Alcohol Intoxication

Alcohol IntoxicationAlcoholism – is a disease in which there is mental and physical dependence on alcohol (ethyl alcohol), characterized by the inability to control the consumption of alcohol. Alcoholism is considered to be one of the types of substance abuse. Patients with this diagnosis are called “alcoholics”.

For the human body, alcohol is a poison as its action is directed to the inhibition of the central nervous system (CNS), causing mental and neurological disorders.

In the blood of a healthy sober person, there is not more than 0.4 per mile of alcohol that is why everything that exceeds this index, from a medical point of view, is already considered to alcohol intoxication. In practice, things are not so strict and high content of alcohol in the blood is called intoxication.

The degrees of alcohol intoxication

Because of consumption of alcohol drinks a person gradually turns into a state of drunkenness, which is characterized by a cheeky behavior in comparison with the sober state, dilated pupils, inability to control their actions, words, and deeds.

There are three degrees of intoxication:

  • slight;
  • average;
  • severe.

During slight degree of intoxication, the content of alcohol in blood doesn’t exceed 2%. A human is adequate but feels some euphoria, his voice becomes louder, the skin reddens, pupils dilate, there is frequent urination. This state passes away as easy as had come.

Moderate intoxication is characterized by a presence of 2-3% alcohol in a blood. In such condition a person can’t control himself well movement and walking become uneven and inaccurate, his speech is slurred, and there is a readiness and willing to carry out illogical, sometimes crazy things. But from an overabundance of activity body gets tired quickly, and if you put a man to bed, he will fall asleep quickly. The morning will be followed by a headache, thirst, general weakness up to nausea and vomiting.

As for severe intoxication, its consequences can be so severe that you may need the help of experts. At a strong intoxication, a presence of alcohol in the blood exceeds 3%. It can cause breathing problems, temporarily stunning and even cardiac arrest. As a result, of strong intoxication, a person can fall into a coma.

Alcohol intoxication

Alcohol intoxication – is a result of psychoactive effects of ethanol – the main content of all alcoholic beverages.

Intoxication process is as follows. The body gets alcohol, which goes directly to the liver. Cells of natural filter begin to die under the influence of alcohol. At this moment, the body triggers a defense mechanism and it starts to produce enzymes for the processing of toxic substances. All anything, if at the same time there wouldn’t form acetaldehyde, having a detrimental effect on the brain. That is why having drunk too much in the evening, the next morning he’ll have a headache and a terrible hangover. This is a kind of “gratitude” of the organism for the successfully arranged holiday.

During strong alcohol intoxication, it’s impossible to put a person in a sense, even with the help of ammonia. There is a call for the intervention of specialists in this area and transfer the victim to the toxicological department of the medical institution, as attempts to revive drunk at home may simply end sadly because of the inability to provide competent assistance in time.

It was found that the fatal case can be caused by consumption of alcohol in an amount of 300-400 g. Definitely fatal dose for the human body is 8 g of alcohol per 1 kg of body weight. In other words, a person weighing 80 kg would be fatally poisoned with 640 g of alcohol.

Despite the above figures, alcohol poisoning can be caused by a small amount of consumed alcohol, especially when it comes to children and people with the weakened body.

Alcohol intoxication can be recognized by following symptoms:

  • nausea and vomiting;
  • a headache or dizziness;
  • excessive thirst.

Such reaction of the organism was provoked by an excessive amount of alcohol, which has caused the deterioration of all organs and body as a whole.

Light alcohol intoxication is accompanied by similar symptoms but in a light form.

Whatever it was, the stay of ethanol in the body leads to disruption of the functioning of the nervous system, which, in turn, is fraught with loss of consciousness. That can’t be allowed until the arrival of medical professionals as unconsciousness is complicating CPR and further rehabilitation of the victim.

Strong alcohol intoxication

Strong Alcohol IntoxicationDuring a strong alcohol intoxication, there is a serious threat to human life, so the victim can only help the physicians, especially in the case of coma. It is better to call an ambulance and while waiting for her arrival to try to give first aid. If possible, you need promptly deliver the victim to a medical facility, because the sooner is a qualified to help, the more likely his salvation.

You can help the patient at home as follows:

  • put a man on his side on a soft surface so that he not to choked by his vomit;
  • don’t try to cleanse the patient’s stomach if he is unconscious;
  • call the emergency.

On arrival, the doctors will take all necessary steps for resuscitation. In the absence of danger for life, doctors usually give recommendations for further care. Rehabilitation may include the use of various drugs, injections, drips.

How to cope with a hangover?

Hangover is called human condition shortly after drinking alcohol in large quantities, which has a number of features, including thirst, headache, and weakness of the body.

