Beer Alcoholism

Beer AlcoholismSome people believe that beer alcoholism does not exist. Commoners may even ironically ask again: “Beer alcoholism?”,- they say – “What are you talking about?”

But for medics there is no question – is there a beer alcoholism.

Specialists who are professionally engaged in research related to alcohol, argue that alcohol dependence on the basis of amber drink addiction isn’t less dangerous than on the basis of vodka addiction. And in general, there is no harmless alcohol at all.

So, does a beer alcoholism really exist? If yes, then what is it?

Let’s remember that the beer, as well as any alcoholic drink, contains alcohol. That it is addicted to alcohol. By analogy with the diseases related to the abuse of alcoholic beverages, beer alcoholism is the same addiction, but in this case, the addiction to the amber drink. Sometimes a bad habit is called in one word – gambrinizm. This phrase came from the name of fland ruler who became famous in the history because of his love for beer.

He has always been and still remains a lot of followers. But so far none of them didn’t recognize for a peccadillo, and say, well, yes: I have beer alcoholism – so I am ready to be treated, and etc.

Drug treatment in practice made ​​sure that beer alcoholism is as dangerous and harmful to the health of the human psyche, as well as others of his species.

Currently, the spread of beer alcoholism has already managed to exceed all known limits, capturing people, many of whom sincerely believe that they are not sick and do not require treatment, but when discussing the problem they are genuinely surprised: “Beer alcoholism! What is it?”. Consequences that are threatened by beer alcoholism, are much more serious than the consequences of wine or vodka alcoholism.

History presents us such a well-known and reliable case: the British, who were trying to actively fight against alcoholism, have made everything possible to make people drink weaker drinks, but it soon became clear that the idea was not just vain, but even pernicious. Naturally, such a public zeal to fight one kind of alcohol was the cause of finding another more dangerous type of alcoholism.

Opponents of alcohol, setting the stage for a conversation on “Beer alcoholism: features” recalled Chancellor Bismarck, who once said that beer – is a beverage that is capable of making people stupid, sexually passive and lazy. In the long term, beer is really able to exert such action on the drinker. Moreover, beer is particularly dangerous due to the fact that people do not even notice how slowly ruin oneself by drink, drinking beer daily.

The causes of beer alcoholism will be called below. In the meantime, let us still note the “bad” side of beer.

Negative effects on the heart

Negative Effects on The HeartBeer alcoholism has a direct negative impact on the human body. Among the most serious consequences for the drinker – there is a harm that beer brings to the heart. Excessive doses of “foam”, certainly affect the well-being of the drinker, as well as on the state of his heart. Even the term “Bavarian beer heart” is known, which was coined by the German physician for people whose hearts had to undergo changes as a result of daily consumption of beer. This condition is characterized by symptoms:

  • thickened walls;
  • myocardial necrosis;
  • expansion of the cavity of the heart;
  • reduced the number of mitochondria.

Such a major change in any way can not pass unnoticed for human feeling. Changes in heart muscle called cobalt, which is present in abundance in beer as a stabilizer foaming. Doctors have reported that alcoholic beer content of cobalt in the heart can be ten times higher than for ordinary people in the norm. Cobalt has a negative impact on the internal organs such as:

  • the heart;
  • esophagus;
  • stomach.

In the gastrointestinal tract, cobalt is capable of eliciting an inflammatory process that may occur relatively asymptomatic periodically delivering beer alcoholic discomfort.

Beer also is dangerous and so that carbon dioxide contained in the beer in a large amount is capable of provoking the development of varicose veins of the heart. This is another symptom that refers to the syndrome of “beer heart”. Stretched wall of the heart loses their elasticity. Flabby heart with Stretched walls worse starts to pump blood, which affects the functioning of the whole organism.

The negative impact of beer on the hormonal profile

The negative effect that beer has on the hormonal status of a person is not a joke. Substances with toxic effects that can be found in beer can change the normal hormonal status of the organism. In addition, beer contains heavy metals, whose influence on the human body can not be called beneficial.

Men who always drink beer should be prepared for the fact that gradually the production of testosterone in their body will fall under the influence of phytoestrogens from beer. Men should also expect the increased production of sex hormones that are normally produced by the male body in minimal quantities: a female sex hormone. Elevated levels of estrogen and decreased testosterone gradually leads to the following results:

  • the expansion of the pelvis;
  • breast augmentation;
  • deposition of fat by the female type (thighs, buttocks, arms, chest);
  • the obesity occurrence.

We should also note that obesity is a consequence of the fact that the beer has the property to enhance the appetite. In addition, well-known is the fact that beer affects male fertility as a consequence of the changes that it has on the level of hormones in the male body.

