Detoxification of the Body

Detoxification of The BodyIt is believed that detoxification concerns only drug addicts and alcoholics. Let’s see. During the life of the human body variety of toxins entering with food accumulate. They are as damaging as those that enter the body along with drugs and alcohol. Therefore, cleansing the body periodically is recommended.

Neutralization and localization of action of toxic substances are achieved through physical, chemical and biological methods. It is used not only in the rehabilitation of patients with alcohol and drug abuse but also with the routine cleaning of the organism from the same toxic substances.

Scientist’s observations conclusively prove that not all poisons and chemicals are removed from the body naturally. Their residues accumulate in human’s adipose tissue. And they are found in alcoholics and drug addicts, even after a long period of time the last successful treatment and rehabilitation. Therefore, detoxification of the body – is an essential condition for the healing process of patients with drug and alcohol addiction.

Even after you stop taking the drug, the human body can feel the echo of his former illness. Clots of “stragglers” in the body toxins cause actions similar to those in the period of drug use. They penetrate deep into the tissue and become active periodically even after the treatment. Any of the previously used drugs can remind about themselves – heroin, cocaine, peyote, mescaline, ecstasy.

Besides, human tissue may accumulate food preservatives, medicines residues, pesticides, and chemical waste. While they are “within” the body, they are able to re-activate the senses. Reminding his presence, they will constantly until they withdraw completely from the body. And this can be done using methods and preparations of detoxification.

They are required especially for people suffering from drug addiction. You can’t skip this procedure, because drugs, affecting the function of internal organs, change his behavioral mood, attitude on the part of the environment, “rewrite” the new scenario of life in family and society. They hinder the development of the individual, his improvement, inhibit the development of the mind and affect the “indicators” level of mental health.

Procedures for the detoxification of the body are usually held during the month, more precisely, during 2-3 weeks. Because the remains of toxins leave the body gradually, and, accordingly, their impact is reduced to the limit. As the eyewitnesses say, the man returns new after the procedures – in a good mood, with a desire to live.

General principles

The specialists pay a paramount attention for treatment of acute poisoning. In such cases, the therapeutic methods in two directions should be used – symptomatic therapy and artificial detoxification. In some cases, special attention is given at antidotal therapy that by applying a specific set of drugs reduces the toxicity of poisons, present in the body.

Methods of intensive symptomatic therapy are aimed at maintaining and replacement of disorders of the cardio – vascular and respiratory system.

Artificial detoxification activates the natural processes of cleansing the body, complementing them and also takes over part of the functions of the liver and kidneys. It includes methods of extra- and intra-corporal detoxification, blood transfusion, plasmapheresis, quantum chemotherapy and others. In current clinical practice, they are known as hemodialysis, chemisorption, plasma sorption, etc.

A set of “tools” is great, that is why for their effective use by the physician it is necessary to choose the right combination of these methods with the use of techniques complex and in view of the individual characteristics of the patient. And the severity of the disease is not ignored the type of toxin, especially its interaction and reaction of the body, dictated by the adapt abilities of an addict.

Modern methods of detoxification

Modern Methods of DetoxificationOnce, our ancestors have been actively cleansing the body with emetic, diuretic compounds, using a variety of folk baths and steam rooms, enemas, and posts. Supporters of many of them can be found today.


Not everybody can get into the bathhouse and not all methods are good: sometimes they can hurt, that the effect can be another.

For example, not all enemas are useful, because not every formulation of this is useful for a body. People have refused the emetic receptions for different reasons, explaining this by “discomfort” and causes of direct physical harm to the body.

Today experts pay attention to methods of purifying the blood and other body fluids. Lymph, blood, cerebrospinal fluid are “woven” from the unformed plasma and cellular elements, which are transported through the body all the substances, including and toxins. Modern technologies allow «finding» the poisons in these streams and outputting them from the body.

Scientific investigations and practice shows that the increasing blood indicators reduces the level of potential thrombosis, improves blood circulation. It is well known, so called treatment with the own blood – autohemotherapy.

Hemodialysis, artificial kidney – is the first widespread method. It has helped to reduce significantly the mortality from acute poisoning.

Modern developments of the physical chemistry have proved the ability of finely porous carbon to retain many toxic substances and bacterial bodies. The sorption has appeared on the base of this principle. Enter sorption has established itself as good method. Hemadsorption has quickly gained the popularity as an effective method of getting rid of various intoxications. In place of the activated coils came ion exchange resins.

On the basis of knowledge about the white blood cells, red blood cells and other cellular components and plasma, which “hides” the majority of toxic elements, the idea to clean the blood by separation has born. The technique is called plasmapheresis. It allows you to get rid of many toxins, however, during this with some number of nutrients is damaged.

Modern medicine knows many methods of detoxification by cleansing the lymph and cerebrospinal fluid. But because of the need for specific manipulation, the indications for applying are reduced significantly. But chemisorption and plasmapheresis requires only special devices. Therefore, the procedure can be provided only at the hospital.

