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Children Against DrugsThere is an opinion that children from disadvantaged families only are prone to the bad influence of street. And exactly by this false “truth” many parents compose themselves, thinking that there is no danger of bad “education” of a street for their child, and much less of drug addiction. In fact, the love and care of his father and mother mean a lot, but often even this can’t protect the child from the pernicious craving for drugs. That is why absolutely all parents of absolutely all children and to absolutely any age must keep their eyes on the ball. Because, the drugs do not choose their victims by age and there is no difference for drug traffickers whom to sell another dose…

The main thing – is to notice the changes in time

Drug dependence usually isn’t developed during one day – this is a process with the length of a month, sometimes longer. The first smoked cigarette with “hash” or the first taking pill of ecstasy does not necessarily go into the regularity, since there are neither on the physical nor on the psychological level new thinking patterns and changes in the body has developed. That is why it is so important to notice the earliest changes in the character, actions and desires of their own child.

At this stage, the child is not sick, he has not an addiction yet, he is still able to respond adequately to an instructive conversation with parents. Sometimes it will be enough to talk “heart to heart” with the teenager that the drugs – is the evil, crippling health, taking away the lives and dreams in the embodiment of plans and dreams. But parents need to remember this period, called experimental by specialists; it proceeds very rapidly and ends quickly, moving to the next phase. If you skip this first stage, then all subsequent steps – will be a long, often for many years, treatment for the most terrible disease – drug addiction. In the second phase of the disease development there is no longer a kind of cute child with whom you can talk and he will understand – there is a drug addict, who is often in search of a new dose will not stop at nothing.

What should alert?

It is easy to say: “You can’t skip a trial period!” But what principles the behavior of the child should be analyzed by, which should be caused for concern, and what is the norm for the life of a teenager growing up? Experts have identified three of the most important points that should be analyzed, peering to the changes of a teenager.

Mood swings – abruptly and without reason

There is no doubt that the life of a teenager – is extremely filled with emotions and incidents. Often, such a fullness of life can cause mood changes. But it is clear for close people the reasons of nervousness or feelings of the child. But sometimes using brain and observation it is very difficult to explain what happens to a teenager, why just laughed baby in a moment turned into an evil or vice versa indifferent to everything. Such changes should alert the family.

Unusual changes in sleep

The rhythm of child’s sleep should also attract the attention of parents. If he is sleepy all day, at school – is lethargy, sluggish, and only in the evening after a walk “comes to life” – this is not normal. Like the fact that a teenager can sit at the computer all night and stays awake for an unusually long period of time and gets asleep at dawn.

The diet has changed

If the child can eat nothing all the day long, but only after night walk eats whole bread or the unusually large portion of a rich dish, it is also not normal. If the style of food changes, its speed, the child eats very quickly and eagerly as if hadn’t seen foods for many days; it can be a signal that the teenager has recently smoked marijuana. After the end of intoxication from taking the drug, there is a strong hunger.

And further. Parents should remember that children who start taking drugs almost never dare to come home, “stoned”. Usually, they come back after a drug “walks” tired and listless, or with obvious signs of uncontrollable appetite, which is hard to hide.

It is clear that similar features may be caused by other reason – not necessarily drugs. Therefore, parents should be very observant and attentive to the child. But if at least two of the above items appear at the same time, it is urgently necessary to save son or daughter.

Besides, you should pay attention to other changes in the child’s behavior:

  • has lost interest in school and favorite hobby;
  • separated from family life, he is not interested in what is happening in the house;
  • views on life have changed;
  • musical preferences have changed – he began listening to aggressive music, reminiscent of the metal drums sounds;
  • irritability has appeared, aggression or vice versa – tearfulness.

If parents notice at least two of the above symptoms they should immediately start a conversation with the child on the subject of drugs. His behavior during a conversation almost immediately shows if the teenager takes drugs or not. If suspicion received confirmation you should immediately contact the experts – drug specialists and psychologists specializing in dealing with such problems.

Most likely a child is using drugs, if he has:

  • pale skin;
  • slowed speech;
  • expanded or constricted pupils;
  • red and “muddy” eyes;
  • a chronic cough appears;
  • disrupted coordination of movements;
  • loss of appetite and weight, or vice versa – big appetite and unquenchable thirst.

Behavioral model of a child dependent on drugs

Behavioral Model of a Child Dependent on DrugsKids, who take drugs, do not behave as their peers. Usually, depending on psychotropic drugs, there are observed sleep disturbance and a sharp deterioration in memory of teenagers, unexplained fatigue, and a sharp decline in performance. So it is difficult for such children to focus on anything. They can be either for no apparent reason in a state of increased activity, or vice versa – sluggish during the daytime. Absences from classes, often escapes from the house, the tendency to mendacity and unwillingness to answer questions, begging for a lot of money, avoiding old friends, the appearance of asocial types among new acquaintances, slovenly … All this the best describes the typical beginning drug addict. Besides, parents should think about the problem when the valuables begin to disappear from house and there are the sound of aggressive music or frequent phone conversations come out of a child’s room, after which he leaves the house …

Facts, confirming drug dependence

Of course, it is difficult for parents to discover and the thought that their child – is a drug, addict. Many, escaping from reality, are not willing to ignore the obvious facts. Parents soothe themselves, well, it seemed. But there is no question of “seemed” when they found the body of a teenager needle marks, cuts, and bruises. When among his personal belongings packs of sedative-hypnotics, incomprehensible capsules, and vials, cans and burned spoons, rolled-up banknotes money and paper were found… All of this speaks of a terrible truth – the child is suffering from drug addiction. The result of the urine test will give 100 percent confirmation of these things give.

My child – is a drug, addict!

These terrible words have to be repeated many parents. But the tears, tantrums and teachings of the young addict will not cure. And the biggest misconception when parents try to convince themselves that addiction – is just a bad habit, and the problem will be decided on its own, and the child will “grow” … It will not happen! Drug addiction – is a disease. It is a terrible disease, which can lead even to death. Therefore, the only correct decision of parents – is to declare war on their child’s illness. And it is necessary to begin this war immediately.

What should the parents of drug addicts’ children do?

What Should the Parents of Drug Addicts’ Children doFirst of all, it is necessary that the child is not estranged from the family completely. In order to do these, it is necessary to convince the patient that the native people love him. At this stage, you can’t yell or punish the teenager, on the contrary, in a quiet environment and non-coercive interview, find out what kind of drugs the child takes, how long, what doses. Without this information, it would be difficult to assess the level of neglect of the disease, to determine the next steps.

Secondary, the task of close people – is to help a drug dependent child to realize the seriousness of the problem, to convince him that the treatment – is the only path to recovery. While a teenager does not accept the existence of the problem, no one expert will help him. The most important factor in the process of drug treatment – is patient’s desire.

Only specialists will help

There are many clinics for the treatment of narcotic addiction for children in the world. However the therapy applied to young drug addicts, partly differs from the treatment of adults.

Healthy centers work successfully for many years. For example: “Children against drugs”. Specialists of this institution, like many other similar types, are engaged in the rehabilitation of children treated for this terrible addiction. In addition, workers of such centers have a lot of informational interviews with children in order to prevent the emergence the desire of children to try drugs.

Worldwide thousands of volunteers are involved in the control and prevention of drug abuse. They – are the organizers of the set of cognitive events for adolescents that promote a healthy lifestyle. But no matter how many events are made by the young people of voluntary movements, nothing can replace for a child a parental attention and sincere conversation in the kitchen. Talk with your children while they still hear you, then it will not be too late …

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