Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Alcohol abuse treatmentAlcoholism has already become a real scourge of nowadays. Alcoholism appears and develops as a consequence of pathological attachment to this or that alcoholic drink. Because the root of problem, as a rule, becomes psychological dependence of patient from alcohol, narcologists think they should free the patient from this destructive craving, which destroys not just physical tunic of patient, but also his psyche and social status.

In case when a human depends on something, it‘s considered as a pathology, an aberrance. The dependence mostly forces the patient to direct all your thoughts and efforts to the thing, which the patient is dependent from. All the others events and details, filling the dependent’s life, fall by the wayside. Alcohol dependence – is backbreaking burden for any alcoholic, which overmasters his will and completely binds the patient to proportionate his life and actions with thirst for alcohol.

We should remember that alcohol dependence, as a rule, is irreversible. The specialists often say that there are no ex-alcoholics, junkies, or other patients, suffering from dependence. A human, who has dependence from anything, and could recover, should control himself as long as his life, fearing to go wrong once again. Well known cases, when the patients, who tie with alcohol, go wrong after many years of “dry” life. The specialists find the opinion of ex-alcoholics mistaken that the glass of cognac or fifty grams of vodka can’t harm the patient’s organism. Probably, this small amount of alcohol doesn’t harm the organism much; however it can provoke a going wrong.

Inebriety and alcoholism – are different conceptions, but often an inebriety becomes as a prevenient stage of alcohol dependence. In case when relatives and friends of home drunkard have doubts about that if the relative or friend ill with alcoholism, it is necessary to address specialists, who will advise how to make a test for alcoholism. In case when the doctors determine the alcoholism, it is necessary to do something for treatment. It is not a secret that in treatment of alcohol dependence the friends’ and relatives’ help is priceless.

Alcohol treatment methods

Nowadays well known different treatment methods from this disease, however the basis for successful recovering of a patient is complete failure from alcohol drinking. There is no difference whether the patient wants to quit drinking or not, this measure is required, because the future success from therapy, conducted by doctors, depends on it. The struggle with alcoholism, as a rule, has comprehensive character and isn’t send just for the struggle with physical manifestations, but also for overcoming the psychological problems, which usually he alcoholic has.

As a rule, during the main stage of alcohol treatment, the different medicinal drugs are used, which are called to help during the treatment process. The closing stage has psychological character, because at this moment it is necessary to outline new goals, and also to make clear that family and friends are ready to help and give a support during the time of trouble of proximity to relapse.

Different contemporary medications, using at addiction medicine, are certainly important, but the treatment becomes the treatment of full value when the psychology becomes a part of the therapy. Among the methods, which are used by specialists in order to form a negative attitude to alcohol from patient, the most popular are such ones:

  • coding alcohol dependence;
  • medicinal prohibitory methods.

Naturally, every from described group methods of treatment has its disadvantages. Alcohol dependence coding is a method, which not always is reliable. One of the alcohol dependence coding pitfalls is a strong possibility that the patient will begin to drink again after some amount of time after alcohol abuse coding. Besides, we haven’t to forget, that the psychological influence for each specific patient can be exerted just by the skilled specialist. Due to the fact, every patient has his own psychological characteristics, which require for special treatment. We are talking about that the ones psychological methods can work for one patient and can be absolutely useless for other one.

Medicinal prohibitory preparations are more dangerous methods of influence for a patient. But also there is a pitfall here. We are talking about that during the using of these preparations a patient has to be sober absolutely. It is fundamentally, because the treatment success depends on it, and also the patient’s health.

The specialists, engaging in alcoholics’ treatment, pay special attention to procedures complex, consigned to recovering of exhaustion patient. We shouldn’t forget that patient’s body, drinking alcohol for a long time, is impaired and required not just for vitamin support, but also for therapy, consigned to optimize the functioning of most sufferer organs and systems.

The specialists determine such preparations, which are used for recovering of alcoholics’ organism:

  • for maintaining work of paramount internals;
  • for normalization of heart and blood vessels work;
  • for supporting of nervous system work.

Combining medicinal therapy with the help of psychotherapists is important point of successful alcohol dependence treatment. The applying of these methods groups also can bring the use separately, but the right combing of them has a synergistic effect. The psychotherapists’ support is also useful because the only patient, who believes in himself and feels the help, can reach the end of a fight with addiction.

Is it possible to treat alcoholic without his knowledge?

