Children of Drug Addicts

Children of Drug AddictsThe scientists have definitely determined that drug addict men suffer from impotence. And women who use drugs become infertile. Contrary to the logic of nature and educated human, some drug addicts with a great experience and a disordered life still have their children. However, this does not change their established way of life. Parental feelings remain at the level of consciousness of the cuckoo: they do not care in what conditions the child lives, about their health, which needs, etc. Woman addict, even during pregnancy continues to take narcotic drugs; she does not believe that “the plague of the century” could harm the health of the fetus.

In fact, children born from drug addict parents markedly yield to physical development to normal children, they have a weak immune system, and they fall behind their peers in intellectual development. It turns out that they grow alone, and their parents separately: everyone has his own primitive way of life, his isolated outside world. Besides the fact that they have a genetic background to drug use, the environment itself pushes the life of drug addicts into society.

Children of drug addicts: fates and problems

A striking image, when children are forced to pay for the sins of their parents – are children of addicts. They represent one of the main groups at risk of kids’ birth with severe disabilities. Practice does not know yet variants with a positive outcome. Therefore, even former addicts, who have given up bad habits, are not recommended by doctors to plan a baby during the next ten years even after a treatment.

Some parental feelings predominate over the recommendations of the experts, and they decide to take the risk. What can it turn into?

In some countries, light drugs, for example, on the basis of cannabis are legalized. But even they make adjustments to the development of the fetus and the baby is born with certain pathologies. They often have a syndrome that has gotten the definition as “sudden death.” It can remind about itself during the first year of life. Often children are born dead because future mothers during pregnancy or while were smoking marijuana.

Dystrophy – a typical scene of “development” of the child from the parents who prefer marijuana.

Children of addicts have a huge “bouquet” of diseases. And add here a typical situation when a child is limited in proper care, it is not hard to imagine what will happen with the rest of his fate. Typically, the parents do not take part in it, as are concerned about getting another “dose”. Then, being woozy, they are unable to pay the child at least some attention. Only one thing remains for a child – to watch the way of life of the parents and try once what is “a sense of the buzz.” The first dose of the narcotic drug always leads to the next, and everything ends with the full-fledged addiction from a bad habit. And behind it – are the troubles with the law.

Congenital malformations of born babies are often images of horror films. Looking at them, one might wonder, because children are not guilty, they have such parents, for what they are these torments?

Doctors are looking for ways to help these children, but the results haven’t made anybody happy. Recently there was the first sign of hope: Israeli scientists said about the possibilities of restoring the brain destroyed by heroin. An example of a single and it is in the process of scientific experiments, experiments were made only with mice. Only scientists can assume when the experiment will outgrow the stage of clinical trials.

The threat of the monstrous consequences of drug pursues a woman for a long time. Even after stopping the taking of drugs for an additional 10 years.

Babies of solvent abusers are born with serious genetic mutations and mentally underdeveloped.

Many of the girls consider smoking drugs as harmless. If normal smoking harms the fetus, then, how can be harmless inhalation of drugs! Girls who smoke hashish and marijuana bring into the world dystrophic, whose head circumference is not correct. Most births are premature. Babies born from drug addicts mothers, as a rule, live a very little more a year. In the case of successful birth, they are doomed to suffering from cerebral palsy, hearing, and visual impairment.

Cocaine use during pregnancy may be accompanied with stroke or defeat of the urinary system. But more children are dying during childbirth.

“Amphetamine” children appear mentally and physically retarded compared with their peers. It is caused by abnormalities of blood circulation in the body of the mother during gestation.

There is another danger of heroin. The drug often causes sudden death syndrome of a baby. In cases when it is possible to avoid such trouble, the child has clear violations of motor skills and speech, and mental underdevelopment.

Miscarriage, premature birth, and placental abruption can cause the use of lysergic acid (LSD). Drug leads to genetic mutation of the little man.

Hope that the situation can be saved by the transition to soft drugs, as a rule, is unfounded and also does not give the result. Children of such parents are living with the constant risk of sudden infant death syndrome. Parents, being in a state of “high”, of euphoria, jeopardize two lives at once – their own and the baby’s.

Is there a future for the children born from drug addicts?

Is There a Future for The Children Born From Drug AddictsPractice does not know cases when there are born babies without pathologies from drug addicts and alcoholics. Knowing this, such parents are usually “forget” newborns in hospitals. From there they go into the homes of baby and children’s homes. One hope remains for them – to wait for someone to adopt them. But, as doctors say, these kids do not live long.

If the parents of drug addicts do not abandon their children, it is not the best chance in life for them. Their fate repeats biography of parents, they also become addicted.

The second way, predestined by addicted parents – is crime. Adult addicts are pushing their children to do it. Sometimes they sell own children to someone in slavery or for “artistic career” in the porn industry. These children have no chance to become a full member of society and its benefits. For the right to live they have to give a very high price – crippled his destiny and even life.

Whether there is light at the end of the tunnel for a drug addict child?

Children of “happy families” are not immune also from drug addiction. Doctors, psychologists, teachers urge parents suspected in children addiction to drugs, do not leave the suspicions without attention, not to panic, and in any case not to close your eyes to them. You must immediately visit a specialist, and to clarify or remove suspicions.

The closest attention should be paid to him in age from 15 to 18 years. What should you pay attention at, what should alert in the child’s behavior and, the most importantly, what to do?

“False alarm” can be provoked by the particulars of the juvenile period. At the same time, you should surely take a closer look if the behavior of son or daughter has not changed. It’s necessary to beat all the bells if you suddenly have seen warning signs:

  • often, changes in mood;
  • child’s environment has changed, there are older friends;
  • appetite disorders appeared – he doesn’t want to eat or pounces at the food like a hungry after fasting;
  • noticeable changes in the behavior to more aggressive;
  • school absenteeism, apathy to classes and, as a consequence, reduced performance;
  • the disappearance money or valuables from the house.

School life of a teenager can also give a “false alarm.” You should not tempt fate and to neglect a situation. It is necessary to discuss with the drug specialist all revealed signs of changes in behavior. Sometimes it happens that a child is changing abruptly as a result of problems in the relationship with high school students, or even peers.

The second thing to do – is to speak with his son or daughter, and address the subject of drugs, gently express their suspicions and hear an explanation of the “suspect”.

Childrearing – is a complicated process that involves many problems in the development of the adolescent. They should be noticed first by parents and take all necessary measures. Sometimes, parents make the mistake of finding evil in the child’s behavior, try to keep silent about the problem, change the school or place of residence. But the problem is not solved.

We do not talk yet the taken social causes of drug addiction. But in most cases teenager’s low self-esteem pushes him into the maelstrom of addiction. From many reasons that become companions of addict beginner, there is very notable his attempts to get rid of some internal discomfort. If parents do not conceal their suspicion and have visited a drug specialist timely, a doctor will be able to help solve the problem of the beginning addict. Moreover, the earlier treatment is, the easier for the doctor and greater the chance of recovery for a patient.

By the way, parents will also need psychological help. Sure – shocking news like “your child – is a drug addict” can unbalance any father or mother. We must remember the main thing: there are almost no incurable diseases, there are those which are detected late or hided and aren’t engaged in treatment.

Let’s do everything on time, especially when it comes to the health of a son or daughter.

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