Drug Abuse Among Adolescents

Drug Abuse Among AdolescentsStatistics – is a stubborn thing. But nowadays statistics is more and more not only stubborn but also terrifying. Almost 70 per cent of all people, injecting drugs – are young people and teenagers as statisticians say. And another terrible figures: more than half of teenage boys have tried at least once in a lifetime drug-fifth of the girls knows the taste of the toxic substance. Moreover, 45 percent of male teenagers regularly take toxic drugs, and almost every fifth girl – is also a drug addict with the experience … Drug abuse among adolescents acquires the signs of the epidemic. And this is not an exaggeration.

Drugs as part of the “elite” of life

Different specialists call the different reasons of popularization teenage drug addiction. But they absolutely agree on one thing: among today’s young people it is unfashionable not to take drugs. For teenagers, drug substances have become a part of life. Less than a decade ago, a teenage drug addict was something out of the ordinary. Today dependent teenagers can be already counted in the hundreds. They – are the third part of all drug addicts, who decided to ask for help at the doctor. And this is dismayed.

Expensive car, prestigious brand of phone, an elite residential area … Nowadays “golden youth” necessarily adds drugs to this list of luck. The level of well-being is determined by the “prestige” of used drug substance, and a “high” becomes an integral part of the “elite” life. And all this is served by no less fashionable “sauce” of the philosophical concept of gaining spiritual experience. Teens who use drugs, share with each other their emotions, feelings, experiences from the using this or that a chemical substance. They are admiring the works of Castaneda, dreaming about the getting into “the magical world of” Don Juan. They are looking for a mescaline idolizing “smoke” and … incredibly rapidly turn into addicts with experience …

It is enough to talk a little with high school student to understand that he is sufficiently well informed in matters relating to drugs. A teenager can very detailed tell about the difference between drugs, describe the feeling from one or another drug. And worst of all that most of this information – is not read on the Internet, and this is his personal experience. Many students possess excellent knowledge in the field of pharmacology, read lots of book about addiction. Most of them know how and from what to get a “high”. They can easily buy desired preparations through a worldwide network, and buy products, containing drugs, at pharmacies without any prescription.

Some people believe that drug addicts are mostly children from disadvantaged families, who are losers in life. This misconception is based on history. The first global burst in popularity of the drug occurred in 20 years of the last century. Then, mostly homeless were under the influence of cocaine. Through 70 years of history to repeat itself, but then in the children of other categories were involved into the drug trade. And at the present time a significant quantity of elite schools children – are experienced drug addicts. They continue to believe that in front of them is bright future, in fact, at best, they face a hospital bed, in the worst … Okay, let’s do not talk about the worst.

Why do teenagers become drug addicted?

Why do more and more children from quite happy families become addicted? Why teenagers dream to try drugs? Why do students have created the cult from “chemistry”?

Growing. Psychologists say that the first cause of the problem is in the emotional component. The teenager – it’s still not formed personality. He was still curious and fearless, willing to try something new, not knowing what this experience threatens. Secondly, children dream to grow up as quickly as possible, and drugs, as they understand is a part of adult life. But teenagers are not able to understand one thing, the main thing – such “growing up” is able to destroy all life.

In most cases, the first dose is taken by high school students in the company of friends. And he can do it at a disco, as well as in school. The first using of the drug – is the first understanding of what is actually “high”, which was so much talked about by more “experienced” friends. But the teenager, like all novice addicts, still do not understand that the drug “high” ends quickly, but it is not so simple to return to normal life after that. A teenager does not understand that drug addicts with experienced take drugs not for a moment’s pleasure – their main goal – is to return to normal healthy person. But it is not so easy to do this.

Personal problems. Another reason called by psychologists – is the desire to get rid of personal problems. But the teenager in a state of psychological distress because of problems in his personal life is unwilling or unable to understand that the drug, like alcohol, is not able to resolve the problems. Potion creates the illusion of the world without any problems, which is not real. And this state “lags” the teenager into an abyss from which sometimes there is no turning back.

The search for pleasure. Psychologists call this the reason most insidious. The teenager, who had tried just a psychotropic substance, having experienced the first “high”, wants to extend those feelings again as quickly as possible. And this is the biggest danger – the psychic dependence on drugs is growing rapidly and treated the most difficult. The child may not yet feel the physical “sweats” in the absence of dose, but mental “sweats” cause him to go in search of another “dose of buzz.”

Friendship with the bad guys. Adolescence – this is the stage when one of the principal authorities for the children are their friends. That is why it is so important to know who your children are friends with, where they spend their time, what they do when you can’t see them. If a high school student in the home does not find understanding, he is looking for his peers and senior colleagues. It is possible that some of them can offer the teenager drown the heartache, resentment, and misunderstanding using synthetic substance…

But do not forget about another situation. A child may be from adopting family and friends with the good guys, but someday he wants to be a respected leader, to acquire qualities that no one else with his peers has, and he tries to drugs, alcohol, tobacco … Yesterday exemplary child becomes “bad guy”, but “adult” and “respected” in the company of teenagers.