Is it possible to treat alcoholic without his knowledgeA human, looking for recovering ways from alcoholism for his relative or friend, for sure has heard and read about different traditional methods of alcohol dependence treatment, which require for knowledge of a patient that he is treated. Effectiveness of such methods are still a big question, because they often ineffectual, groundlessness and don’t bring stable and sustained result. Not everyone wants to risk relative’s health in order to try efficiently of this or that traditional method.

Drug therapists say that he most efficiently is medicinal methods of alcohol dependence treatment. Of special note is that applying of individual medicines is impossible without patient’s knowledge, because they require strict observation of prohibition. Otherwise, it can be worked great mischief for the alcoholic’s organism, which doesn’t know that takes a medicine therapy and has been broken. Also we should understand that conscious treatment and using of volitional reserves is the most effective way of alcohol treatment.

A family therapy, as for today, is one of those methods, which often are used in alcohol treatment. The goal of such therapy is destroying of behavioral, which the alcoholic has. As a result of such therapy method the alcoholic must has the motivation of treatment and conscious refuse from further alcohol consumption. It’s clear that support of family members, who take direct part in treatment, can work real wonders. The result will be more noticeable in such case if the relatives haven’t participated much earlier in patient’s life, but they came to the rescue at the moment, when the member of their family in a trouble.

Well known cases, when it isn’t required the presence of an alcoholic for family medicine, because the specialist makes the main work with his family members. Professionals, who work with alcoholic family, inculcate in relatives right understanding of alcohol dependence, and also an adequate model of behavior with sick family member, which help in contact establishing and as a result in recovering. The right reception by alcoholic’s family his behavior is a way to success of holistic treatment.

The treatment, which the patient doesn’t know about, can be also pertinent. It is necessary in such cases, when the alcoholic doesn’t realize that harm, which the addiction to alcohol can make for his health. In this case doctors and relatives take the lead, choosing those treatment methods, which are available in such situation. As a rule, such treatment requires for extra attention by the alcoholic’s relatives, who may control the patient’s condition, and also have a direct contact with a doctor.

Contemporary methods of alcohol dependence treatment

There are several ways of alcohol treatment but in every specific situation drug specialist chooses the methodic, which optimum will be suitable for work with a patient. The orientation in basic regimens of alcohol dependence will be useful not just for alcoholics, who want to recover or their families’ members, but also for public at large. The meaning of knowing in such question is that the alcoholism really one of the worst addictions, which can creep to anybody of relatives anytime. That is why the awareness in this question can be pertinent and bring use in future.

One of the most famous psychotherapeutic methods of alcohol treatment – is Dovzhenko method, which was very popular in the eighties. This method is still used at different drug dependence clinics and brings unconditional use for alcoholics, who set out on a way of recovering. The essence of this method is that the specialist has to create the installation for refusing from alcohol consumption. Known that this method is directed not just for alcohol treatment and also from others dependences, for example, smoking. The principal feature of this exposure method for patients is that the specialist uses alcoholic’s goodwill, who has decided to stop drinking.

During the therapy by Dovzhenko method the doctor can use mediate methods of struggle with dependence, for example, physiogen. It is considered that this method is emotional-stressful. The forming of negative attitude to an alcohol lies in basis. The specialists work with alcoholics in several stages:

  • the first phase, during which the patient condition analysis occurs and of his psychophysiological portrait;
  • the second stage, during which the specialists form stressful factor, generating the backlash to alcohol;
  • the third stage, which implies the using of medicines, and also special scheme, which forms the prohibition “code” for alcohol consumption.

And also the method of alcohol treatment with use of herbs is rather spread (so called phytotherapy). This method implies the se of different herbal pickings, which have recovering and supporting characteristics, and even are able to form the allergy on alcohol drinks.

Acupuncture or so called reflexology is also one of the most spread unconventional method of struggle with alcoholism. This oriental method is based at point impact on different biological centres of human body. Thin needles, which are used in this therapeutic method, allow to form physiological and psychological hostility to alcohol. Besides, reflexology can be done not just with the help of needles, but also with the help of fingers (as a massage) or with the help of special massage scraper and tools.

The specialists of reflexology promise, that after several sessions of acupuncture the addiction to alcohol will be reduced much, and soon will disappears at all. Very often the sessions are accompanied with taking of special herbal medicinal pickings, for example, on the basis of ginger root, which is called to cleanse the organism.