Autohemotherapy is used along with the methods of extracorporeal detoxification – the blood is irradiated with electromagnetic energy.

AMLO – ultrafast opioid detoxification

The method helps “removing” quickly opiates from the body, displacing drug. The process of “displacement” passes through the introduction of a large amount of an antagonist. He has got a reputation of one the most reliable.

However, the procedure has a deterrent factor – the elimination of opiates from the body is accompanied with the well-known “sweats.” Because of this, many addicts do not dare to such a procedure of detoxification. Due to the high speed of biochemical processes, withdrawal syndrome should be maximized. General anesthesia is usually used in order the patient does not feel sufferings and for the work of “brakes” in the activities of his nervous system. After the anesthesia recovering the residual effects of anesthesia abstinence syndrome disappear or appear barely. Their remains should be “striped” with medicines.

So, there are many advantages of this method in comparison with other methods of opioid detoxification.

  1. Withdrawal syndrome is absent or does not have a bright expression, there is no pain. This allows providing it without interrupting the rehabilitation course.
  2. The supportive therapy can be provided immediately after recovering the patient from anesthesia.
  3. The stable remission – from 70 to 90 percent – is seen during a long time, up to six months.
  4. This technique is applicable to detox patients of any age, regardless of the duration of drug dependence and the applied dose.

Modern methods of detoxification for drug dependence

Doctors choose them on a basis of personal characteristics of the patient and the nature of the intoxication. That is why, they are different in relation to each drug addict but have common areas:

  • medical;
  • not medical;
  • combined.

Biological detoxification has natural, biological methods cleansing, at which drugs and chemical substances with side effects are used. The complexes of procedures include physical exercise, saunas, stimulates the nervous system, increase sweating, blood circulation, “equalize” the breath, etc. Such methods of detoxification are similar to those, which used by our ancestors and help to free the body from toxins and metabolic products.

This method of detoxification is considered very efficient, but since it involves high physical activity, qualified medical consultation is necessary at the beginning.

Drugs very painfully “hit” on the patient’s liver. That is why; doctors pay special attention this organ. Generally, treatment of cirrhosis is prescribed, the enteral detoxification is provided.

By the way, these procedures are useful not only for drug addicts, and for those who do not suffer from bad habits. Because the products used in human food are “stuffed” with various food additives. The bad ecology and many other costs of modern conditions of life affect the liver, and it, in turn – on the work of the whole body.

Taking thought about the own health, many are willing to do cleaning of the body, but not everyone knows where to begin from.

First of all, you need to refer to specialists. They will help to draw up a program of detoxification and to prepare recommendations. Often at the same time you are offered to make a switch to an appropriate diet. Some scare of it. But for the sake of the own health, probably, it is necessary to go in for certain restrictions.

Is it possible to cure a drug addict at home?

Is it Possible to Cure a Drug Addict at HomeThe answer to this frequently asked question does not have a direct answer, as would like to hear someone who asks it a specialist.

The fact is that a person does not feel the addiction as long as he has no “sweats”. Because society does not welcome such patients, as a rule, the patient does not want to go to hospital officially, and even consult a specialist.

But there is no other way as visiting drug specialists. Only a specialist can competently perform all the necessary steps:

  • to ascertain the fact of drug use and the degree of risk;
  • to provide the procedure of detoxification, put a dropper;
  • to eliminate depression, neurosis and panic disorder;
  • to do coding;
  • to do chemical blockade;
  • to organize the consultation with a psychiatrist at home.

However, treatment at home is conjugated with a number of difficulties. For example, there are limited possibilities in the survey and obtain of objective results of all the necessary analyzes.

Detoxification: simple techniques to remove the problem

Remembering that detoxification – is removing the toxins from the body, experts have developed some simple recommendations for their removal from the body. Let’s note at once that we talking about cleansing the body with a low degree of slagging, which is oriented to maintaining proper metabolism by natural methods and with the help of natural products.

The first thing that we should remember: the body needs fresh fruits and vegetables.

The second: it is necessary to limit the use of heavy carbohydrates, contained in cooking foods – fast foods, pastries, and cakes.

The third: the menu should contain not fatty meat and fish.

And finally, from the liquid you need to give preference to filtered water and reduce consumption of juices and “soda”.

Toxins and excess fluid are well removed with rice, apple cider vinegar, watermelon.

By the way, there are products that, according to experts, will help to speed up the removing of toxins from the body. Among them are parsley, apples, bananas, carrots, asparagus, beets and lemon juice, porridge oats, and brown rice.

Some of the recommendations seem primitive and, at first glance, wrongly included to the list.

Therefore, we should note that the recommendations concern slight forms of intoxication.

Secondly, detoxification of the body is more effective with an integrated approach. Therefore, even simple guidelines should not be ignored: what if, something that today seems a trifle will be that lifebuoy which will help return the body the most expensive thing – a health!

We don’t have to give even the slightest chance.

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