Addiction“What a wonderful world!..” The poet is delighted with the colors of an environment, created by human hands.

I want to love and enjoy! Everything that happens around is for the creation and edifying.

But, unfortunately, not for everyone this environment seems like that. It is enough for a man at least once to try strong drugs as the world of colors disappears for him soon. It becomes pointless and boring. There is only one color in it – gloomy.

Even light drugs cause the dependence from dope; it is enough even one dose for this. However, with light drugs there is “a point of return” to a previous life, filled with all the colors of joy. As a “point of return” conditionally acts the absence of appropriate “break”: till there is no this, there is no dependence on the habit.

Drug addiction

The world is rapidly changing its colors for a person to take drugs. Dependence on drugs containing narcotics is one of the most devastating for the living organism. Except the direct physical destruction, drugs turn a human into useless creature ford society and his family. Some experts assess the link of the individual in relation to the people around him as a danger for these people.

There are lots of resources that can transform the life a normal person into a state of the addict. The most striking manifestation is a desire to be like their idols, and not only in appearance. We know a lot of facts, there are many rumors and myths that in order to become famous and well-known the idols had taken drugs. Spineless people are easily affected by impressions – the first in the queue to the world of drug addiction.

The palm is divided with people in a state of depression; they have a very high risk “to put on the needle.” The craving of this category of people is based on the mental disorders. In most cases, people can‘t accept the fact that the initiation of drug use – is a trait, behind of which are completely different colors of life. They are not able to enrich it with new tones, but rather, on the contrary, take the existing ones. Sometimes a chance provided by fate works. But the understanding of the realities usually occurs below, through which it is impossible to step back.

Stages of dependence development

1st stage

The key point is the first test of “dope.” Circumstances having social roots push slightly to it. As a rule, this push is made by peers. Thus, they “test” a freshman without their surround by the principle of “our” or “not ours.” In other cases, the young man turns to drugs, in order to feel new sensations.

As the former addicts say, the first attempt does not bring the pleasure that they observe from the example of “friends with experience.” Curiosity is enhanced, they say, how it is possible that one has a “high” and the other does not.

The second study of the own body on the perception of drugs release the brake of the body’s protective functions, it “opens the door” and let the poisons of “Trojan horse of pleasure” in the forms of drug toxins.

2st stage

It is characterized by an effect of euphoria from the exaggerated feeling of elevated mood. At this moment, the young man is still able to feel that he goes some facet to another dimension, but it is more and more difficult to confront the dangers of drugs and to resist the temptation.

3rd stage

It is developed with symptoms of mental dependence. Because of the lack of drugs the person is restless, is in the alarm state, he becomes extremely irritable and depressed. This is dictated by significant changes in the brain under the influence of narcotic poisons.

Getting used to preparations, containing drugs is accompanied by a characteristic “sweats.” They can make their presence known within two weeks from the start of the taking. It will be a “first swallow”, indicating that the body is getting used to the poison.

From this moment, he will need new portions, large doses of the drugs.

The intensity of the “sweats” depends on the duration of drug use. After about ten hours after taking the drug, a person can start to behave nervousness, irritability, cease to control. A strong fever can appear, excessive tearing and runny nose.

Intensification of symptoms is accompanied by a strong gag reflex. The function of pupils’ reaction to light is lost, heart rate is increased, and there is diarrhea.

Over time, these symptoms fall by the wayside. The addict is tormented by severe pain in the joints and bones. Exhausted by “sweats”, a person can’t “space out” by himself.

As this condition is not similar to the expectation of a “buzz” that seemed readily available before the first taking of drugs!

Realizing that expectations were not fulfilled push an addict for another dose of a drug, he still hopes that it will save him.

But an addict hasn’t to look for a promise in dose.

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