The treatment at the cellular level – is one of the most famous therapy methods, directed against the alcohol dependence. This method hasn’t become yet popular among the drug therapists, however it promises rather valuable aid to doctors in a future. The backbone of a method is that the doctors institute the thorough investigation of a patient’s body, after that the individual therapeutic course is developed, including biological and psychological alcoholic’s features.

Laser treatment, affecting on alcoholic, reduces the patient’s addiction to alcohol consumption. Besides, a laser can strengthen the work of medicines, which are used for treatment. Another positive effect from laser is improving of leaver work and other important internal organs. The main disadvantage of this method is that it should be used during the complex therapy for alcohol dependence. Appositive effect on a heart, metabolism establishment, and also the reduction of alcohol addiction makes the laser method more popular among drug specialists, practicing integrated approach to treatment of alcoholics.

Hypnosis – is a method of alcohol treatment, which is perceived skeptically by many who, however years of experience shows, that hypnotization of human can be efficiently.

It is spread the opinion among the ordinary people that the alcohol dependence can be treated successfully home. It is necessary to remember that the attempts to treat the alcoholism by yourself, as a rule, come to nothing. Besides, often the self-treatment makes worse the situation, which becomes more dangerous for physical and psychological health of alcoholic. We shouldn’t be skeptical to alcoholism, because it is fraught with that the close human can suffer seriously.

If we’re talking about the neglected case of alcohol dependence, it is necessary to make sure that the alcoholic will get to a hospital, where he will get a skilled care of psychological and medical measures. As a rule, the specialist, working at hospitals, understand well the contingent specificity, which they should work with, it means, that drug specialists can interact with the patients the best way.

Very often the potential customers are scared that in case of visiting such establishments the information that the alcoholic is treated there will spread between the colleges, friends, relatives. Such fears are absolutely groundless. Question is that at all contemporary clinics the alcohol treatment is provided strictly anonymous.

As shown in, the struggle with alcohol dependence include many different methods, among which there are not just traditional medication and folk, but also purely psychotherapeutic. We should notice that the best result usually bring integrated approach in alcohol treatment.

Women alcohol treatment

Women alcohol treatmentWomen’s alcohol abuse has lots of particularities, which aren’t characteristic of men alcoholics. For example, the mood of women, suffering from alcoholism, changes often and unreasonably. Besides, the strongest depression can be experienced by women. There are not rare the cases when the women fall into suicides, dictated by depression, which appears as a result of alcoholism.

The insidiousness of women’s alcohol abuse is that it most often creeps up the representatives of the fairer sex completely unnoticed. It means that woman may not notice as has earned psychological dependence from alcohol. Quietly, drop by drop, she will aggravate her condition, crippling the health and psyche. Women’s alcohol abuse is also known by the fact that it develops much faster, than of men. This is explained by the fact that the woman’s organism is more acted upon by alcohol.

Women are week against the alcohol physically and psychologically. Often a personal crisis or family problems become a reason of that the woman begins to drink, trying to relax and lose control with help of wine or other drink. The cause of alcohol consumption for appetite is also not a new for women, however most of women don’t notice, as “glass for appetite” outgrows into morbid dependence.

Unpromising statistics indicate that prevailing majority of women-alcoholics don’t want to recognize their illness. This became the additional reason of the fact that the alcohol destroys more women’s lives than men’s. Sometimes, women-alcoholics try to recover by themselves, fighting with alcohol abuse at home. As a rule, it doesn’t bring a result, and only makes worse the situation. When the family of an ill woman gets known about the problems of their mother, sister or daughter, it, is often too late and are necessary drastic measures, which can help to treat the woman.

Hospital for in-patients is an optimum alternative for woman, who suffers from alcoholism. In the hospital the specialists will make the next necessary procedures:

  • cleansing the patient’s organism from stockpiled toxins;
  • normalization of metabolic processes;
  • rearrangement of patient’s nerve system.

The treatment of woman will be ineffective without these components. Clear, that it is impossible to do these procedures at home, that is why it will be more rational to give a relative into hands of responsible qualified specialists. The sessions, which help to develop the negative attitude to alcohol, also plays important role in treatment of women’s alcohol dependence.

The successful treatment of alcoholism means the required support of friends and family. A human, who thinks that he is abandoned and isolated from society, unlikely will be able to fight with abuse. The only support of those who are close and can understand mays become a warranty that the desire to be treated and recover will appear. The support of loved people is required element of alcohol treatment, as for men and also for women from drug clinics. The drug specialists realize the power of family’s support and give more chances to recover for those alcoholics, whose families are ready to support their wayward relatives.

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