morass of drug addiction. Moreover, the first “high”, as practice shows, they get from their friends’ hands for free.

Elation and excitement! What else is necessary for a young person? And by this adolescent are bribed by hashish cigarette, a syringe with a dangerous drug. But at some time, noticing the light variations in physical and mental degradation, some begin to realize that there was something wrong. Attempts to refuse another “dose” are not possible.

Lack of awareness about the actions of doses of narcotic drugs and toxic substances on the human body often results in acute poisoning. Sometimes there is death.

The desire to experience new sensations often absorbs the fear to the consequences of the action of drugs on the body. But most teens about known little about this and trust only personal example of an experienced addict. It generates the atmosphere of frivolous attitude to the impending danger of addiction to psychoactive drugs.

Unregulated physical “methods” of education, rudeness in dealing with young people are fertile ground on which a sense of teenager’s inferiority develops. In an attempt to relieve the tension and stop the insults, they find solace in drugs.

Bad companion along this way is maximalism, personal and philosophical “soul-searching” to find the exit of accumulated “problems.” The behavior of the young man is noticed by distributors of drugs and they quickly orient, offering an easy way to “relax.” According to their explanations, based on the “own great experience”, dipping into the own “I”, the atmosphere of ecstasy and “high” help to solve all problems.

In fact, the young man with the help of the drug opens the door to the world of even more personal problems, though of a different kind. Self-enquiry, deceptive world of “trouble-free” existence, actually protects the human from the perception of reality, it contributes to the loss of ability to enjoy the world.

Reasons contributing to drug addiction of a society

Reasons Contributing to Drug Addiction of a SocietyA comprehensive analysis of the problem of drug addiction in society witnesses that the reasons are at several levels – psychological, social and economic. They are intertwined and derivate from each other.

Psychological reasons are based on the personal aspects of teenagers, and are expressed in mental instability, weakness, naivety, desire for self-affirmation, self-expression and, of course, trying to imitate adults. Often attracting to narcotic drugs comes from the desire to relieve stress, fear, and anxiety, to shirk responsibility and current challenges into the world of dreams and unreal reality.

Very often young people with unstable mentality are too sensitive to what is happening around them, they drawn to the “hash” or needle. In this way, they demonstrate a high degree of self-esteem in the eyes of their peers. They are trying to extinguish obstructive for this complexes and anxiety with drugs.

An attempt that once has finished with success seems to be saving. It is perceived as a clue in solving similar problems in the future. The situation repeats itself. The body perceives the “training” as granted to maintaining the level of the desired state. As a result, there is produced a conditioned reflex, and the habit is quickly becoming the meaning of life.

It often becomes a barrier of effective treatment of young drug addicts.

Teens constantly strive for experience, to try personally, to give the own assessment for new sensations. On this basis, they try to assert themselves in the eyes of the environment. But many gain life experience not only by positive emotions. And then failures are perceived very painfully that lead to irritability, the young man begins to perceive reality inadequately.

At this point, it is important that the teenager is noticed by the indifferent person, and not by “forwarder” of drugs. Young man’s further destiny depends much on how the young man will be explained the situation, recommend a way out. These “first advisers” for teens should be the ones who always has to be the closest to them – parents and good friends.

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