Female alcoholism – is also the extremely dangerous phenomenon. The idea is that the beer for women is also not harmless. There is a misconception that the beer due to the content of phytoestrogens (female hormones) are not able to have a negative impact on women. We should remember that for women beer alcoholism is fraught with such consequences:

  • increased risk of cancer;
  • voice deepening;
  • the appearance of unwanted vegetation on the body (above the upper lip);
  • epileptic seizures.

Consequences of the beer abuse

“Palpable liver” – a diagnosis, which is often put in parallel with a diagnosis of “beer drinking.” A study in Canada (1985) have shown that an enlarged liver – is the consequence of a process that beer drinkers respectfully call “beering”. The organism does not condone the abuse of drink.

Beer drinking is not only a distraction from the more hard liquor but provokes a wine or vodka alcoholism: beer drinking speeds vodka alcoholism in 3-4 times. Therefore, the treatment of beer alcoholism and health recovery pass harder.

Beer that is consumed in large quantities can lead to serious consequences:

  • death of brain cells, which are excreted in the urine;
  • impaired function of the brain;
  • violation of the spinal functions;
  • myocardial;
  • gastritis;
  • pancreatitis;
  • hepatitis;
  • lactic acidosis;
  • neuropathy;
  • hyponatremia;
  • the defeat of the visual analyzer;
  • the defeat of the auditory analyzer.

In addition, the consumption of beer has a negative impact on the daily fluctuations of pressure. Beer destroys brain cells, derived by the body through the kidneys in the urine. Accordingly, the kidneys receive a higher load, which also can not affect them adversely.

The question of how to start the beer alcoholic’s treatment usually occurs when the patient is already in a serious condition. Often the alcoholic has already started to develop dementia, and his personality had significantly degraded.

Symptoms of beer alcoholism

Determining the beer alcoholism is often a particular problem because of the fact that the patient usually does not feel sick because he had “a little drink after work with friends.” Thus, beer drinkers, as most dependent in general, refuse to accept the problem.

It is worth noting that in the international classification there is no diagnosis “beer alcoholism”, but that does not make the disease itself less dangerous. It is considered that this kind of alcohol goes through all the stages that are characteristic of alcoholism in general. Among the characteristics of beer alcoholism – there is obscurity and the fact that the disease develops so that often relatives and friends of the alcoholic is not able to see that their loved one had appeared dependent on a beer bottle.

Usually, it is enough to drink a day 1-2 bottles of beer to gradually “earn” beer alcoholism. Well, a palpable sense of intoxication – this is exactly the effect that is the most “valued” by beer alcoholics. Furthermore, an alcoholic usually don’t feel a negative influence in such dosage. Backfire starts after a while when a deleterious beer effect has been accumulated. We should not forget that a person begins to gradually get used to the constant consumption of beer: over time, increasing the dose drunk. Together with a dose of drunk the affection for beer, which eventually becomes a true pathological craving also grows. Such a link – is the first warning bell that should make the alert.

Signs of beer alcoholism:

  • drinking more than one liter of beer a day;
  • the emergence of irritability and anger, if there is no beer;
  • presence of a “beer belly”;
  • a violation of male function;
  • problems in order to relax without beer;
  • the appearance of the night insomnia;
  • the appearance of daytime sleepiness;
  • often headache;
  • drinking beer with the aim of the hangover in the morning, or to cheer up.

If the readers of these lines found in the above written yourself or your friends, colleagues and family members, it is an urgent need to see a specialist, which will help to fight with the developing alcoholism and do everything possible to fight the disease, which has not yet managed to seize control over the body.

Remember that the main danger of beer alcoholism is that it is quite difficult to diagnose in the early stages. Often the disease is detected at the time when it can be difficult to treat. Symptoms of beer alcoholism did not significantly differ from the symptoms of wine or vodka, makes all the difference only drunk by an alcoholic beverage. The disease can progress from the start when the patient uses one or two small bottles of beer a day. Very quickly there is a craving for drinking beer every day, then – increasing the dose drunk.

If the case is heavy alcoholic, the dose of beer consumed may well grow up to fifteen liters per day. Beer drinking binge is not characteristic, which means that patients almost never become sober. The idea is that such an alcoholic drinks beer several times a day, being not completely sober. A person can live for weeks, months or even years in such a way. In the worst cases, the patient’s whole life consists of half a dozen bottles of beer a day and of intoxication, they give him.

The hangover after a considerable amount of beer resembles the symptoms of the regular hangover, but they are much harder to get rid of. Among the symptoms of a hangover from beer:

  • a severe headache;
  • continued diarrhea;
  • overall low level of well-being.

How to recover from beer alcoholism?

If until recently it seemed to be no problem for beer lovers, after some time it forces to think like: “Here it is – beer drinking: curable or incurable, how to treat, if there is a chance if you can heal yourself, get rid of the habit?”.

Problems, such as whether it is possible to cure, how to cure a husband, wife, relative, etc. for doctors look optimistic.