The folk remedy from a hangover is brine but in fact, the positive effect of this treatment is exaggerated much. The fact is that the brine in conjunction with an alcohol form unstable compounds which are destroyed rapidly and hangover symptoms return. So the brine helps to get rid of bad state for a short time.

You can help the body to cope with this condition by drinking a large amount of water and taking aspirin, which is able to neutralize the same acetaldehyde – the cause of painful feeling. Additionally, you can drink a diuretic, to accelerate removal from the body decomposition products of alcohol. If there is no aspirin at home medicine cabinet, any other pain reliever will be ok.

The main measures for the removal of alcohol from the body of poison are:

  1. Get enough sleep. Depletion body must be given time to rest and recover the balance, and nothing helps well than a long sleep. Of course, this will be difficult if in the morning you should go to work or decide important matters, but if there is no hurry, it is necessary, without thinking, to give a rest for the overloaded body.
  2. Painkillers: aspirin, analgen, etc. cetrimonium.
  3. Hangover remedies. If there is no time to sleep well then special medicines can help, such as: “Alkozeltser”, “Alkoprim” and others. You can easy guess about their appointment by the name. These preparations will apply first aid during hangover and help to get rid of its consequences.
  4. Activated charcoal or its analogs. Coal is the best sorbent during the hangover. It binds the remnants of alcohol and promotes their excretion, thereby preventing further poisoning of the body. This drug is useful for food poisoning. Coal is special that it is effective only if you drink at least 10 tablets at a time, drinking plenty of water.
  5. A warm shower.
  6. Light food. If there is no aversion to eating or it is not very big, it is advisable to eat a light soup or salad. This will help restore the water-salt balance. Alternatively, you can also drink milk product. But strong tea or coffee is recommended to use when the first hangover symptoms have past and the body feels better.
  7. Walk in the fresh air. If you have the desire and enough strength, you can go to get some fresh air. Walk definitely gives sobriety and cheerfulness for head and body.

You should always remember that in the case of the futility of all of the above methods, and sometimes the worsening condition of the patient as a whole, should immediately call an ambulance, or the effects of intoxication can be quite unpleasant. For example, if a person is sick with diabetes, the census could result in coma and people with a diagnosis of “hypertension” or “atherosclerosis” excessive drinking threatens to stroke or heart attack.

Prevention of alcohol intoxication

Alcohol intoxication, of course, can be prevented and, of course, the best and most effective method – is limiting the use of alcohol. This means that alcohol drinks should not be used at all or their dose has to be strictly limited.

If you still do not have plans to limit yourself in alcohol but want to avoid a hangover, there are several ways how to facilitate their participation in the next morning, among them:

  • drink a glass of milk before drinking alcohol;
  • take a few pills of activated carbon in a few minutes before the tableful. In order to maintain the effect, the procedure should be repeated every hour. Instead of coal can be used any other means, absorbents, for example, “Almagel” “Sorbets”;
  • before the use of alcoholic beverages eat a bowl of any porridge, for example, oatmeal or buckwheat.

No doubt, these methods do not guarantee a sober mind for drinker throughout the evening, but the can alleviate the consequences. These regulations can be carried out in combination or selectively, the main thing is not to forget about them during the event.

Influence of alcohol poisoning on the body

Strong alcohol intoxication can not only provoke severe disease in the drinker but also greatly complicate chronic.

During intoxication, human immunity suffers first of all so it is quite natural that the body becomes more susceptible to various diseases, which is hard to resist. People, who regularly drink alcohol, are more than others prone to the emergence of diseases of the cardiovascular system and, as a result of acute heart failure.

Alcoholism leads to abnormalities in the kidneys and liver, difficult for hypertension and diabetes.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the most dangerous and unpredictable is the behavior of the alcoholic. It is known that nervous system suffers from alcohol first, so there will be absolutely logical changes in human behavior, and not for the better: aggression, panic attacks, excessive irritability, and frustration until the short-term memory lapses.

Alcohol and Family

Alcohol and FamilyIn addition to the negative impact on the body and soul, alcohol seldom causes disintegration of families and human relationships.

According to statistics, alcohol is ranked third in the number of deaths after cancer and diseases of the cardiovascular system. These figures speak for themselves and make us think how pernicious is the habit of According to statistics, alcohol is ranked third in the number of deaths after cancer and diseases of the cardiovascular system. These figures speak for themselves and make us think how pernicious the habit of alcohol abusing is.

Alcoholism has become a social problem in the 19th century. The availability of alcoholic beverages and the subsequent state of euphoria, light-hearted, fun force people to resort to this thicket of antidepressants. As a result, of the frequent use, there is dependence not only psychological but also physical. The body has a shortage of the usual matter and refused to feel normal without it. So there are “alcoholics” – people who are dependent on alcohol and can’t imagine my life without alcohol doping.