Teenage drug abuse: how to recognize?

Teenage Drug Abuse: How to RecognizeHave you seen a 7-year-old child with a cigarette in his hand? Until a few decades ago, doctors would say that this is not possible. Today we all know that it is quite possible. But the first-grader with a cigarette – is not just a young smoker, is a potential addict. Parents of a child with a penchant for drug addiction can’t wait even one day, as soon as possible it is necessary to consult a doctor, to examined the child and secondly – to have a course of rehabilitation at the psychologist. If the parents will be able to react in time, the chances to protect the child are high enough.

Parents should remember that the dependence on narcotic substances, especially synthetic origin, may develop after the first use and the first signs of addiction – a week later.

The following changes should serve as the first “bell”:

  • the child began to do poorly at school;
  • the teachers complain of his behavior;
  • parents and friends have noticed the aggressiveness in communication;
  • the teenager began coming home later than usual, often does not come home at all;
  • skips classes;
  • the child has a new suspect (often much older than him) friends;
  • the teenager became withdrawn and unsociable;
  • worsened appetite;
  • frequent desire to “be alone”;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • rapid and frequent mood changes for no apparent reason.

There are such physical symptoms that indicate addiction to drugs:

  • poor memory and a state of permanent depression;
  • pale skin;
  • vague and non-expressive language;
  • pupils – are narrowed or extended at any light;
  • coordination of movements – is broken.

There are many other features, but these should alert parents first.

What to do if you noticed that something wrong with a child?

The first thing that most parents should remember is that can’t be done in any case: to panic and to arrange hysterics. Such behavior of close people only further exacerbate the problem by making the child more withdrawn, he still will spend more time with those who are his “understanding” and “consoles”.

Cool mind – that will help in this situation. First and foremost, parents should immediately understand the situation: how long the child is taking drugs, what kind of drugs are poisoning teenager and how he assesses the situation. Perhaps the teenager tried the drug only once, and he did not like it, and therefore, your child has no desire to continue the dangerous experiments. Then, parents should only support their child, spend more time with him, gently persuade him that the drugs – is evil. It is best if the professionals will engage to this work – doctors, psychologists, rehabilitation centers.

Preventive work

Probably no one will deny the fact that the age of people, using alcohol, tobacco and drugs has become dramatically younger. Now beginning addicts – are not the 30-year-olds, but school children who have already had time to learn the taste of cigarettes and vodka. And this is a problem. The problem is that you can let things slide, and you can try to solve it. But the surest way to solve any problem –is to prevent its occurrence.

Of course, you can be deeply convinced that your children are very smart and they never have thought to try narcotic potion. God forbid. But because of such blind confidence, you can skip the time when the teenager begins the path to “pilling” and then it will be too late for salvation. But prevention never did anyone any bad.

So what to do, that the teenager does not dare smoking potions in search of new sensations?

1. Parents get rid of your own bad habits.

If a child with birth watching smoking father or mother, he has the understanding of what is the ideal model of behavior. Smoking and alcohol for him are not bad habits, but part of normal everyday life. Remember, your child’s mind begins to form from the first days of hir life, and only depends on how you will grow your child, what will be the norm for him, and what – is bad behavior. Do not program the baby on the addiction to bad habits. Explain to him that the illusion will never replace the real world, the problems under the influence of alcohol and drugs do not go away, moment satisfaction is not worth to ruin his whole life.

2. “Filter” the information that your baby reads

The mass media, the Internet, books – all these influence much on a mental development. The information received from the mass media is “staying” in teenager’s head for a long time. That is why it is so important to keep an eye on what your child watches and reads. Try your child to watch as much as possible impressive films and lectures, telling about the dangers of drugs on real examples of real people. Teenagers need to understand that the drug – it’s not just the evil on a scale of one particular life, but it’s a way of the extinction of all humanity, is the degeneration of the nation, it is not a problem of one single family, but of all the countries around the world.

3. Love your child

Psychologists say that most people commit stupid things because of misunderstanding. Adults do not hear children, children – adult. Everyone lives in his own world, and when these worlds intersect – the scandal could not be avoided … This is the easiest way to push your child into the world of “magic” and “haze”. And teenager will look for understanding and love there, which he did not get at home from relatives. Talk to your sons and daughters, tell them how much you love, proud of them and wish them only the good and happiness. Communicate honestly and without masks. Explain the teenager that the world is beautiful without drugs and minute “high”, the world is beautiful without any “stimulants” and the illusion created by poison – is nothing, but a hoax, which sooner or later will vanish, leaving himself only bitterness, pain, and broken lives …

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