With timely treatment and the desire of the patient, the loved person can be cured and saved from such a calamity as beer drinking.

Only a qualified doctor can prescribe treatment and determine the appropriate methodology. It is not necessary to contact “individuals” who alleges that they know how to treat beer drinking, know how to cure and even promise warranty.

Beer addiction example

Please note a typical situation. Maybe this similar problem is something that someone had to face.

School chat with a glass of beer with friends, and then – in the institute hostel. Over time – a glass of beer on the way to work and a glass of fresh one at home – straight from the fridge.

Training the body has led to the fact that he was “demanding” beer regularly.

Example of treatment

The psychiatrist in such cases recommended changing the usual route past the tempting shops. Before leaving the house – eat satisfying non-nutritive food, drink tea, mineral water or juice. Abstaining from drink will “push” the body to get used to a different mode of existence.

Of course, without the advice and assistance of the psychiatrist, it is difficult to calculate on the effective result.

Teenage beer alcoholism

Teenage Beer AlcoholismChildren and adolescents are the categories of the population, which often becomes the first victim of any harmful attachment. No matter whether it is drugs, alcohol or cigarettes, children, and adolescents, as a rule, are the first to suffer from these addictions, as well as becoming “carriers of” contagion among their peers.

Experts believe that beer is a real scourge of our age, which is essentially a legalized drug of psychological and physiological addiction. You can often hear from doctors that the beer – it’s just the first step in a vicious way, which paves a more alcoholic spirits, cigarettes, and even drugs.

Aggression, which arises as a result of beer abuse, it is also a well-known consequence of beer alcoholism. A patient who just does not get another dose of spirits foam becomes so irritable that the irritation may well escalate into aggression. In addition, beer alcoholism is characterized by an increased level of violence. Fights, brawls, and even murder – are the legitimate effects of beer consumption.

It is believed that teens are the most vulnerable to the development of beer alcoholism category of citizens. Moreover, many commercials, which can be seen on TV or in magazines targeted specifically at young people, which are easily bribed and trigger the purchase of beer. A number of children who suffer from alcoholism beer do not grow in arithmetic, but exponentially.

Prevention of alcohol abuse among students and preschool – it is also an important event that allows children to instill the right attitudes, which in the future will save them from drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. Needless to say that in this case the example of parents and teachers working with children has the paramount importance, which allows properly educate the younger generation. On how moral stand and versed in this matter will be children, also depends on how they raise their own offspring. It’s safe to say that it depends on the future and well-being of our children.

Female beer drinking

As you know, the woman is more vulnerable to the effects of alcohol than men. Firstly, it is dictated by a number of physiological reasons that make the fair sex being the easy prey for a beer. In addition, due to the more unstable psyche of women as quickly becomes attached to strong. Statistics show that women of reproductive age suffer from alcoholism beer almost as often as adolescents and children.

Beer alcoholism – early degradation of the individual. Full identity grows out of a young alcoholic extremely rare, in fact, as a rule, Liquor for a child – a road to nowhere. Treatment of any kind of alcoholism in women – is no easy task. Part of the difficulty lies in the fact that the woman refuses to admit that she does have a problem with addiction and that she needs help relatives and doctors.

Readers certainly raised the question of why the same people worldwide consume a huge amount of beer, if the information about the damage that causes the body to drink, is publicly available? You can make the assumption that beer drinking is akin to some varieties of bulimia, is of particular taste of beer, as well as the calming effect, which has a drink.

In addition, producers of beer had to spread a lot of false myths about the so-called “social” properties of beer. Advertising often states that the beer is able to bring together, to make the life of the party, to remove oppression and spend leisure brighter. Gullible viewers and buyers who believe that a half-truth, which they tray of beer producers, have all chances to become the next patient with a diagnosis of “beer drinking.” It is no secret that no alcoholic beverage is not able to make the company more interesting, and spent time with her – more meaningful.

Prophylaxis of beer alcoholism – is an important step improvement of the society, which will minimize the risk of further spread of alcoholism among the most vulnerable categories of the population. Strong institution of marriage and the family, traditional family values ​​- these are the things that in many cases help to fight female beer drinking. It is no secret that women often start drinking because of self-doubt, because of problems in the family or spouse. Beer drinking – it does not solve the problems that need to be discussed and resolved in the family. In addition, drinking mother is a very bad example for the children, who tend to absorb both the good and the bad from their parents.

Thus, the category of the population, who primarily need close attention and periodic preventive maintenance of beer alcoholism, account for the following:

  • children (preschoolers, school children);
  • young people;
  • women;
  • socially marginalized people of all genders.

Do not forget that beer drinking – it’s so terrible disease, as well as vodka alcoholism, which is addictive and destructive acts on the body and the human psyche. In the case where the closest person shows symptoms of a beer alcoholism, it is necessary to appeal to physicians.

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