As a rule, the majority of alcoholics – are men, someone’s sons, fathers, husbands or friends. Adherence to alcoholic beverages entails conflicts with loved ones, with his family. Wives having suspected craving for a bottle of their husbands, immediately sound the alarm. Using a variety of techniques – aggressive (threat scandals, intimidation, tears) and not (persuasion, please do not drink and coded), women are willing to do anything to get a man of the problems with alcohol.

Often, drinkers do not realize, and sometimes do not remember how behaved in a drunken state, and any offense caused to his family. From drunken heads of families, the wives are suffering, who have blocked the way to alcohol, and the children, who ran into father when he was angry. As a result, of the peculiar relationship an alcoholic stays alone with his, as he believes, loyal companion – alcohol.

A special problem in this matter is female alcoholism. Women are less prone to the passion with alcohol, but a kind of psychological weakness, coincidence and detachment pushed the weaker sex to the bottle. Very often women do not have enough will on the way to recovery from addiction. Again, as studies of the National Institute on Alcohol (USA) show, if an alcoholic in the family is a woman, the husband seldom takes action against her addiction, letting things take their course and waiting to solve the problem by itself. This is an additional factor aggravating the situation. Moreover, in the case of getting rid of alcohol addiction by wife, the husband still leaves the women, while the wife of an alcoholic in most cases stays with her husband until the end.

In a situation where one of the spouses is addicted to alcohol drinks, everybody loses. The most frequent ending – is the destruction of the family, as well as loosing of job and friends.

Whatever it was, the alcoholic must be aware of the harmfulness of his behavior and actions, and come to the abandonment of alcohol on his own. The role of the loved ones is to provide the necessary support in a difficult situation.

Treatment of alcoholism

The toxicity of alcohol is often underestimated, but exactly this substance is capable of controlling not only the body but also the life of a man.

Prone to alcoholic inclination people are tend to need outside help and support in a process of getting rid of the addiction, because sometimes there are not enough forces to cope with the disease. We are talking about the qualified medical assistant.

As they say, the recognition of the problem – it is the first step towards healing. And, in fact, it is much easier to help the person who wants to recover than someone who forcibly persuaded by relatives to visit the appropriate hospital and get a treatment. In the latter case, the patient does not see the point in the treatment, do not understand how and why to change his life, and fully satisfied with this state of affairs. In such a situation it would be difficult and treatment is unlikely to be effective and the result long, so families have to decide by themselves what tactics they choose.

If the choice was in favor of treatment for alcoholism, then today in medicine, there are many methods to get rid of this evil. The most popular are:

  1. Torpedoing. Based on the introduction of a certain drug intravenously. Along the way, there are practiced the influencing the psyche of the patient by means of intimidation and sometimes deception for salvation. Man’s claimed that the use of alcohol will cause a die, and even use a death-simulating.
  2. Coding. It differs from torpedoing the fact that the suggestion of a fatal outcome after drinking takes place in the form of a lecture to a group of dependent people, rather than individually.
  3. Inserting. On the back or buttock, the incision the size of 1.5-2 cm is done, which introduced a tablet, as a rule, on the basis of disulfiram. The drug blocks the excretion from the body decomposition products of alcohol, which leads to poisoning acetaldehyde with typical symptoms (redness of the skin, a complication of breath, heart palpitations, nausea, vomiting, etc.). Thus, with this method, there is a real threat to life. The drug introduced into the body dissolves over several months.
  4. Hypnosis. The suggestion of new ‘right’ true about the dangers of alcohol during a hypnosis session, thereby causing people to think that it was his own thoughts.
  5. Tablets from alcoholism. Very often there are used the same preparations as for sewing. It is effective to use as a safety net during the rehabilitation period. The patient should take them by himself and consciously.
  6. ICT (intracranial translocation). The method is based on the direct impact on the human brain with electromagnetic radiation, blocking some centers, causing the desire to drink.
  7. Homeopathic remedies.
  8. Folk remedies. Treatment is based on the use of certain herbal, putting off drinking alcohol.
  9. Detoxification. Excretion of toxic substances from the body using a dropper. Treatments last from several days to a month. The effect is achieved only in tandem with the psychological impact.
  10. Psychology. Analyzing with the addicted person to his problems, their causes, consequences, search for solutions.

Regardless of the treatment method and alcoholic’s behavior, definitely, you can’t through him since indifference loved ones can be a decisive factor in choosing a way of life in favor of alcohol.

The society has developed a uniquely negative attitude to alcohol and the people dependent on it. But despite this, the number of affiliates is not reduced, and the number of ways of dealing with the green serpent is constantly increasing. Often the cause of alcohol abuse is the presence of psychological problems and the failure of the person as an individual.

One thing is clear: alcohol – is a poison and its excessive use of ruining health, psyche, and human life.

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